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How to Earn Reputation With the Order of the Cloud Serpent in 'World of Warcraft"

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The Azure Serpent is my favorite.

The Azure Serpent is my favorite.

The Order of the Cloud Serpents is a new faction that was introduced into World of Warcraft with the expansion, Mists of Pandaria.

For those of you who did the Netherwing dailies, these are exactly the same. At least as far as the gameplay and reputation grinding goes.

You have the daily quests: Go gather this item, create this. You have races where you fly against competitors and receive achievements for winning first place and completing other goals during the race. There are even eggs that you can gather!

If you are here, you are probably looking for a simple guide on how to get reputation with this faction and get your beautiful cloud serpent. I love these mounts and had no objection to putting forth the time to grind out the rep!

The Tooltip when hovering over the mount at the vendor.

The Tooltip when hovering over the mount at the vendor.

Mount Details

There are three different versions of the cloud serpent that you can purchase after you reach exalted.

The three types are Azure Cloud Serpent, Golden Cloud Serpent, and Jade Cloud Serpent.

Each mount requires level 90 and artisan flying to learn. It should be mentioned that, at the current time, Cloud Serpent Riding is not account-wide. Meaning that even though your alts will have the mount in their spellbook, you will NOT be able to mount it without the riding training. This may change in a future patch.

The mounts cost 2,250 gold each. Be warned: This price is with the level 25 guild perk for discounted prices. If you are not in a level 25 guild it will be slightly more. I’m not 100% sure since all of my characters are in a guild, but I assume the price would be around 2,500 gold.

  • Note: It is very important to note that once you hit exalted with the cloud serpent, you will be offered a quest that will reward you one of the mounts for free, along with the Cloud Serpent riding training. Make sure you do this quest before you purchase the mounts!
From left to right: Jade, Golden, and Azure.

From left to right: Jade, Golden, and Azure.


The Cloud Serpent faction is located in the Arboretum in the Jade Forest. This is where you will pick up your daily quests, and purchase your mount when you hit exalted.

There is also an island just off the coast called, Windward Isle. This is where you will find the eggs that I will discuss later. This is also where you will complete many daily quests.


Anyone that has played this game long enough should know what dailies are. They are simply quests that you can repeat once a day, every day. I will go over a few of the daily quests as I come across them, but I will not list them all at once. So far the quests are very self-explanatory and easy to figure out, so you shouldn't need much explanation. Some of the quests will appear every day, no matter what reputation standing you are with the serpents. Other quests will be random. You may only see a certain quest once a week, whereas you would see a different quest appear 4 or 5 times a week.

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One of the quest givers

One of the quest givers

When you first start your rep grinding journey, you will only be allowed a certain amount of dailies to complete in one given day. The further you advance into the reputation, the more dailies that will be awarded to you.

Some of the following dailies I list require you to use some secondary professions to complete. Since my priest already had 525 in all professions when I started these quests, I am unable to verify what skill level you need to do these quests.

If you do not see these quests, I recommend leveling up your secondary professions: Fishing, Cooking, Archaeology, and First Aid.

Snack Time: I’ve seen this quest show up every single day that I’ve completed these dailies.

It’s very simple and just requires fishing to complete. There is a river right next to the quest givers, and this is where you should fish. After catching 10, the quest is complete.

A Feast for the Senses: I have also seen this quest every single day.

You will want to make sure that you complete this quest along with “Snack Time." Snack Time requires you to fish 10 minnow from the stream. This quest requires you to catch 10 Golden Carp and cook to make Fish Cake, The Golden Carp can be caught in the exact same place as the minnow for Snack Time, which is why I recommend doing both of these quests together.

This is the river right next to the quest givers.

This is the river right next to the quest givers.

Just a Flesh Wound: This is another quest that you will get every day, no matter your reputation.

This quest asks you to heal 8 Injured Hatchlings with your Windwool bandages. Take note that the quest does NOT provide you with the bandages, you will have to create your own. If you do not have enough cloth to create the required amount of bandages, don’t worry. Go to the area on Windward Isle that the quest directs you to, and you will find some humanoid creatures that you can kill.

I have found that these mobs drop quite a bit of cloth, so you should have no issues gathering enough for the quest.

Fragments of the Past: Yet another quest that you will get every day.

This quest just simply requires you to dig at archaeology dig sites in Pandaria. Each time to find a fragment you will get 1 relic to count towards the quest.

