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Updated on September 30, 2017
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EverWing Arcana Guide
EverWing Arcana Guide | Source

In EverWing, Guardian Arcana is one of the most unique characters. She is the Guardian of Magic who has an ability like no other—the Dragonspell! Being a spectacular magician and a master illusionist makes playing as Arcana quite tricky. Thus, this guide was crafted!

Whether you have questions on how to unlock Arcana, using her powerful Dragonspell ability, or choosing the best-suited sidekick dragons for her, you’ll find all the answers here!

Now play as the Guardian of Magic "Arcana" with her special "Dragonspell" ability and save the world from the forces of evil!

How To Unlock Arcana

Arcana can be unlocked by participating in challenge missions and receiving a chance to open magical chests, which could have her as a prize, once you get a streak of ten challenge missions. Alternatively, Arcana can be unlocked by defeating a high-level Raid Boss—Ice Queen—and receiving her through a legendary or epic chest.

Arcana’s Ability: Dragonspell

Arcana’s Dragonspell ability allows her to summon sidekick dragon clones and unleash powerful spells depending on the sidekick dragons’ abilities. Up to two sidekick dragons can be cloned, giving Arcana four sidekick dragons in her war arsenal for a certain period of time. Also, there are four spells available for use once Arcana activates Dragonspell, namely; Shockwave, Timeslow, Gemfire and Rush. The effects of the spells are as follows:

  • Shockwave – This spell can be cast if Arcana has a damage-type sidekick dragon by her side. Damage-type abilities include: homing bullets, poison attacks, bomb-bat spawns, and other similar abilities. The effect of “Shockwave” is that it deals 500 multiplied by Arcana’s bullet damage to all enemies on the screen. The maximum damage of this spell is 35,000!
  • Timeslow – This spell can be cast if Arcana has a slowing-type sidekick dragon by her side. Slowing-type abilities include: freeze bullets, charm bullets, and other similar abilities. The effect of “Timeslow” is that it slows time by as much as 80% and increases it back to normal over 1.5 seconds.
  • Gemfire – This spell can be cast if Arcana has a treasure-type sidekick dragon by her side. Treasure-type abilities include: double gems, treasure spawn, and other similar abilities. The effect of “Gemfire” is that it allows enemy monsters to drop six (6) gems of a quality depending on the level of the enemy monster that dropped them.
  • Rush – This spell can be cast if Arcana has an item-type sidekick dragon by her side. Item-type abilities include: item spawn, rush flower spawn, item duration extension, and other similar abilities. The effect of “Rush” is that it enables Arcana to rush forward and annihilate all incoming enemy monsters for two (2) seconds whilst being invincible.

Note: In order to activate Dragonspell, Arcana must collect power-star items dropped by enemies and bosses to charge her ability. Also, the Dragonspell ability lasts for 10 seconds from the moment of activation.

Best Sidekick Dragons for Arcana

Furlix > Furline > Furleone – This evolutionary line has the power to slow down time by 10%. Combine that with Arcana’s Dragonspell and time becomes a dominion for you to control. Additionally, this dragon line enables Arcana to cast two spells: Shockwave and Timeslow.

Loreen > Lureli > Lurelith – A homing bullet and 50% additional damage to bosses? This dragon line sure is beastly! Add shockwave to that power plus the clone and you get an unstoppable force!

Pharis > Pharion > Pharocius – Known as one of the most powerful dragon line, “Pharis > Pharion > Pharocius” takes it to the next level by teaming up with Arcana. Not only was it already too powerful on its own with its homing prismatic attack, now it can dish out unimaginable damage with its clone and spells.

Sar > Anga > Sarangay – Talk about nasty! This evolutionary line can already deal two monster-seeking bullets. But with Arcana’s Dragonspell, the double homing attack doubles further—and that means quadruple monster-seeking bullets!

Skout > Sage > Tuskan – Cloning this dragon means an 80% increase in item drop rate and duration. Woah! That’s unbelievable! Believe it or not, that increase ca go a long way.

Tsijari > Tanok > Itzamatul – Don’t get your hopes too high. Poison damage doesn’t double with a clone. But still, this evolutionary line is already accepted as a powerful line. Two dragons on the same team won’t hurt at all. Well, only the enemies are sure to get hurt!

Umbra > Umbrathyst > Umbrasaur – Double gems and a homing bullet? Sounds like a great combination! Add gemfire and a clone to that and this dragon line becomes even more perfect.

Ursus > Urseus > Urselius – Mind you, this evolutionary line is a very special and unique line. It’s the only one with the “Wildcard” ability. Not only can it cast all four spells, it can also increase the Dragonspell duration and damage.

Xiaolong > Huoling > Jinlong – This evolutionary line can increase item duration and drop rate by 40%. Make that double with Dragonspell and this skill becomes even more potent.

Yean > Yave > Yavethior – Double monster-seeking bullets surely synergizes well with Arcana’s Dragonspell. Now, enemies won’t just be dealing with two deadly homing bullets but four of them. Ouch!

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