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10 "Club Penguin" Hacks

Alissa has been an active member of "Club Penguin" since 2010 and remains up to date on all the latest hacks and trends.

1. How to Catch the Prize Mullet

If you've ever played the Ice Fishing game (located inside the Ski Lodge) you probably have noticed the large fish that appears at the end of the game. In order to catch this fish, play through the game. Once you have 60 fish, you will notice the mullet appears in the distance. There will be three more yellow fish that appear. Keep one of these on your hook. As the mullet approaches, he will take the "bait" (the yellow fish on your hook). Then, you will have caught the mullet! This earns you a stamp and a 100 coin bonus.

(Hint: if you earn all the stamps for Ice Fishing, it will double your coin amount each time you play the game)

2. How to Play Dessert Mode

If you look in your stamp book, you'll notice there's a stamp in Pizzatron 3000 for playing in "dessert mode." Dessert mode is a feature in Pizzatron 3000 (located inside the Pizza Parlor) and Bean Counters (located inside of the Cafe). For Pizzatron 3000, click on the game and wait until it brings you to the game menu. On the far left side (near the Hot Sauce and blue device) you will see a red lever. Click this to engage in dessert mode! This mode earns you more coins and should also earn you the "Just Desserts" stamp. To play dessert mode on Bean Counters, click on the game and wait until the game menu loads up. Once it does, click the little line that divides the two bean bags the penguin is holding. (If you can't quite find it, keep clicking around) Once you do, jellybeans should pour out of the bag. Click on the pile, and it should direct you to choose your difficulty. Choose one of the options and begin playing! This mode will also earn you more coins!

3. Secret Items

There are lots of "secret items" located throughout Club Penguin. These items are located throughout the catalogs. Card Jitsu, Igloo Furniture Items, Puffle Furniture, Clothing, Costumes, and Catching Waves Game Upgrades all contain secret items. To find these items, move your mouse around each page of the catalogs until it allows you to click, once you do, it will reveal "You have found a secret!" There are different clothing articles, furniture items, and there's even a silver surfboard. If you do not wish to search for these items, there are plenty of videos on YouTube directing you to exactly where each secret item is. However, the Clothing and Igloo catalog changes each month, so those are not always in the same places.

You can check out some of the catalog secrets here!

4. Bonus Level in Dance Contest

The Dance Contest game (located inside of the Dance Club) has a bonus difficultly level! To play this level, click on the Dance Contest. Select single-player ("Solo-clear the dance floor!") Then, select your song. Once you do this, Candace will ask you to select a difficulty. Click on her instead and you will be able to play a higher difficultly! (This earns you more coins) I warn you, though, it is really hard.

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5. How to Become a Secret Agent

Go to Everyday Phoning Facility (located in the Ski Village). Once you go inside, you should see a phone booth. Click on it. It will ask you if you would like to pick up the spy phone. Say yes. Now you have access to the EPF, where you can complete missions and play spy games. You also earn 250 coins a month just for joining!

6. Hidden Key

If you enter the mine, walk through the gold mine, and find yourself in a watery room, you'll notice a door that you can't go through. To enter this room, you need to play Puffle Rescue. Select the black Puffle and begin the game. Once you have gotten to the Puffle, wait until a squid passes under you. Follow the squid! Be careful to stay on top of the bubbles or you'll run out of air. Once you follow the squid, it will lead you to a maze. Make your way through until you find a key. It will take you out of the game and into the secret room. You can now enter this room whenever you wish, and you also get a pin added to your collection!

7. Free Pin and Bracelet

This is an easy and quick one. Go to the Book Room (located in the upstairs portion of the Cafe). Click on the book in the bottom right corner. Click on RockHopper's Journal and flip through to the last page. There, you can pick up a key. This adds a pin to your collection and allows you to board the RockHopper when it comes to the island. Next, click on the other RockHopper book and flip through to the last page. Here, you will find a free friendship bracelet your penguin can wear.

8. Codes

To receive special items and lots of coins, use codes! To enter a code, log in with your penguin. Before selecting a server, click the treasure box in the top right corner. There are new codes each month and all are located online.

9. Hidden Room

Yes, there's ANOTHER hidden room on Club Penguin. However, you don't need a key for this one. Simply head to the Ski Lodge and go upstairs. You will notice a small, cardboard box. Click this to access a secret room!

10. How to Disappear

To "disappear" on Club Penguin, you must first earn the black belt. Head to the Dojo and play until you earn the black belt (to do this quickly, call a friend and play each other). Next, challenge Sensai and earn your mask. Put on the mask and purchase the ninja suit from the Martial Arts catalog. When you wave, your penguin will disappear!

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