"Guild Wars 2" Vista Location Guide: Index (Cities and Early Levels)

Updated on February 26, 2019
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This page serves as an index for the guides covering where to find the various vista locations in the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Each guide covers a specific region of the game world, listing all the vistas that can be found within.

About the Vistas

There are currently 266 vistas to be found altogether, spread out through the world of Guild Wars 2, as of the game's initial release, with more likely to be added if/when expansions are released. Like in the first game, these points act as places for players to discover, which net some experience along with often lovely slow pans over the nearby area, giving you viewpoints you would often not be able to achieve on your own. Besides the amusement factor, this can be helpful in getting an overview on the area while also providing experience and progressing towards unlocking the special reward for completing each area to 100%.

Unlike in the previous game however, most of these locations are significantly more challenging to reach, often introducing many platformer game aspects, requiring extensive searching for secret or non-straightforward entrances or other out of the ordinary tasks. Searching for vistas and other map locations, is essentially a meta game of its own. Waypoints, points of interest, activities and other map details will be covered separately.

Update (2/16/2019): Work on more Guild Wars 2 guides was put on hold some time ago. This index however still serves to cover the early stages of the game along with major cities and is considered complete now in covering these portions.

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Rata SumHoelbrak Black CitadelDivinity's Reach
Rata Sum
Rata Sum | Source
Hoelbrak | Source
Black Citadel
Black Citadel | Source
Divinity's Reach
Divinity's Reach | Source

City Regions

38 Vistas in 6 Regions

Black Citadel (5)
There are 5 locations to find in this city which serves as the steampunk-esque home of the Charr race in the game.

Divinity's Reach (6)
The city of the humans in the game possesses 6 vistas to uncover, spread throughout its various quadrants and districts, with a medieval era vibe.

Hoelbrak (5)
The home city of the Norn race in Guild Wars 2, which are essentially giant humans with a viking style of artistic direction. Basically this is what you could envision where Beowulf calls home. There are 5 vistas here to find.

Lion's Arch (11)
More of a communal city shared between the five races of Tyria, occupied by a wide variety of characters as well as serving as a central hub of transportation to the 5 racial cities by way of instantaneous travel through the Asura Gates. Originally the capital of the Humans before a cataclysmic flooding caused by the raising of Orr, now a pirate's haven. Also possess the most points to find of the cities listed here, at 11 points to uncover.

Rata Sum (5)
This city has 5 points to find and is home of the Asura, the diminutive, technologically and magically enhanced race of Tyria, which takes a fantasy themed, abstract design. Can be compared to gnomes in many other games.

The Grove (6)
The Grove is home to the Sylvari and their 6 vistas, which are of an elvish-like design, however with less fanciful architecture and more of a nature theme. Share a semblance with the Sylvan (Elves) of Magic the Gathering.

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Level 1-15 Areas

Caledon Forest (8)
The first are new Sylvani players will find themselves exploring, known as a "wilderness under siege" for its lush and vibrant plant life that masks a raging battle between the Sylvani and the Nightmare Court along with undead rising from the ground and a widespread Skritt nuisance.

Metrica Province (9)
This region serves as the beginners area for the new Asura characters, after completing their introductory quest. Asuran laboratories have sprung up about the province with their emergence from the subterranean, which has brought problems with increased trouble from the wildlife that occupied the area prior.

Queensdale (9)
Just south of the city of Divinity's Reach, this is the first region human players will begin their adventures in. Expansive plains and farmland occupy most of this area, along with Centaur raiders, a dam and pumping station.


Level 15-25 Areas

Kessex Hills (9)
South of Queensdale, this area serves as the second main leveling area for human characters, with a region of land suffering even more from Centaur raids to the point where it has left many of the human settlements in ruins.

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