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8 Games Like "Warframe" You'll Sink Hundreds of Hours Into

Rahul is a video game addict. Some of his favorite games are "Red Dead Redemption 2" and "The Witcher 3."

"Warframe" has an extremely helpful and welcoming online community.

"Warframe" has an extremely helpful and welcoming online community.

What Games Are Like Warframe?

Warframe turned out to be the game Destiny was supposed to be. When it launched back in 2013 to a lukewarm reception, critics wrote it off as an online action RPG with unrealized potential. Not a lot of people paid attention to it back then. Over the next five years, developer Digital Extremes has transformed it into a well-polished action game with something for everyone. Since then, a lot of Destiny and Destiny 2 players have jumped aboard and haven’t looked back.

If you have played enough online games, you already know how harsh and unforgiving an online community can be. This is where Warframe is one step ahead of every other game. This is the nicest community I have ever come across. For a game so vast and complex, it's difficult to figure out everything on your own. That’s where the community comes in. They are always eager to help newbies out.

Regular updates and expansions have ensured that players have something to do all the time. Even with all the new missions and planets to explore, you are bound to get bored. If you’re looking for a change, take a look at the list of some games similar to that Warframe I have compiled for you.

Side Note: I’ll keep the Destiny series out of contention here since it doesn't provide any long-term engagement.

8 Games Like Warframe

  1. Warface
  2. Monster Hunter: World
  3. Planetside 2
  4. The Division
  5. Borderlands 2
  6. Titanfall 2
  7. Saints Row IV
  8. Smite

Read more juicy details about each entry below!

1. Warface

Developed and published by Crytek, Warface is a free-to-play first-person shooter available for PC, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Before each session, you must choose from one of the available classes of Medic, Rifleman, Engineer, or Sniper. Then, you can participate in co-op missions or face others in PvP mode.

As engaging as PvP is, its main draw is PvE, where you team up with other players to complete story-driven sections of the game.

The only thing that might hold someone back from trying Warface is its monetization shenanigans. It’s questionable at best. If you aren’t willing to spend at least a few bucks per month, prepare to grind to upgrade your gears. I wish they’d look into it and improve the situation.

Despite their pushy monetization tactics, there is no doubt that Warface is one of the few games like Warframe available on the market right now.

2. Monster Hunter: World

The Monster Hunter series needs no introduction. It’s hugely popular in Japan. As the Japanese gaming giants realize that there is a huge market to tap in the West, they’re paying more attention to it.

The franchise's most recent entry is Monster Hunter: World. This game brings a few welcome changes to an already fabulous franchise, which has helped them get more recognition. And as a result, the Monster Hunter fanbase has broadened.

Both Warframe and Monster Hunter: World are loot-based games, focusing heavily on collecting and upgrading items. Also, both games have addicting fighting mechanics.

It’s a grindy game, but there is enough variety to keep you thoroughly engaged. Monsters react differently each time you approach them. There are no set patterns on how they’ll fight. This unpredictability brings the best out of this game as it doesn’t allow you to settle into a groove.

You’ll easily get around 150–200 hours of gameplay from Monster Hunter: World before it gets repetitive. You can expect the same from every other Monster Hunter game.

3. Planetside 2

Developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment, Planetside 2 is a free-to-play first-person shooter available for PC and PS4. You start by selecting one of the three empires, followed by one of the six available classes. As it’s not a usual run-and-gun shooter, getting started here can be a little intimidating.

In-game tutorials aren't very helpful, as they are poorly explained. You are left to figure everything out on your own. Even if you play for a good couple of hours, you still won’t have many ideas about the things going on. However, I’d urge you to stick around. As you play more, the whole game will open up to you.

Just like Warframe, the more you play, the more upgrades you’ll unlock. Or, if you choose, you can shell out some money and unlock them instantly. You don’t have to spend a dime if you don’t want to. Although unlocking everything will take you hundreds of hours, at least the upgrades are not behind a paywall.

The only thing that might disappoint you is that there is no PvE here. It’s all about massive PvP combat.

4. The Division

Developed and published by Ubisoft, The Division is a shared world third-person MMORPG available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game takes place in virus-stricken Manhattan, New York, where everything has descended into chaos. You play as one of the many sleeper agents deployed by the U.S. government to restore order.

Although the game was broken at launch, Ubisoft continued improving the game with patches and updates. It’s looking very healthy right now. It’s a good time to jump into the game.

Let’s talk about the differences between Warframe and The Division first. In Warframe, you’re making your way towards better gear. Every area is open for you from the beginning.

