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How to Use Focus Points in "Albion Online"

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Chris has been playing games for years now and has started writing about them over at IGameFr.

What Are Focus Points?

Focus Points are a premium bonus that helps you farm, craft, study, and refine. Players with a current premium subscription get 10000 Focus Points a day with a cap of 30000, so make sure to use them. Here are some examples of how and when to apply your Focus Points:

  • Crafting: Using Focus Points when crafting will give you a higher resource return rate and increase the likelihood of a high-quality item.
  • Refining: Focus Points used when refining will only increase the amount of resources you get back.
  • Studying: All Focus Points used for studying will increase the amount of fame gained from studying an item.
  • Farming: Focus can be used to nurture your crops and animals. Your crops/herbs can be watered, which will in turn increase the chances of getting your seeds back. Animals can be "nurtured" with Focus Points after feeding them, which will increase the chance of that animal having offspring.

Focus Point Equation for Masteries and Specializations

Focus Point Formula: New Cost=Original Cost*0.5^(Focus Cost Efficiency/10000)

For example, if you have 5000 Focus cost efficiency for watering carrots, you will only need 708 Focus Points to water a single patch of carrots.

1000*.5^(5000/10000)=707.1 (708 because Albion rounds upwards)

Important Note: Every 10000 Focus Point cost efficiency halves the amount of Focus required. 10000 Focus cost efficiency for carrots (1000 original Focus cost) is 500; 20000 Focus cost efficiency is 250.

How to check your Focus Point efficiency.

How to check your Focus Point efficiency.

What Should I Use Focus Points On?

When deciding what to use Focus Points on, you should consider whether or not you will be specializing in that resource or item. Don't use your Focus Points refining ore if you mainly farm.

Of course, if you use alts, you can choose a certain area for each one to specialize in: one for refining, one for crafting, and one for farming. In this way, you can be more efficient rather than splitting your Focus Points inefficiently across several professions.

Make sure to keep track of what you're using your Focus Points on. Don't use them on crafting gear if it will mess up your farm!

Water like a pro!

Water like a pro!

Do I Need Focus Points for Farming?

Farming in Albion Online is very Focus Point–intensive. If you constantly change your seed or animal farm, you will run out of Focus Points very quickly. The key in using Focus Points for farming is to focus on one crop/animal and slowly become more efficient with Focus Points. That way, your Focus cost goes way down and you'll be able to nurture/water more crops and animals.

Should I Use Higher Tier Seeds?

Some people try and use higher tier seeds because they have a higher chance to yield seeds and therefore don't need to water them. This is wrong. In Albion, watering crops has the same cost per Focus Point in every tier—meaning that watering carrots and watering pumpkins are similar in cost efficiency (when buying from the vendor).

Also be aware that the fame gain for crops are the exact same no matter what tier they are. Only use different crops if you plan on making something with them; otherwise, it is inefficient use of Focus Points and time.

A crafting menu.

A crafting menu.

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Focus Points for Crafting

Crafting costs a lot more than farming or refining. Rightly so because it is one of the more lucrative professions. You must be aware of the different types of gear and how it effects your Focus cost. Artifact gear costs more Focus Points and does not return the artifact ever. Enchanted gear also increases the Focus Point cost tremendously and so does crafting higher tier gear.

Something to be aware of when using Focus Points for crafting is that it also increases the likelihood of high quality gear. High quality gear has higher item power and is usually priced above its lower quality counterparts. This could be the difference between a couple thousand silver but it really is up to you. Will you be patient and wait for someone who needs high quality gear? Or will you just try to sell it as quickly as possible?

Using Focus Points on One Character

Most people choose to create several alts to abuse the Focus Point system however, you don't have to do this. For some people it's a hassle, for others they just can't afford the premium. Whatever it is you can spend your Focus Points on one character, albeit sparingly.

First thing you need to do is ask yourself what you will be spending Focus Points on. Will you be a farmer or a refiner? Maybe you'd like to refine and craft materials, that's fine too.

I personally recommend investigating the viability of what you're planning on spending Focus Points on. For example carrots only cost 1k per seed at the vendor and are even cheaper on the market, perhaps putting Focus Points into something more lucrative would make up for not watering your carrots.

Once you figure out what you want to do, write it all down in a spreadsheet. Plug in the formula and see how many Focus Points it would cost to do whatever task you decided on. So if you wanted to plant carrots and refine ore, how many crops could you water and how many raw materials can you refine? This will help you organize how you go about things. It would be awkward to find out you watered 10 carrot patches and now have no Focus left to refine ore!

Note: The spreadsheet part is optional, but you need to be aware of your limits if you're only going to be using one character. Focus cost is an important metric to track.

Resource Return Rates

ZoneResource Return %RR with Focus Points




Player Island



Guild Island






Black Zone



Making Profit With Focus Points

Some people may look at the market and say "why are they selling things for such a low cost? Aren't they losing money?". The reason prices are low on certain things is because of Focus Points. For example: I buy one carrot seed for 1k, I water that carrot seed, the next day I have two(plus the carrots I grew)!

Now imagine using Focus Points with ore. Buying refined materials to craft with just gives you those materials, however buying unrefined materials and then refining them will give you much more. Using the table above we know that at Towns I can get 45% using Focus, that's huge. For every two refined materials I create I enough raw materials to make another one(roughly).

Assume I bought 1000 silver worth of raw material and refining those materials created something that would only sell for 700. Dumb right? Well with Focus I get 45% of the raw materials back, so in the end I gain 150 silver(700+450=1150). A rule of thumb is that if the cost of refining unrefined material is 55% or more it isn't profitable. I.e. A refined material is 550 but the unrefined materials are 1000 even using Focus you would just break even(1000*.45= 450, 450+550=1000).

The above examples can be used with crafting as well, although sometimes you might sell high quality items for a larger amount which can effect the cost and is up to you what price you will set.

Keep in mind that Focus Efficiency is key to gaining the maximum amount of profits. For every 10000 Focus Cost Efficiency you can craft/refine double the normal amount!

So you can see the power that Focus Points have on the market, and why many people can sell things for such a low cost even if, from the outside, it appears they are losing money.

Ending Note

Don't worry too much about running out of Focus Points to begin with. After specializing in your choice of profession, you will start to use them less and less.

With proper usage of Focus Points, you can turn huge profits. Check out ZaZii's guide to refining; it applies well to Focus Points in general.

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