"EVE Online" Military Arc Guide: Cash Flow For Capsuleers (3 & 4)

Updated on February 28, 2019
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Cash Flow For Capsuleers (3 of 10)

Cash Flow For Capsuleers (3 of 10)
Cash Flow For Capsuleers (3 of 10) | Source


  • Kill all the pirates at target location.
  • Acquire Item: 1 x Secret Documents (0.1m3)
  • Drop Off: (Agent's Station)

"Destroy the pirates, loot the secret documents from the container they leave behind, and report back to your agent."

Enemies (Caldari)

  • Group 1: 4 x Pithi Arrogator, 1 x Webber Drone, 1 x Runner Drone
    Last pirate ship killed (not drone) drops Secret Documents
  • Group 2: Tahamar
    Warps out after talking some mess. 22.5k Isk Bounty not included.

Total Bounty: 12,000 Isk


In the third mission of Eve Online's Military Career arc, the challenge is stepped up by another gradual notch, requiring you to retrieve another container-ejected item from one of the last pirates you'll kill here, but now introduces EWAR into the combat mechanics. In this case a single webifier equipped drone that will be present at the mission, which is a module that can slow down enemy ships, in this case, yours.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Launching a volley of missiles at the Pirates.Slowed by the enemy Webifier Drone.Looting the Secret Documents.
Launching a volley of missiles at the Pirates.
Launching a volley of missiles at the Pirates. | Source
Slowed by the enemy Webifier Drone.
Slowed by the enemy Webifier Drone. | Source
Looting the Secret Documents.
Looting the Secret Documents. | Source

You should now have a decently fitted combat ship from the end of the previous mission, which you can augment with the modules you receive upfront here if you'd like, or just sell them on the market to make Isk for something else. ln my case, I chose to swap Rocket launchers for Light Missile Launchers on the Condor I received, in order to go for long range attacks, thus to keeping my ship out of the enemy's range while also making the mission go by faster, since I don't need to spend time closing distance. The Propulsion Jamming skill book you'll receive at the end of the mission on the other hand, is worth training upon receiving to allow your character to make use of these webifier modules, one of which you'll receive later in this chain.

Upon warping in to the mission location, you will find a single group of 4 pirate ships and 2 drones, with Tahamar sitting in his destroyer far away. Ignore him, focusing first on the Webifier drone that risks slowing you down and taking more damage from the other enemies. He will taunt you throughout the mission before eventually warping away, although could potentially be destroyed with a long range, sniper vessel. Otherwise, focus on the other Runner drone next since it seems to have a higher damage output than the other ships, then clear out the weak pirate ships. The last one popped drops the container you can collect your Secret Documents from, with which you can then return to your agent in order to complete the mission.


  • + 0.2776 % corporation standing
  • 1 x Propulsion Jamming (skill book)
  • 120,000 Isk bonus (2 hours, 32 mins)
  • Weapon modules (depends on faction, granted)
    • Amarr: 2 x Dual Light Beam Laser I
    • Caldari: 2 x Rocket Launcher I
    • Gallente: 2 x 75mm Gatling Rail I
    • Minmatar: 2 x 125mm Gatling Autocannon I

Cash Flow For Capsuleers (3 of 10) Video Guide (HD)

This video was recorded in Ultra HD 60fps settings.
Make sure to set the resolution to max for the best visuals!

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Cash Flow For Capsuleers (4 of 10)

Cash Flow For Capsuleers (4 of 10)
Cash Flow For Capsuleers (4 of 10) | Source


  • Explore the provided location.

"Warp to the Deadspace area. Find the stargate and approach it."


The fourth part of the Military Career arc of Eve Online is a pretty quick mission, involving no combat whatsoever, just you flying out to the target location in a ship and flying towards the stargate structure found there. Occasionally you will receive missions like these from the other generic mission agents, although can often include large, sometimes overwhelming pirate forces that can surprise you at a given moment. These surprise forces when found in the normal missions are generally not part of the objective and can be evaded, ignored or pursued for bounty.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Approaching the stargate.A trap is triggered, dealing periodic damage.
Approaching the stargate.
Approaching the stargate. | Source
A trap is triggered, dealing periodic damage.
A trap is triggered, dealing periodic damage. | Source

You can optionally take a shuttle to make this mission go by a little faster, since you do not need any fitted modules.

When you reach the mission location you will find the stargate nestled within a lattice like asteroid/rock formation. You can either select it and approach, or just fly towards it, as though you were going through the hole in the center of the formation. Try to avoid flying into any of the geometry where your ship can get caught on, as you will need to warp out shortly.

Once you reach the gate and start to pass it, the mission objective completes while a green cloud surrounds the gate in a wide radius, doing 15 damage periodically to your ship. This is essentially an environmental trap which can be found in other missions from time to time, thus a hazard you should be potentially prepared for. Just warp out as soon as you can, heading back to your agent's station to turn in the mission. You can linger for a short time in the mission area without losing your ship, but it is not a good idea to do so for much longer than that.

As a final note, like your agent will explain upon completion, the Afterburner and likewise, the Micro-Warpdrive can be used to increase your ships speed, making it easier to "blitz" missions, otherwise known as bypassing as many enemies as possible in order to speed through a mission to complete it's objective, forgoing bounty in favor of the reward isk, standings and loyalty points.


  • + 0.1157 % corporation standing
  • 1 x 1MN Afterburner I
  • 60,000 Isk bonus (1 hour, 2 mins)

Cash Flow For Capsuleers (4 of 10) Video Guide (HD)

This video was recorded in Ultra HD 60fps settings.
Make sure to set the resolution to max for the best visuals!

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