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Updated on October 4, 2017
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EverWing Ursus Wildcard Guide
EverWing Ursus Wildcard Guide | Source

There are many sidekick dragons to choose from in EverWing. However, when it comes to being unique and special, one creature shines brighter than most. The exclusive creature in question is none other than the chubby, blue, water-type, legendary dragon—Ursus!

Ursus can grow to level 10 and become Urseus. After that, Urseus can grow to level 20 and become Urselius. So far, this peculiar evolutionary line is the only one of its kind that holds the “Wildcard” ability. In essence, Wildcard is a special power that enhances Guardian abilities. As for the minute details, you’ll have to read ahead and learn for yourself.

How can Ursus be unlocked? What are the nuances of the Wildcard ability? What is the effect of having two of the same kind of dragon in question when playing the normal run mode or the boss raid mode? All the answers to these questions are waiting for you here in this guide!

Wreak havoc with the “Ursus > Urseus > Urselius” clique as your ally and protect the world of EverWing from the evil monsters that are trying to spread terror and dread.

How To Get Ursus

To unlock Ursus, you must hatch it from dragon eggs that are capable of yielding legendary dragons. There are two available egg types for that purpose, namely: Legendary Dragon Eggs and Raid Boss Eggs. The former can be purchased from the Dragon Roost and gained as a prize for playing the game, while the latter can only be obtained as a rare prize for beating a level in the Boss Raid mode.

The Wildcard Ability

The chief thing about the Ursus evolutionary line is that it is distinct even among all the other sidekick dragons. As to why, it is because this is the only evolutionary line with the unique “Wildcard” ability.

The Wildcard ability enables Ursus, Urseus, and Urselius to enhance Guardian abilities to new heights. Currently, the only Guardians whose abilities can be enhanced are Aurora, Lenore, Jade, and Arcana. The Wildcard ability’s enhancement effects are as follows:

  • Aurora – With Ursus, Urseus, or Urselius in play as a partner of Aurora, her “Magnet” ability’s reach extends by 50% in range. This means that more coins, gems, and items can be readily absorbed by Aurora with no effort at all.
  • Lenore – With Ursus, Urseus, or Urselius in play as a partner of Lenore, her “Ghostform” ability’s damage increases by 50%. This means that Lenore can become even stronger after she dies the first time and gets reborn.
  • Jade – With Ursus, Urseus, or Urselius in play as a partner of Jade, her “Shadowform” ability’s duration increases by 50%. This means that Jade can become 50% more deadly with her extended invincibility and double damage duration.
  • Arcana – With Ursus, Urseus, or Urselius in play as a partner of Arcana, her “Dragonspell” ability receives a powerful upgrade. She becomes capable of casting all four (4) spells—Shockwave, Timeslow Gemfire, and Rush—and increasing the Dragonspell power and duration by 50%.

The Double Ursus Sidekick Dragon Combination

If you’re thinking of using two dragons from the Ursus evolutionary line as your partners, then it is possible but not as potent as you might expect. This means that the second Ursus, Urseus, or Urselius will have its ability effects halved. Here’s the breakdown of the effects of having two of these dragons as your sidekicks:

  • Aurora – Instead of a +50% Magnet ability reach with one Ursus, Urseus, or Urselius, you get +75% Magnet ability reach with two of them as your partners.
  • Lenore – Instead of a +50% Ghostform ability damage with one Ursus, Urseus, Urselius, you get +75% Ghostform ability damage with two of them as your partners.
  • Jade – Instead of a +50% Shadowform ability duration with one Ursus, Urseus, or Urserlius, you get +75% Shadowform ability duration with two of them as you partners.
  • Arcana – Instead of a +50% Dragonspell ability duration with one Ursus, Urseus, or Urselius, you get +75% Dragonspell ability duration with two of them as your partners. Additionally, you can cast two shockwave spells, have both dragons spawn gems with Gemfire, and extend the Timeslow effect by a few seconds.

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