What Are Epoch, Fragments and Dust Used For?

Updated on November 26, 2018
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This is what an Essence Of Epoch looks like.
This is what an Essence Of Epoch looks like. | Source

Types of Epochs

If you haven't seen Essence of Epoch and epoch dust, you will. In the early days of OAC online epochs were as important as jade are now. Unless you are trying to complete an achievement, they are obsolete for current end game content.

There are three types of Epochs in the game

  • Essence of Epoch
  • Fragments of Epoch
  • Epoch Dust

Just like with jade, epoch can not be used unless you have the appropriate level of crafting. To combine and use epoch you need master crafting (600). For jade you need grandmaster crafting (700). Most players won't need Epoch any more, as it is for a tier set that has become mostly obsolete. However, there is a trinket you might like to make, and you could sell some of the gear you make with it if you wanted.

Epochs are used to make T3 gear.

Epoch Fragment

These nine Fragment of Epoch can be crafted into three Essence of Epoch.
These nine Fragment of Epoch can be crafted into three Essence of Epoch. | Source

Essence of Epoch, Fragment of Epoch, Dust of Epoch

The newest edition to the epoch club is called dust of epoch. It drops from the end bosses of legs. The dust is not an item you need to roll on.

You pick it up when you pick up your hero emblems, mechanical gears, and soul signets.

  • Three dust of epoch make one fragment of epoch
  • Three fragments of epoch make one essence of epoch

For now, there is no book to transform epoch dust into fragments of epochs. Instead, there is a new vendor to trade with.

The vendor is located under a tree near the main fountain in Greenmont. She is just around the corner from the pet vendor.

You trade 3 dust to make one fragment of epoch.

To craft an essence of epoch from three fragments of epochs, you will need to have Legendary level 70 crafting.

Once you get your crafting up, you can purchase the Epoch pattern from dark elf adherents found in, and just outside, of Coldring. You can also find them outside of the Metal Ziggurat in Tandland, the Under Realm.

You need 20 mechanical gears to purchase the pattern for essence of epoch.

Material for Crafting

In Order and Chaos, the Epoch pattern can be found in Coloring and in the Tanned Land.
In Order and Chaos, the Epoch pattern can be found in Coloring and in the Tanned Land.

Where To Get Epochs

Essence of Epoch can be obtained in for ways, where Fragment of Epoch can be obtained in three ways. Getting Epochs without paying runes is easier than ever before.

Essence of Epoch and Fragments of Epoch Drop from the end bosses of MZL and AGL, dungeons found in the Under Realm. They do not drop every time, but there is a fair drop rate. Now, some jerk tanks like to intentionally get there healer and other teammates killed on purpouse, so the they don't have to share. If you find these jerks don't ever run with them. There are other tanks or there who do play by the rules.

Fragments of Epochs and Essence of Epochs can also be obtained by completing certain achievements. Some crafting achievements award with them, and some of the tier 1&2 rewards are Epochs or fragments. You can look under your characters achievements to find the rewards to know which ones will give you an Epoch or a fragment.

You can also soon Epochs and Fragments in events. The green icon in the upper right hand corner will take you to the current events. You can click on each event to find out what its rewards are. Sometimes you will need to be in the top 10 and sometimes you just need to be in a top 50 to win an Epoch our Fragment.

If all else fails, then you can buy Essence of Epoch in the Nick Shop under Extras. I know there had been a rumor that Epochs were going to be removed from the Nick Shop. There was even at time after update when the Epochs vanished from the Nickn Shop.

However, there are Epochs in the Nick Shop right now. I'm not sure what that was about or why they vanished from the Nick Shop. But they're back. Either it was a mistake, or people were too upset about them removing them, and they put them back.

There are a lot of people who don't mind supplementing Epochs by spending runes at the Nick Shop. So, I don't think we will see Epochs going anywhere soon. However, gameloft has given us many great ways to get them ourselves.

Essence of Epoch Farming AGL

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        5 years ago

        Make a page on the drip rates of these epic items and epic gear in dungeons, Scanner quest line, force spawning mounts and world bosses thanks.

        Your pages are really really helpful


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