Farming Advanced Armor Scraps in "Order and Chaos"

Updated on November 25, 2018
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Advanced Armor Scraps

Advanced armor scraps. Crafting material for OAC Online.
Advanced armor scraps. Crafting material for OAC Online. | Source

How to Farm and Buy Advanced Armor Scraps

In OAC 1 advanced armor scraps drop the most in The Great Desert. Each level of crafting uses a unique set of mats. Advanced Armor Scraps are for earlier levels of crafting (Foundry, Tailoring, Leatherworking).

These scraps have a high drop rate. That is great news because you need a few stacks of these to progress through this level of crafting. Through this farming guide, I will show you where to farm these the fastest. I know you just made it through exquisite armor scraps, which have a lower drop rate. Don't worry, this 100 point goes much faster.

The best place to farm them is in The Great Desert, although they also drop in end zones of Whispering Islands, such as at the Seashore. Like other similar mats, they drop from humanoids, demons, and serpents.

In fact, one good place to farm them is near one of the spawn points for the Dust storm Detecting Undead Dog, and another is near the chinchilla's ghost mount spawn ( Ghost of the Dawn and Ghost of the Dusk).

There are other spots to farm advanced armor scraps, near other spawn points, too. Plus, there are lots of places to farm them not really near anything else at all. Farming can get boring. So I like to farm mats like these near mount spawn locations. Sometimes I even throw a few bond stone and force spawn mounts while farming. Of course, I am the little mount hunter who keeps asking for pretty dresses.

If you don't want to farm them you can buy them with hero emblems. I recommend against using this currency to pay for this mat. You can get these cheap on the auction house.

Advanced Armor Scraps at Crimson Tower Map

Where to farm Advanced Armor Scraps at Crimson Tower: Ankar
Where to farm Advanced Armor Scraps at Crimson Tower: Ankar | Source

Advanced Armor Scrap at Crimson Tower: Ankar

Advanced Armor Scraps drop from most of the humanoids in The Great Desert, and in the end part of Whispering Islands (The Sea Shore).

Like I said before, I like to farm while doing something useful. Farming at Crimson Tower: Ankar is more fun because, if it is dog week, there is a chance for The Dust Storm Detecting Dog to spawn. Or even more fun the ghost chinchillas and pink elephant.

Doesn't hurt to catch a few mounts while farming Advanced Armor Scraps from:

  • Ankar Bloodhand Guard
  • Ankar Bloodhand Shepherd
  • Ankar Bloodhand Barbarian
  • Ankar Bloodhand Mage

When you farm here you can defeat an endless number of humanoids. There are enough enemies to keep a kill chain going.

All you have to do is farm in a circle around the small pond. If a trappable mount spawns, it will spawn up at the top with the elite mobs and walk the circle.

Farming at Dustiwind Oasis

Farming Advanced Armor Scraps At Dustwind Oasis.
Farming Advanced Armor Scraps At Dustwind Oasis. | Source

Advanced Armor Scraps at Dustwind Oasis

The next spot I like to farm my Advanced Armor Scraps from only has one mount spawn, the epic Ghost chinchilla. It is also the spawn location of the Oasis Peace Breaker, a Rare Blood Enemy. The pink elephant of raging fire spans near here, and runs through the oasis, through to the other side.

The Rare Blood mob swims in the pond, and the elephant and ghost chinchilla (Ghost of the Dusk and Ghost of the Dawn) spawn just south of the pond.

The Dustwind Oasis is located due east of Sdukar.

The following humanoids drop advanced armor scraps:

  • Ankar Grit Sneakers
  • Ankar Grit Walker
  • Ankar Grit Swordsman
  • Any Other Humanoid.

This is not a PVP zone, so you don't have to worry about getting jumped. Plus, there is a chest located just northeast of the oasis. Chests have some great mats and a little gold inside of them.

If you try one spot, and it doesn't drop well, then try a different spot. There seems to be some degree of loot rotation. Sometimes one spot is superior to others.

Farming Scraps at Camp Sacrathar

Farming Advanced Armor Scraps at Camp Sacrathar.
Farming Advanced Armor Scraps at Camp Sacrathar. | Source

Advanced Armor Scraps At Camp of Sacrathar

Another place Advanced Armor Scraps can be farmed is up north at the Camp of Sacrathar. It is located due west of the teleporter at End Of Sands. This may be the best place to farm advanced armor scraps.

No epic mounts spawn here but you can cap regular mounts. There are a lot of humanoids here, as well as a daily. It takes a few moments to do that daily, and it gives some gold. It's all about the bling, right?

The mobs that drop the scraps are pretty obvious, the humanoids:

  • Sarcathar Nomad
  • Sarcathar Warrior
  • Sarcathar Defender
  • Maybe some mages

Good news, there is also a chest up here in case you need some cheese to give people to go with their whine. Get it? There is also cloth and light silver in these chests. Just remember that you can sell the light silver and buy other mats. Light silver sells well.

The mount walks in the western part of the camp, it does not cross all the way from one end to the other. It also deviates from the path quite a bit.

The Wrap Up

Farming Advanced Armor Scraps is not the most exhilarating thing to do. You won't break a sweat, and you won't feel the excitement. It is just one of those things you have to do if you need to make some gear for your lower level toons and to level crafting if you choose not to buy slabs in the Nick Shop.

There are lots more places to farm these, so just pick a group of humanoids and go to town.Even though it is not exciting, I have attempted to spice up the article by writing it while watching Burlesque. The blond chick is alright, but I still can't help wondering if Cher is secretly a drag queen, which would be fine by me.

Now go farm some scraps!

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