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How to Complete Doomsday Heists in "GTA Online"

"GTA Online" helped get me through a hard part of my life. When you spend THAT much time with a game, you can't help but write about it.

Team work makes the dream work, but havoc also makes the magic.

Team work makes the dream work, but havoc also makes the magic.

The Doomsday Heists

A Christmas present given by Rockstar was a chance to make an exorbitant (supposedly) amount of money through a new set of story based heists. Except to coincide with their previous updates all you have to do is go on the Maze Bank Foreclosure website (through your phone obviously because none of you millennials even bother checking the laptops) and buying a chunk of expensive property. This purple dot that looks like a globe, dotted on "San Andreas" with Clubhouses, Bunkers, Hangers, and Nightclubs is a Facility.

With Facilities come some other shark jumpingly wonderful items such as an Orbital Cannon and a Strike Team (with three levels that all make Merryweather mercs seem like little sissies in comparison), and vehicle space for more overpriced virtual machines that you'll no doubtingly grind these missions in order to afford . . .

The main point of these additional millions spent? Some new Biker/CEO/Naval Officer/Space Marine/Drug Dealer/Merryweather/whatever-the-hell-else-Rockstar-will-add-next Business? Another "lucritive" grind until you fill a plot of land with "insert profit here" until you get it blown up by some pleb in a Hydra/Oppressor/some-new-crap-toy-that-explodes-things during a "insert type of delivery here" mission? Nope it's just there for these new heists which involve some billionaire trying to take over the world with robots, and jetpacks, and some other crazy crap.

Let's just get to the point here before I go any further off topic with my snarky ranting. These new heists, these . . . Doomsday Heists, if you will (yeah I just did that) add a new layer to the money making onion. There are Prep Missions that are required before Set-Up Missions, which of course lead to the main Heist. See what's going on here? No? Don't worry I'll break it down later.

Luckily four players are an option this time, and this article was written with two in mind, but I’d recommend a third wheel could come in handy (unlike that Morgan guy’s idea). I’ll give you an idea if a Prep Mission should just be skipped by buying what you need (oh yeah you can do that). And, not to start a sentence with a conjunction, advise you on whether those nifty new Special Ammos from the Gun Running DLC will come in handy (although they almost ALWAYS do).

  • Roles: Unlike normal Heists this doesn't apply that much. I'll let you know both here, and in the walkthrough, what each player will be doing.
  • Recommended Weapons: The obvious tool for taking on enemies. Your opinions may vary on what you think is effective, but here I'll suggest what worked for me and Nightro13 on each mission.
  • Recommended Vehicles: Everyone has a different Facility location, some times making for a long drive. When you get to your destination some times you will have to fight a large group of enemies. In this section I'll tell you the best Personal Vehicle to choose. Don't own what I recommend? Well, that's not my problem . . .
  • Payout: The reason your doing this, preferably sober for the sake of your partner. Keep in mind that the Heist Leader doesn't get paid for Set-ups. So don't whine when they take a bigger cut before the Heist.
  • Best Difficulty: You can only select Normal and Hard for Doomsday Heists. Normal equals you can afford one stupid death. Hard mode pays more but you get no second chances. Thank God for checkpoints.

Keep in mind that the following walkthroughs are written with two players in mind. If you follow these strategies you won't need a full team.

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Table of Contents

Act 1: The Data Breaches

Prep: Paramedic Equipment

Ok To Do In A Public Lobby: Sure it's very easy.

Go outside of your Facility and call 911 on the in-game phone (these days you need to clarify that). Select Paramedic from the menu and steal their ambulance. Yep, that's right! You don't even need the marked Ambulance. Just drive it into your Facility.

Dead Courier

The Overview screen for Dead Courier.

The Overview screen for Dead Courier.

  • Roles: Paramedic, Recovery
  • Recommended Weapons: Mk 2 Pistol w/Suppressor and Hollowpoints, Mk 2 SMG w/Hollowpoints (<Paramedic) Any Assault Rifle (Mk2 or vanilla), Grenade Launcher (<Recovery)
  • Recommended Vehicles: You're stuck with the Ambulance (<Paramedic), bring something fast, but something you can take cover behind (<Recovery)
  • Payout: $32,000
  • Best Difficulty: Hard
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Drive to the morgue and KEEP YOUR WEAPONS HOLSTERED (just in case you don't pay attention to in-game dialogue). Once you search the bodies you can actually stealth your way to the laptop, if you're quick. Regardless of how successful your Sam Fisher skills are, the alarm will sound when downloading the files. As you shoot your way out of the morgue take cover at key spots (see screenshot for example) to maximize your success of not freaking dying. Don't go outside until Recovery is in position.


When you get to the location the Savage lands at take cover behind your vehicle, or one the cement barriers, and blow up any parked Grangers you see with your Grenade Launcher. Clean up any stragglers to steal the Intel and take the Savage. Fly to the morgue and wait for the Paramedic. You will get a Wanted Level, but you don't have to hover around all day nuking police cars. Just land, pick up your partner, and fly off to lose the heat.

When the Paramedic gets back down to the ground floor the lobby will be filled with Agents. Take cover at THIS doorway.

When the Paramedic gets back down to the ground floor the lobby will be filled with Agents. Take cover at THIS doorway.

Prep: Deluxos

Ok To Do In A Public Lobby: Sure

Just spend the $94,500 to buy this Prep Mission. I mean the main issue here is that you need to steal FOUR Deluxos when you and your buddy equal TWO people. That right there puts a hair across my ass, but the fact that you have to drive back and forth four times (or twice if your partner pulls their weight) is what really makes this not worth the time.

Signal Intercepts

The Overview screen for Signal Intercepts.