EverWing: Tips, Tricks, and Cheats Guide

Updated on October 16, 2017
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EverWing Tips, Tricks, and Cheats Guide
EverWing Tips, Tricks, and Cheats Guide | Source

Tips, tricks, and cheats—if we’re talking about EverWing, then there’s a lot of these in the game. Well, the focus here is on tips and tricks. Cheats, as you know, are very sparse in EverWing! But don’t worry, the tips and tricks listed here will enable you to breeze through the game just fine.

So if you’re ready to step up your gaming experience in EverWing, then this guide will help you to make it the best that it can be. Go enjoy playing EverWing and show the world that you’re no ordinary gamer!

Tips and Tricks

1. The Magnet Is Your Best Friend

The magnet that monsters drop is actually more important than you think. Among all the items and power-ups in EverWing, the magnet outshines them all. As for the reason? It’s because the magnet has the ability to pull all coins, gems, items, and power-ups towards the Guardian.

Instead of risking yourself trying to gather the loots, the magnet attracts them to you at the cost of no effort at all. Sure, it lasts only for a couple of seconds, but that’s enough time to amass some wealth and extra firepower. I suggest that you go quick for the magnet whenever you see it on the screen.

2. Always Rush for the Rush Flowers

If there’s one item that I could choose to take effect for the whole duration of the game, then it would be the Rush Flower. The power of the Rush Flower allows the Guardian in play to act in a crazy rush. For a few seconds, the Guardian is granted invincibility and can obliterate everything on its path. That’s how unstoppable the Rush Flower is!

Go crazy, annihilate all monsters, and plunder their loots—if you want to do all these, then be sure to always keep an eye out for the Rush Flowers!

3. Lily Will Make You Rich

Lily isn’t called the Guardian of Fortune for nothing! Whether you’re a beginner player or a seasoned gamer, Lily is your best money-making machine!

Lily has the power to double the coins and gems you collect in both the Normal Run Mode and the Quest Mode. When it comes to money, Lily is the best fairy! That is why, the most recommended strategy for anyone playing EverWing is to unlock Lily as soon as possible. She may be a bit pricey, but her skill more than makes up for it for the rest of the game.

4. Power-Up with the Speed Rush

Overlooked as a mere power-up, the Speed Rush is a more potent version of the Rush Flower. The difference is that instead of collecting it as an item drop, it’s a power-up that you can purchase at the beginning of a game in the Normal Run Mode for 250 trophies.

The power of the Speed Rush is special. It can give you the effect of the Rush Flower for the whole duration covering a few stages until your encounter with the Monster Queen. That means you’ll be crushing all enemies and collecting their loots with no effort and in no time at all until you reach the Monster Queen.

5. Remember that Sophia is the Questing Queen

No one ever uses Sophia in the Normal Run Mode and the Boss Raid Mode. As you know, Sophia is the Guardian of Adventure. She shines best not in the Normal Run Mode nor the Boss Raid Mode, but in the Quest Mode.

Many neglect sending guardians to quests. What many people don’t know is that questing is one of the most lucrative ways to gain experience and coins. And Sophia—being the Guardian of Adventure and all—is capable of cutting any quest duration by half. So, if you send her to a 24-Hour Quest, rest assured that she will be able to finish it in only 12 hours. That is why she is also called the “Questing Queen!”

6. Jewels Over Coins

It’s important to know that Jewels are always more valuable than Coins. A Coin only amounts to a single unit while a Gem amounts to several Coins. Here are the various Gems and their values:

  • Amethyst Gem – Equivalent to 10 Coins
  • Ruby Gem – Equivalent to 20 Coins
  • Diamond Gem – Equivalent to 40 Coins

So folks, whenever you see Gems and Coins flying all over the screen, it is wise to prioritize the Gems over the Coins. After all, no matter how many Coins scatter all over the screen, a single Gem will always be more valuable and less risky to fetch.

7. Don’t Forget To Evolve Your Dragons

Many people fail to remember that sidekick dragons can evolve. It’s true that no matter how much they evolve and get stronger, fairies will always outperform them. But then again, sidekick dragons are very useful with their abilities and have decent firepower. So, it’s always beneficial to evolve them for your own good.

8. Try your Hand at Zodiac Evolution

Sidekick dragons get stronger as you level them up and evolve them. But did you know that they can get even stronger if you evolve them the right way?

Introducing…the Zodiac Evolution! The Zodiac Evolution is a method of evolving dragons by means of matching them with their zodiac signs. If you evolve two tier 1 dragons of the same zodiac sign at level 10, they will get a +25% bonus attack damage on their tier 2 form. The same goes for two tier 2 dragons. If you evolve two tier 2 dragons of the same zodiac sign at level 20, they will get a +35% bonus attack damage on their tier 3 form.