In The Division, though, you grind in certain areas hoping to find something better. Also, the latter is more team-oriented. If you want to be a lone wolf, you can play without teaming up with anyone. However, it will be very difficult as it’s not oriented for solo play. Warframe doesn't have that problem as it can be played solo or in co-op. Playing with others, however, is more fun.

If you are looking for a fun grind-fest with a good story, The Division can be a good alternative to Warframe. It’s not free-to-play but it’s a good bang for your buck.

5. Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is a dream come true for those who love looting and grinding. Developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games, Borderlands 2 is the sequel to one of the best first-person shooters in 2009.

Play alone or with up to four people to free Pandora from the Handsome Jack, the ultimate villain of the game. In your quest to liberating this hellhole, you must go through tons of psychos and ugly creatures.

The game is full of colors. Its cel-shaded art style is a stroke of genius, making it stand out from other loot-based shooters.

Borderlands 2 currently stands at over 80000 reviews on Steam with an “Overwhelmingly Positive” feedback. If nothing else, it’s a testament to how appealing and fulfilling the game has been.

If you love shooting at stuff for fun, there’s plenty. You can easily sink in hundreds of hours without realizing. Kill, loot, upgrade, and repeat. It sounds like a chore, but it’s endlessly fun.

6. Titanfall 2

Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA, Titanfall 2 is the sequel to 2014’s Titanfall. The original game didn’t have a single-player mode. They listened to fans and included an intriguing single-player campaign in the current iteration.

The game’s levels are designed to give you an illusion of freedom. They are not enormous, but not too small like other games, where you feel as if you’re moving in just one direction.

While you’ll love its storyline, it’s pretty linear with no replayability value in it. I included it in this list for its precise gunplay and movement mechanics. If you enjoyed these two things in Warframe, you’ll certainly feel at home while playing Titanfall 2.

The multiplayer offers a ton of innovative modes for you to try. It‘s challenging and requires you to be on your toes all the time. If you want to be an expert, you must know the maps inside out. You’ll be able to jump, dash, slide and wall-run efficiently only if you know the best routes.

7. Saints Row IV

Developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver, Saints Row IV is an open world action-adventure game available on Linux, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

The plot is so absurd that there is no point in summarizing it. It’s a light-hearted exterior to wrap all the violence and gore this game has to offer.

Being an open-world murder simulator, comparison with GTA series is inevitable. The latter conducts itself a little more seriously. Saints Row 4, however, has taken the absurdity to a whole new level. For starters, you shoot fireballs with your hands and your jump defies all the rules of gravity.

The problem with this approach is it makes you feel overpowered, leaving you with almost no challenges to conquer. It makes you feel like an action superhero with no villain.

Dying is an alien concept here. The game often feels a bit too easy. The only time where I felt my character could die when I was fighting mini-bosses. Even then, I could take a leap in the air to get rid of the imminent danger. Without a challenge to overcome, things can get boring real fast.

If you pick it up, I’d suggest you try its two-player co-op. It’s always fun to wreak havoc with a friend.

8. Smite

I am not sure if I should recommend a game from a different genre to a Warframe fan, but I am going ahead anyway. Hear me out.

Smite has a roaster of over 90+ mythological Gods. From Shiva to Zeus, you can pick anyone and test your skills with or against over 25 million players. There are a plethora of things for you to try. With updates dropping twice a month, you’ll never run of content. There is always something new for you to do.

Smite offers a variety of gameplay modes as well. Whether you’re planning a quick one-on-one battle or a more strategic experience, where you have to plan things out, Smite has got you covered.

Don’t fret. Even if you haven’t tried this type of game before, it’s beginner-friendly. This game doesn’t put you up against pros right from the get-go. You will start off slow, get familiar with its huge roaster of Gods, and then, if you want, you can enter the arena of pros. It ensures that beginners won’t have a frustrating experience.

This game excels in implementing a fair free-to-play model. Although you can unlock a character instantly for forking out $30, there is no need for it. If you grind enough, you will unlock all the characters for free. Smite never shoves its monetization practices up your face. The unconventional UI will take some getting used to. Stick with it.

If you’re looking to try something that has the genes of Warframe, offering something new at the same time, Smite should be your best bet.

Feel Free-to-Play All of These Games

If you're looking for a fun yet challenging online game similar to Warframe, you'll love any one of these titles. Connecting with a diverse community of gamers will only make playing even more fun. Best of all, they are all free-to-play! So what are you waiting for?