"Dauntless": Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Updated on July 5, 2019
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Saarith has been playing MMORPG's since 2004; starting with "World of Warcraft" and then branching into other MMO games.

The Shattered Isles of Dauntless.
The Shattered Isles of Dauntless. | Source

As a Beginner in "Dauntless"

When you begin playing Dauntless you soon realize that this game, while on the surface is simple enough, still has layers of complexity. To get you up and running as quickly as possible I have put together a list of useful tips and tricks for you to use when you are starting out.

1. Collect Your Daily Deathmarks

One of the first things you will notice when you start playing the game is red daggers with a ribbon flowing beneath them sticking to stuff.

These are Deathmarks. You can collect up to 10 of them each day with each Deathmark giving you +5 experience points (called Heartseekers) to your Hunt Pass experience. The Hunt Pass is a special reward system in the game, which rewards you with all sorts of useful items.

The Deathmarks are located sort of randomly in Ramsgate, meaning that there are about 20 places where they can spawn (but only at 10 locations each day) and you will quickly learn where those locations are. Note that they can spawn on rooftops as well.

This is a Deathmark, they can be found throughout Ramsgate.
This is a Deathmark, they can be found throughout Ramsgate. | Source

2. Accept and Complete the Quests

To advance in the storyline and get access to tougher and more rewarding opponents, better weapons, grenades, and potions you need to complete quests. Completing quests also rewards you with some useful stuff, such as cells and grenades.

Make sure you accept them as soon as they become available as you can complete parts of one quest while completing another quest or some specific goal. You can see when NPCs have available quests from the golden acclamation mark with appears in the directional compass at the top of your screen.

3. Try Out all the Weapon Types: Select One and Stick With It

While there is definitely room to play around with the armors and even direct benefits from upgrading them all you should, at the beginning at least, select a single weapon type to focus on. You can select between swords, hammers, axes, chain-blades, pikes, and after you have completed a few quests, repeaters.

The reason being that you need to gain experience and increase your mastery for each weapon type and should you switch them around often it might slow your progression. So, unless you're having fun with playing with all the weapons (then you do you), try them all out to find the style you prefer and then concentrate on that one.

4. Focus on Mastery

The mastery system in Dauntless works in a completely different manner than other MMO games. Because of this, it is the one thing that most people misunderstand when they start.

To get your weapons and armor to a higher enhancement level than +5 you need to work on your mastery levels. There are few things more annoying than having everything to upgrade your weapons and armor further and realize that you need to grind up your mastery levels first.

To increase your mastery level you need to complete objectives you can see in your "Mastery" screen. To open the "Mastery" interface you just need to press the "N" button. Or you can go through the Menu. There you can see the mastery categories, which are slayer, behemoth and then the six weapon categories.

At first, you simply need to kill behemoths to get a few levels, but soon you need to start getting strategic about it. The slayer category is the most important in the beginning as you need to get your equipment above +5 enhancement level pretty soon in the game. After that, you need to work on behemoth mastery so you can enhance your armor above level +10 and your weapon of choice for the same reason.

At the moment the quickest way to get our slayer and behemoth mastery up at first is to simply kill all the behemoths and craft all the armor types you can.

These are the mastery categories which you need to level up to be able to enhance your gear to the highest levels.
These are the mastery categories which you need to level up to be able to enhance your gear to the highest levels. | Source

5. Understand How the Elements Work

There are six elements in Dauntless. Three pairs of opposing forces which are:

  • Blaze vs. Frost
  • Storm vs. Terra
  • Radiant vs. Umbral

When fighting an elemental behemoth you should use an elemental weapon of the opposing type and an elemental armor of the same type. For example, when fighting the Embermane you should use blaze armor and a frost weapon. There are also neutral behemoths where elemental bonuses or penalties have no effect.

6. When You Find a Behemoth, You Should Always Fire a Flare

By pressing the "C" button and scrolling the wheel to the bottom you fire a flare into the sky. This signals the other hunters on the location of the behemoth so they can find it quickly.

You should also occasionally observe if all the hunters are fighting the behemoth and if not then send another flare up. Sometimes a single flare is not enough for every hunter to find the behemoths location. This is a hot topic in the Dauntless community as evident from this Reddit post.

7. You Can Use The Rifts in the Ground to Heal Yourself

Near each behemoth is a small rift which gives forth a blue light. You can use it to heal, either in combat or after the behemoth flees. To use it simply run to it and press the "E" button. The rift is not an unlimited source of healing so use it sparingly.

Note: Don't forget to use your healing potions while in combat. They are usually best used when your health is near the middle of the bar.

The rift near a Behemoth which you can use to heal yourself.
The rift near a Behemoth which you can use to heal yourself. | Source

8. Save Your Self-Heals

When a behemoth reduces your health to zero you "fall down." In this state, you cannot move and need to either have a teammate revive you or use your self revival. You want to save your self revival for as long as you can since you only have three of them available each hunt.

Also, if the behemoth reaches 100% danger level, this is the only way for you to revive as teammates can no longer revive you. Therefore, saving your self revivals is important, unless the fight is almost done or your teammates are ignoring you.

9. Use Grenades and Potions for the Harder Hunts

After you have completed a few quests you will be able to craft and use a selection of grenades and potions, and even an airstrike. Clever use of these items can change the flow of a hunt to your favor. So be sure to examine and use the potions and grenade best suited for your playstyle.

Personally, I love using the Blitz tonic as it gives me faster attack speed for an entire minute which goes well with my other methods of increasing attack speed. I also always carry a few grenades of the opposing element of the behemoth I am hunting.

10. Don't Forget Your Daily Patrol Bonus

Once you have unlocked patrols you can use them to quickly farm Orbs, Dull Arcstones, Shining Arcstones, and other important materials. Each patrol grants you ten of these items and on top of that, you can get a daily bonus for another ten items.

Every day you get two daily bonus rounds for your patrols, but you don't need to use them daily as you can collect up to six daily bonus rounds.

Here you can see your daily bonuses and how many you have left for the day.
Here you can see your daily bonuses and how many you have left for the day. | Source

These tips are what I feel are the most important aspects of the game to understand quickly. If you have any other Dauntless tips and tricks, let me know! I would love to add them!

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