How to Maintain a Successful Guild Bank in "World of Warcraft"

Updated on August 6, 2020
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Besides writing, I like to play video games. I've been playing for years and consider myself fairly skilled.

Only a couple of us were on when I took this picture, but I plan to get a larger picture with many more people.
Only a couple of us were on when I took this picture, but I plan to get a larger picture with many more people. | Source

Guild Banks in WoW

When you start a guild in World of Warcraft, one of the most used privileges is the Guild Bank.

The Guild Bank is a place where members of the guild can place items that they have no use for so that other members can take them out and use them. Just remember that proper use of the Guild Bank could help keep members in your guild and keep guild activity high.

When I post my bank pictures, you'll notice that the bank is pretty empty. This is because I usually do a "Spring Cleaning" before new expansions.

I show you where you can edit the Icon and Name of your guild tab.
I show you where you can edit the Icon and Name of your guild tab.

Setting Up the Guild Bank

To purchase new Guild Bank tabs, you can use the Guild Management tab or physically visit any city's Guild Bank. Ask any guard in a city if you are unsure where the Guild Banks are located, though I assume you already know!

Buying Tabs

Once you arrive in the bank and click on the Guild Bank, you will first be presented with the option to purchase your first bank tab. After you spend the money, you will have your first 98-slot bank tab. You can purchase more tabs with gold alone, but some of the last tabs require guild achievements to unlock.

Naming Tabs and Choosing Icons

Once you’ve purchased the bank tab, you have the option to name it and pick an icon to represent the tab. To change the name and icon, you’ll notice at the right that there is already a default picture and name for the tab. You’ll right-click on that icon and a pop-up window will appear. This is where you edit the name, and you can pick from a huge amount of pictures to illustrate the tab. I always have a lot of fun with this step.

Not a whole lot in here because I took things out in preparation for MoP. But it kinda illustrates how I like to keep things organized.
Not a whole lot in here because I took things out in preparation for MoP. But it kinda illustrates how I like to keep things organized. | Source

Keeping Your Bank Clean

One of the biggest pet peeves that I have with Guild Banks is having a lot of clutter and being unorganized. For example, if I log onto an Alliance character and join a guild, I like to take a look at the Guild Bank to see what types of things they offer their guild members. If I see a bunch of useless stuff and no organization, I am immediately turned off. However, even though I am like that, it doesn’t mean that everyone else is, too.

Bottom line, though, is that you should keep your Guild Bank neat and clean. If you are first starting out, you might allow just about anything to be deposited into your Guild Bank, just to get some sort of activity flowing. Once you start getting a larger amount of active users, I recommend keeping an eye out on the type of stuff that people are putting into the bank.

Cleaning Tips

I normally do a scan of my bank once a week and look for useless stuff. I will remove any grey items, stuff you can buy from vendors such as food and water, or old items that are still in the game but have no useful purpose anymore. I will also remove a couple items if someone has deposited a huge abundance of it, and I know that it will just sit in there for a while.

If you look at any pictures I post of my Guild Bank in this article, you’ll notice it looks kind of empty. This is because I cleaned out A LOT of things that weren’t being used and made room for useful stuff that will come from the next expansion.

Do You Like Keeping Your Guild Bank Clean?

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You can see here how easy it is to edit who can do what in the guild bank.
You can see here how easy it is to edit who can do what in the guild bank. | Source

Setting Up Withdrawal and Deposit Allowances

You’ll want to limit the amount that players can withdraw and deposit into the Guild Bank. You want to limit usage on the Guild Bank because, contrary to popular belief, people DO get hacked, and often. You can prevent your Guild Bank from being wiped out by a hack simply by limiting usage.

Also, you just can’t trust everyone right off the bat. I’ve experienced this for myself. I would have people join and they were extremely nice; however, once they got promoted, they would take advantage of their new permissions by taking out whatever they could, and they would sell it. I don’t put things into my bank so that people can take it out and sell it for gold. They are there to improve your character.

