Don't Look Back: Eve Online Mission Guide

Updated on December 16, 2016

This guide and video walkthrough will cover the Advanced Military Career arc mission, Don't Look Back in the video game MMO, Eve Online. Within you will find information on completing the mission objectives along with rewards and any other relevant details. This is the sixth in a chain of ten missions.


"Use your Afterburner to travel quickly through the electromagnetic disturbance to the Asteroid Colony."

Enemies (Caldari)

  • Room 1:
    Entered via unguarded acceleration gate.
    • Group 1: None

No Bounty

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In Don't Look Back, your Advanced Military career agent will take the time to explain the use of Afterburners and Microwarpdrives (MWDs) for the purpose of increasing your ships speed, either for combat or utility purposes. In addition, you will be requested to utilize the benefits of Afterburners by equipping one and using it to quickly traverse a dangerous environmental trap to reach an asteroid station.

While both Afterburners and MWDs increase your ships overall speed, they have some distinct differences in operation and benefits.

For starters, the Afterburner has the lowest speed boost of the two, usually increasing your speed to just over double as much as it usually is, however the speed given to your ship comes at an affordable fitting and capacitor cost while making you substantially harder to hit and lock down.

MWDs on the other hand, cost way more to fit and have a higher cap drain on a ship, but give a speed increase around 500% and even upwards of that. The counterbalance to these mods is that warp scrambling turns them off completely while their active state increases your signature radius by the same 500% making you to some extent easier to hit with weapons and making a web or reduction in speed, a far more potentially deadly affair.

When you arrive at the mission location via the acceleration gate, you will find the station about 33km out. Select the station and use approach to fly directly towards it while activating your Afterburner. As you approach you'll be hit with environmental damage from a "Turbulent Storm", dealing a small amount of damage every few seconds, which is why we have the Afterburner. As long as you have the module active and are quick about getting to the station, you should have little problem dealing with the damage.

As soon as you reach about 5km from the station, you'll receive a pop up message from your agent, letting you know you are finished here. At this point you are free to warp away and collect your mission reward.


  • + 0.1030 % corporation standing
  • 1 x Civilian Afterburner
  • 1 x Weapon Skill Book (Granted)
    • Amarr: Small Energy Turret
    • Caldari: Light Missiles
    • Gallente: Drones
    • Minmatar: Small Projectile Turret
  • 27,000 Isk bonus (52 minutes)

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