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"Dungeon and Heroes" Tips and Tricks

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Dungeon and Heroes

Dungeon and Heroes

Dungeon and Heroes is an online multiplayer mobile game that involves recruiting Heroes to fight for you. There are a number of different Heroes for you to choose from with their own unique spells and talents. Players have to devise their own strategy to pick and upgrade Heroes to come up with a winning combination. However, since there are so many concepts in the game, it can be quite tricky to learn them. Therefore, I have compiled this article to help you out in getting better at the game.

How To Get Legendary Heroes?

This is definitely the single most frequently asked question in the game. Whenever you open the chat you can see new players spamming this question. It is not easy to get legendary heroes at the start if you do not spend any money on the game but it is definitely possible to get them as you level up your account.

Dungeon and Heroes weekly quests

Dungeon and Heroes weekly quests

The easiest way to get them is by completing the weekly quests. You can find this option on the top right corner of your screen. Quests can vary between spinning wheels, merging equipment, using stamina, smashing dungeons, opening gold chests, etc. The rewards for completing these missions will be diamonds, gold keys, and even legendary Heroes.

Legendary Hero Rewards

Legendary Hero Rewards

Another way to get legendary Heroes and equipment is to open gold chests. The probability of getting a legendary Hero here is less but if you keep opening them you will eventually find a few. If you are lucky you may even get one on your first try! Another bonus if that in some events you will accumulate one platinum coin for each gold chest you open and 100 coins can be exchanged for another legendary Hero!

Purchasing packs in game

Purchasing packs in game

If you do not plan on spending money then you will not be able to get legendary Heroes very early but it's still possible later in the game. If you do spend on in-game purchases there are a variety of packs to purchase which will help you get those legendary Heroes in no time! As a bonus try to participate in the facebook events organized by Dungeon & Heroes for surprise gifts.

General Gameplay:

Daily quests icon

Daily quests icon

So what do you ideally want to do in the game? The first thing you need to concentrate on is completing your daily tasks. These tasks are found in the icon marked in the image and reset every day. Completing these actions will give you good rewards with very little effort. Fighting the flame dragon will also give you good rewards.

Complete daily quests

Complete daily quests

Always try to fight in the infinity tower daily till you are unable to win. This will give you rewards for each level completed. However, you need to level up to unlock this. Spin the magic wheel and open chests in the altar for getting items and Heroes. Always check your market for any valuable items to purchase. Try to save your diamonds and spend your gold. Use your diamonds to purchase 10 gold keys as they are cheapest here.

Daily checklist

Daily checklist

You can also add friends, then claim and send hearts to get 1 silver key for every 10 hearts. Once you reach level 30, you can unlock the statue of Hero. Here you can battle a specific hero each week to get rewards based on your rank. You will also get bonus rewards based on your rank in the arena (hopefully you would have participated in this from the daily tasks).

Adding Friends

Adding Friends

Do not use your gold keys, Magic coins or dragon eyes unless absolutely necessary. You can accumulate them to be used in events so that you can get event rewards as well. If the current event is for using gold keys then use all your gold keys at once. This is the best utilization of your assets. Don’t forget to collect your rewards in the end.

Joining a Guild

Joining a guild is important as it will help you grow faster. Join an active guild to get help from your teammates. Once you join the guild you will have to participate in the Expedition and Trial daily for nice rewards. You can also use special guild coins to buy Magic coins and Gold keys in the guild shop. Always buy the daily quota of keys, Magic coins, and Warrior badge. You can then exchange the warrior badge for legendary equipment.

Guild shop

Guild shop

Heroes and Battles

You can go to the world map to complete quests to level up. Each victory in the map gives you experience and materials. This can then be used to upgrade your Heroes. Do not try to level up all Heroes. You only need five Heroes to fight and a couple more to use in special situations. You will not have the resources to upgrade the rest of your Heroes.



You can improve your Heroes by leveling them up, equipping them with items and upgrading their skills. There are three types of Heroes - Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. Each Hero will prefer their own item set which will be suggested by a red dot. Each Hero also has four spells which will be unlocked as he levels up. Pick your Heroes based on these spells.

You will do well with the initial set of Heroes provided so don't worry. You can replace them with legendary Heroes later as they are the most powerful. However, always remember to have one tank (this is a strength hero who is able to sustain a lot of damage without dying), one healer (the priest is a good healer who recovers your team's hp) and the rest for dealing damage (either physical or magical).

My suggestion would be to keep the Defender as a tank, Priest as your healer, Gladiator, Night blade and try to get ArchMage ( you can purchase her using dragon eyes in the dragon eye shop). This would work well for most of the game. Remember to keep upgrading your Hero’s level, equipment and spells.

A balanced lineup

A balanced lineup

If you are stuck in a level and can’t proceed, you may want to smash dungeons and finish Rift challenges to get enough materials to upgrade your Heroes first. You can also use attack and defense potions present in your inventory to get a little more bonus damage to win close fights. Hope this was helpful and happy gaming!