9. Train Dragons Only Up To Level 29

The maximum level that a sidekick dragon can be trained is 30. So why am I asking you to train them only up to level 29? It’s simple: if you’re looking forward to making a lot of coins, then training them up to level 29 and selling them is the way to go!

By the time you have a Level 30 dragon, you’ll surely have a lot of other various dragons in your roster. Not all of them will be useful so it’s wise to sell them once they reach Level 29.

At Level 29, dragons will be worth a lot of coins, which you can use to buy more dragon eggs. I advise against selling Level 30 dragons because they won’t be worth a lot of coins anymore. Instead, they will only be worth some trophies, which aren’t really worthwhile to spend.

10. Remember To Upgrade Your Guardians

This is the first thing that you should know especially when you’re just starting out in EverWing. Personally, I didn’t know that Guardians can be upgraded when I first started playing this game. By upgrading your fairies, they get stronger and even more powerful. Each upgrade adds a fixed permanent boost to their attack. It’s noteworthy to know that all fairies can only be upgraded up to Level 50. After that, the only way to upgrade your fairies up to Level 70—temporarily nonetheless—is by picking up a maximum of 20 clovers in the Normal Run Mode or the Boss Raid Mode.

11. Don’t Ignore Those Challenge Missions

Challenge Missions are missions wherein you challenge friends into playing EverWing with you. The good thing about taking Challenge Missions is that you gain a streak that leads to great reward chests the moment you complete it. The rewards may include the following:

  • Dragon Eggs
  • Coins
  • Trophies
  • Guardians

Keeping the rewards in mind, it is an advantageous move to go and try the Challenge Missions. The only downside is that you might annoy some friends in the process with all the notifications. Do send out and accept Challenge Missions at your own discretion.

12. Survive Longer with Lenore

With the ability of “Double Life,” this should go without saying—Lenore is the best when it comes to survivability! Whether you’re playing the Normal Run Mode or the Boss Raid Mode, Lenore will surely last the longest. Her ability to spring back to life after dying once is quite handy. Play as her if you want to practice dodging and survive far longer than any other fairy.

13. Deal Enormous Damage with Jade and Arcana

When it comes to high Damage Per Second (DPS), Jade and Arcana have everyone beat. Their skills are meant for carnage! Jade can render herself invincible and deal double damage for a certain period of time after charging her charge meter while Arcana can dish unimaginable damage with her Dragonspell ability and her dragon clones after charging her charge meter. These killing machines will stop at nothing only to protect everyone and save the world. Use them and eliminate all those evil monsters and bosses.

14. Train Sidekick Dragons by Sending them to Quests

Believe it or not, the best way to train dragons (if you don’t like grinding) is by sending them to quests. They gain a lot of experience by questing. The trick is to always send dragons to quests, especially to 24-Hour quests and with Fiona the Guardian of Dragons. You’ll be surprised how fast they level up with this method.

15. Purchase Only Gold Dragon Eggs

If you don’t want Common Dragons loitering on your Dragon Roster, then the Gold Dragon Eggs are for you! Gold Dragon Eggs are capable of hatching rare, epic, and legendary dragons at certain rates. There’s an assurance that you’ll never get a Common Dragon by hatching a Gold Dragon Egg. Also, Gold Dragon Eggs are the most worthwhile eggs to buy from the shop. Not only do they give you the most bang out of your bucks, they also give you dragons that might ultimately become your life-long partners in saving the world of EverWing.

Cheats and Hacks

1. The Time Hack

Like some other games, time can be used to accelerate everything in EverWing. All you need to do is change the time or date on whichever device you’re using to play. Once you do, time-based events like quests and even boss raids will finish more quickly—even instantly at that!

2. The Challenge Mission Cheat

This isn’t really a cheat. It’s more of an unpolished in-game feature. With this method, you will be able to finish Challenge Missions quickly and promptly. All you need to do is take unlimited challenge missions by sending them out to strangers.

Yes, it really works! Use the search tab to find strangers to send out challenge missions to. For example, if you type “Pikachu” on the search tab, you’ll come across various Facebook profiles with the name “Pikachu.” There’s a big chance that those accounts are unused and are just loitering around so feel free to send as many challenges as you can.

3. Other Methods

There’s a lot of other methods out there that you can use to cheat and hack EverWing. I won’t go into details though because I don’t recommend them. They’re unethical and might even ultimately destroy your whole gaming experience. Things like coin generators, game script tweakers, and hacks do exist. Again, I won’t bother researching them and stating them here because they carry unknown risks and disadvantages. If you’re adamant about cheating and hacking, then all I can say is that you can scour Google or YouTube for them. You have been warned.


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