Dragon Quest (DQ) Items and Rewards: Perfect World International (PWI)

Updated on February 11, 2017
Dragon Quest reward graph
Dragon Quest reward graph | Source

Dragon Quests, DQ, What are they?

Dragon Quests, or DQ for short, are quests given out every ten levels starting at 21 and are used to give players rare rewards for difficult quests. The first time I tried these I actually made my first perfect world friend that I quested with after we were finished and it was the best time of my entire perfect world experience. Enough about my sappy pathetic life though, more about DQ shall we?

There are ten parts to every Dragon Quest and the tenth part rewards you with a Dragon Order. Once you get the Dragon Order you can restart the quest if you'd like or go onto the next one if you are of the level requirement. Dragon Orders are used to get mounts, molds, and other rare or legendary items from the Dragon Herald NPC you might have seen in the starting area for your race.

Most items need many Dragon Orders so you might want to keep the extra items you got the first time around if you choose to redo the quest for another Dragon Order. It shouldn't take you that long to do the quest if you find the items and kill the boss in good time, and recruiting friends to help always makes it go by faster.

Ten Steps, Ten Quests.

The ten steps are the same for each Dragon Quest (not literally the same mind you, just what you need to do with substituted items or monsters). No requirements means there is nothing extra to do such as kill a certain number of monsters or find so many items, usually you just have to talk to a specific NPC. They are as follows;

1. Hidden Dragon- No requirements

2. Sweeping Tail- Find DQ Item required

3. Gliding Dragon- No requirements

4. Diving Dragons- Kill Monsters or you pay a fee (Recommendation: Kill, don't pay)

5. Occasional Encounter- Find the DQ item required

6. Dragon Lord- Find the required amount of DQ item

7. Wise Retreat- No requirement

8. Dashing Dragons- Find DQ item requirement

9. Dragon and Phoenix- No Requirement

10. Overwhelming Power- Kill final boss or bosses (2 in the 21 DQ, 1 in the rest)

Dragon Quest Bosses/Boss (DQ)

The information on bosses for Dragon Quests
The information on bosses for Dragon Quests | Source

Dragon Quest Bosses

So the picture above tells you the basic information on each boss but it may not be large enough for everyone to read. I'll give a basic rundown here, with only names, location, how many, and the level of the bosses. The first DQ is just simple monsters but the other ones are boss monsters, specific ones designed to kill you... Basically you should bring a friend along unless you are certain you can defeat it on your own.

~Dual Bladed Centipex, Kill 10, level 26, location 541, 725
~Ossein Merchant, kill 10, level 27, location 549, 782

~Striped Spider King, kill 1, level 38, location 570, 539

~Mythical Wolfkin, kill 1, level 48, location 378, 823

~Bloodlust Feligar, kill 1, level 57, location 311, 581

~Sori DualHammer, kill 1, level 66, location 539, 361

~Wicked Yayan, kill one, level 71, location 533, 411 or 542, 481

~Grinning Cougaret, kill one, level 87, location 220, 734 or 105, 784

~ Siren Assassin, kill 1, level 89, location 269, 866

Dragon Quest Items (DQ)

Items and Values for the Dragon Quests
Items and Values for the Dragon Quests | Source

Dragon Quest Items (DQ)

Same with the boss section, might not be fully readable so I'll put some of it down here that I think is most important. I'll list the 6 items and the number used, value you can get on your own if you want it. Also don't go out and get a bunch of each, this is just telling you what to expect during your Dragon Quest, so you can look up who drops them or if you have some you might keep it just to see if you need it.

~Need 5, Antenna, Disguise Skin, Element Dust, Mystical Meat, Rhino Horn, Soft Fur

~Need 10, Complete Sack, Dew of Herbs, Dull Claw, Element Fragment, Honey Juice, Mystical Claw

~Need 10, Big Buck, Claw, Dew Orb, Element Stone, Mystical Blood, Rubybead Herb

~Need 15, Beast Bone, Element Crystal, Ghost Charm, Mystical Eye, Pendant of Glacia, Strong Acid

~Need 15, Deadly Venom, Element Essence, Flexible Sinew, Mystical Mask, Violet Glass, Yin-Yang Charm

~Need 20, Element Diamond, Flat Peach, Mystical Scale, Seele Token, Sharp Tooth, Strong Venom

~Need 20, Element Core, Jade Juyi, Lethal Venom Mystical Totem, Oblivion Soup, Tusk

~Need 25, Compound Venom, Element Light, Find Orb, Ginseng Fruit, Mystical Orb, Underspring Water

Tada, Not So Hard, Right?

Once you complete the tenth step you take it to the NPC it tells you to and then you get your Dragon Order. Each level of the Dragon Quest (20, 31, 41, 51, etc.) are given out by different NPC's which I will not name here but if you would like it added I will. Have fun with your Dragon Questing and make sure you ask any questions if you have them, although I haven't completed any of them besides the level 20 (halfway through the 31 when I quit that character to make a new one because of stat messups).

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