Questions & Answers

Question: In "Dungeon and Heroes," which heroes are better to equip with vitality gear?

Answer: Vitality gear basically gives more health to a hero, which makes them harder to kill. The strength heroes whom you use as tanks to soak up damage need to be equipped with vitality gear. This is especially applicable for the hero who is at the front middle of your lineup. This is the hero who will take all the damage so he must be equipped with vitality gear.

Question: How are you supposed to use heavenly essence in Dungeon and Heroes?

Answer: Essence can be used to level up your special item. The special item is the last item present for your hero.

Question: What is the optimal distribution of workers at Dungeons and Heroes?

Answer: It depends on the item you need. When upgrading buildings it asks for specific materials and so I allocate the workers so that they collect that material. Once the material requirement changes, I will also change the distribution of workers. Do not try to allocate workers on all materials. Concentrate on 2 materials you are in need of and allocate all workers to collect them.

Question: I'm in a guild but I don't receive the rewards from the expeditions even though most of the time I am the highest rank in damage. Do you know why?

Answer: The rewards for the expedition is provided once your clan has cleared an expedition stage(provided in % completed). Once the stage is cleared, all members will receive the rewards mentioned for the expedition stage. It might be that the number of expedition stages cleared by your clan might be less and so you are not getting as many rewards as before.

Question: How do you unlock talents for Dungeon and Heroes?

Answer: Talents are unlocked as you upgrade your hero levels. Once unlocked, you can upgrade each talent individually. Hover over the talent to get a popup which says what you need to unlock it.

Question: How do you get heavenly essence in Dungeon and Heroes?

Answer: You can gain essence by purchasing from the market, event rewards or by fighting in the infinity tower.

Question: Which legendary hero do people think is the best in Dungeon and Heroes?

Answer: Currently, Alita seems to be the most popular. However, this will change based on the type of fight and the opponents you face. This will also significantly change based on the new patch changes. To get to know about the top popular heroes, you can simply check the arena formation or statue of hero rankings where the top player's heroes are displayed.

Question: Where do I go to drop extra heroes in "Dungeon and Heroes"?

Answer: There is no option to drop or fire heroes that you have already summoned. However, you can sell the extra hero fragments you have for dragon eyes during the dragon eyes event. 200 fragments of any hero will give you 500 dragon eyes which can then be used to exchange a legendary hero (10,000 dragon eyes for a specific legendary hero which you already own).

Question: Is archmage a legendary hero in Dungeons and Dragons?

Answer: No. Archmage is not a legendary hero and can be purchased using dragon eyes. However, she is quite strong and can be used as an alternative till you get legendary heroes. Her aoe damage can wipe out enemies in a flash but she has very low hp. So just keep her in the back lines and she will deal the damage.

Question: How do you activate bond effect in Dungeon and Heroes?

Answer: The bond effect is triggered when you have 3 specific heroes in your lineup. You can check the bonus as well as the heroes needed to activate the effect in the hero menu for each hero. You need not activate anything manually. As long as the three required heroes are present, the buff will be added.

Question: Where do you get the currency in DUngeon and Heroes to purchase equipment in the guild shop?

Answer: The warrior badge is the currency user to purchase gear in the guild shop. This can be got by purchasing them in the clan shop itself. Each day you will be allowed to buy 400 in the clan shop. Another way would be to participate in the tournament. This needs to be done by the clan leader. Once the tournament is over, if you had participated, you will be given points based on your clan ranking.

Question: How do I upgrade my iron mine in "Dungeon and Heroes"?

Answer: You can capture Iron mines present in the map and the level of the Iron mine increases the more you explore. This automatically generates Iron ore but you can also allocate workers in your congress hall to generate Iron.

Question: Is the "Dungeon and Heroes" gallery a ranking of all the heroes?

Answer: No, it is not a ranking. It is just a list of all the heroes available. The legendary heroes are more powerful than normal heroes but the list provided is not ranked in any order. That is a decision you need to take based on the enemy heroes.

Question: How do I chat with people on the Dungeons and Heroes?

Answer: At the left side of your screen there will be an icon called chat (below the gallery icon). You need to click on it and the chat window will open. There will be tabs to choose to chat with your guild members or the entire server. Now you just need to type in the text box provided below and click on send. To chat individually with a single person you need to visit their profile and click on send mail (only mail option is available).

Question: When in a battle in Dungeon and Heroes, other than auto, is it possible to target specific foes?

Answer: No. Currently there is no way to manually target them. However, some heroes have spells that target target the weakest enemy unit or heal your weakest unit.

Question: How should I use the gems and relics when playing Dungeon and Heroes?

Answer: I would suggest to save them for events. The best use would be to use your resources to unlock all event goals so that you get the maximum benefit.

Question: Where is iron mine lvl3 in Dungeon and Heroes?

Answer: Iron mine lvl3 is in the map emerald forest. I am assuming that you might have seen this as an objective. So you can click on the go button present next to the objective on the bottom left corner of your screen to automatically reach there.

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