Hottest Male "League of Legends" Champions

Updated on May 22, 2019
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I am a female graduate student trying to figure out her place in the world. I am particularly passionate about "League of Legends."

League of Legends is known for sexualizing its female champions, but male champions have been sexualized as well (though not to the same extent). However, it's not quite fair that male (and some female) League of Legends players get the amount of eye candy they're currently getting—there's a wide variety of female characters for teenage boys to fantasize at night about. Nowadays, there are many girls playing League of Legends, and these female (and some male) players need some of their own eye candy. Here's a list of some really hot male Champions, though not in any order.

Heartseeker Varus
Heartseeker Varus | Source


Varus in his original purplish-grey skin doesn't seem like the most visually attractive Champion for a female audience, but Heartseeker Varus is absolutely yummy with his shiny, chiseled body and golden locks. He also has a pair of cute, feathery wings. This is completely different from his original look. Despite his appearance, Heartseeker Varus is no cupid. His heart-shaped arrows pierce his opponents, inflicting serious damage instead of making them fall in love.

Armor of the Fifth Age Taric
Armor of the Fifth Age Taric | Source


Taric is a gorgeous specimen. He is literally the Fabio of League of Legends, complete with long flowing locks and a defined chest. This male model can Dazzle his opponents, and hit them with his Cosmic Radiance. Aside from his good looks, Taric is great for supporting his allies in battle.

Debonair Ezreal
Debonair Ezreal | Source


This young adventurer is often mocked for his feminine appearance. There are many online debates on whether Ezrael is a boy or girl. (He's a boy.) While Ezreal may not look as masculine as Taric, he is rather pretty for a male video game character. And yes, there is a large female audience attracted to young pretty boys... though not too young, of course.

Debonair Jayce
Debonair Jayce | Source


For player that are into guys older than Ezreal, there's the hammer-welding Jayce of Piltover. Prior to playing the role of a hero, Jayce was once a young inventor. After his nasty run-in with Viktor, a fellow scientist and inventor, Jayce created his Mercury Hammar to defend Piltover against this rival scientist. With a scruffy beard and thick eyebrows, who could resist this Defender of Tomorrow?

Talon | Source


This mysterious guy with the hood is one of the deadliest blademaster of Valoran. In his youth, Talon survived the underground passages of Noxus by thievery and his skill with his blade. His fighting abilities were soon noticed, and the Noxian guilds sent assassins to demand Talon to join their ranks or be killed. In response, Talon dumped the bodies of the assassins in the Noxus moat. The only person Talon pledges his loyalty to is General Du Couteau, an assassin who spared Talon's life.

Pool Party Graves
Pool Party Graves | Source


Malcolm Graves is definitely a hunk with his big arms and body hair. He is a wanted criminal in every city, state, empire, and realm that he has visited. In his youth, Graves was never the star pupil of society: he was a thief, liar, and gambler. It was at the table of a high-stakes card game where Graves met his partner, the trickster Twisted Fate. Together, they pulled off a series of heists, stealing and swindling the rich for money and thrills.

Have you played as any of these Champions?

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