The following quests were not received every day.

Pooped: This quest actually gave me a little bit of trouble the only time I ever got the quest. I’m not sure if it was bugged or if I was doing it wrong. The quest tells you that your hatchling got out of his cage and had a little ‘accident’. You are asked to go and pick up the mess before the serpent keepers find out.

You’ll notice that while you do not have this quest, the siftworms in the area are friendly to you. When I picked this quest up they became hostile. The problem for me was: I could not for the life of me find any bags of poop. When I looked it up online, I was told they were in the groups of siftworms. I tried killing them, search around them, everything I could think of but still could not find the quest items.

I just called it off as a bug and never received the quest again. If I ever get the quest again and find out what happened, I will update this. EDIT: Apparently, it was just a bug. I haven't been back to do dailies but it should be fixed and shouldn't give you any issues.

There are other quests that require you to collect things, some require you to play with your hatchling, and some even make you fight NPCs in the town.

I didn't have the daily to actually race today, but this is the starting area. Normally you would see the smoke rings and checkpoints from here. But since the daily is not active today, you can't.

I didn't have the daily to actually race today, but this is the starting area. Normally you would see the smoke rings and checkpoints from here. But since the daily is not active today, you can't.


You can race with your dragon. After reaching a certain reputation threshold (honored I believe) you will be given a quest from a panda telling you all about racing with your serpent.

She will ask you to follow her and give you the rundown on how the racing works. Basically you just fly through smoke circles for a speed boost, and fly near a Racing flag on a Hot Air Balloon “check-point."

After you do the first quest you are given the opportunity to race against other NPCs. If you win first you get the achievement “How to Strain your Dragon." If you complete the race with 10-speed stacks (the buff you get from flying through the smoke rings) you get yet another achievement named “In a Trail of Smoke."

Onyx Egg

Onyx Egg


This was my favorite part of the Netherwing dailies. I’m not really sure why. Perhaps it was the feeling of finally finding a highly sought after item that you’ve been searching so hard for.

For those of you that don’t understand: there are eggs that are randomly spawned around the area that provide reputation when you pick them up and turn them in. The only catch is: they are extremely hard to find.

Technically, you could get all of the way to exalted with only eggs. However, this would take a lot of time. If you are on a medium to high population server, you can almost kiss your chance at these eggs goodbye. With the spawn rate being as low as it is, to have extra competition for them makes the hunt so much worse.

If I find out specific information on the eggs (such as spawn timers and locations) I will update this post. However, for now, I can only provide you with a picture. These eggs are found all over Windward Isle. They are fairly easy to spot; you just have to be lucky and fast.

Each egg provides 550 reputation with a level 25 guild. For people who do not have a guild, this rep gain will be slightly less. The required amount of reputation points to get from revered to exalted with a reputation is 21,000. So with the eggs giving 550 rep (500 ish without a level 25 guild), it would take about 40 eggs just to get from revered to exalted.

Other Things You Can Get With Being Exalted With the Order of the Cloud Serpents!


  • If you have Jewelcrafting, this is where you can get the panther mount recipes. At honored you can get the Jade and Sunstone panther recipes.


  • You can get the Sapphire and Ruby Panther recipes.
  • Cloud Ring: Summons a cloud ring that your pet will jump through. (Vanity Item)
  • Finish Line and Floating Finish Line: Summons a 'Finish Line' at the target location.
  • Racing Line and Floating Racing Line: Summons a 'Racing Line' at the target location.


  • The cloud serpent mounts: Azure, Golden, and Jade.
  • Order of the Cloud Serpent Tabard.
  • Design: Jeweled Onyx Panther (This is the JCing mount where you combine all of the lesser panther mounts)

Also, once you hit exalted, you will be able to capture "Cloud Serpent Hatchlings" that are hanging around the daily quest area. They are high-level pets, so make sure you are prepared when you engage them in combat. They are very cute, though!

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This is a great article. My wife and I are just starting our Cloud Serpent journey. My jewelcrafter is going to be making us all the panther mounts (8 each - total 16) and she wants the cloud serpents and mini-pets.

Melissa Carlsen (author) from Arkansas on October 11, 2012:

Glad you enjoyed it :) Thank you!

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Rated up and thank you for the help, I am definitely bookmarking this one!!

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