Editing Allowances

So, in order to edit the allowances, you go into your Guild Control tab, and then click “Bank Tab Permissions” from the drop down option at the top. Once you get to that screen, you’ll see another drop down menu for each individual rank, and then a list downwards for each bank tab. This is where you can limit the amount of items that can be taken out, if they can withdraw, and even if they can see the tab at all.

In my guild, all ranks can view every tab. However, they can only withdraw from certain tabs without a promotion. When you have it set up like this, new members can see what is inside every tab, but they have to contact a higher ranking member to pull something out of a locked tab. I only have officers and myself that can withdraw from the “Officer Tab” and I only promote people to officer that I trust.

I don't suggest hiding very many tabs from low ranking members. As long as you don't have withdraw privileges set for their rank, they can't do anything anyways.

This is the usage log tab.
This is the usage log tab. | Source

Monitoring Usage

If you want to run a successful Guild Bank, you need to monitor players' usage of your bank. You do so by going to each individual tab and then clicking the “Logs” tab at the bottom of the screen.

If you notice that a particular player is taking out quite a bit every day, or is taking stuff out that you are certain that they cannot use (example: A warrior taking out mage glyphs or mana potions), then you may want to contact that player about their usage.

How I Contact Problem Players

I normally will contact the player via in-game mail with a short message saying basically “I’ve noticed you’ve been taking a lot out of the Guild Bank recently. If you can provide proof that you have used these items to benefit your character, and NOT to sell or use outside of the guild, we can forget about this and move on. However if you are using these to sell for profit, I may decide to demote you until I feel that you deserve your rank back.”

It really depends on what exactly it is the player takes out, and how often they do it. If they take out low level stuff, I’ll let it slide for a while unless I see them doing it every single day for weeks. Or if they take out very valuable things that I know their character can’t use, such as epic mage gear being taken out by a rogue.

Of course, in the end, the way that a guild leader handles this is completely up to them. I give the way I handle it as an example. No one should feel obligated to follow the way I do it, unless they want to.

The Guild Perks section.
The Guild Perks section.

Guild Perks

In the past, guilds used to have ranks, and you would earn perks after certain levels. However, now guilds no longer have these levels. Some of the perks were removed and some became baseline.

All the perks are listed under the Guild tab under "Perks." It's pretty straightforward!

Good Luck With Your Guild and Bank!

I wish you luck in the creation of your guild and, as always, don't hesitate to ask questions if you have them!


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    • SimilarSam profile image

      Samuel Franklin 

      5 years ago

      I also had lots of fun organising the guild bank back in the day.

    • Dreamhowl profile image

      Jessica Peri 

      7 years ago from United States

      When I used to play, I loved having a clean and organized Guild bank. The Guild leader had it sorted pretty well and limited by rank. Thanks for sharing and voted up.

    • missa72542 profile imageAUTHOR

      Melissa Carlsen 

      7 years ago from Arkansas

      As far as I am aware, no there is not. As long as you have it set up so that they can't withdraw money from the bank, you shouldn't have issues.

      But if you wish to hide it because you don't want members asking for some of the gold, i'm sorry but I don't think that's possible.

      If it is because members are asking for money: Ask them why they need it and how much. If it's an unreasonable excuse, explain to them that the money is there mainly for gold repairs and emergencies, and since this isn't an emergency, they need to make the money on their own.

      I get members occasionally asking for gold so they can pay for artisan flying, but I don't let them have it. Because if I let one member have it, others will want it, and before I know it all the money would be gone. So, I just leave the money strictly to guild repairs. Just tell people that if you don't want them using the money for anything else.

      I'm also sorry if that is more info that you wanted :P

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Is there a way to hide the gold in the guild bank so certain ranks can't see the balance?

    • missa72542 profile imageAUTHOR

      Melissa Carlsen 

      7 years ago from Arkansas

      Fixed the picture issue, was able to log onto WoW a little bit ago and posted the new pics.


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