How To Efficiently Craft the Bifrost in Guild Wars 2

Updated on October 13, 2014

Why Efficient vs. Fast or Cheap?

I find with many things in life, when I work to obtain them, having them is much more rewarding than if they are given to me. I can farm and grind and run trains all day for money and items to play the trade post to get my Bifrost faster, or cheaper but I would much rather sit back and enjoy GW2 for the game that it is without the mindless grind. With this guide and bits of advice, you can too!

A Rough Outline

To create the Bifrost, you must combine 4 main items in the Mystic Forge. These 4 items will be labeled as such (1-4) and below them, the materials needed to create them in roman numbers (I-IV) and should those materials require materials, those will be listed below with italics. All gifts, with the exception of the Gift of Zhaitan, will be created using the Mystic Forge.

1. The Legend of Rage

The most efficient way is to save your gold and purchase on the trade post, but you can also take your chances in the Mystic Forge by feeding it 4 exotic level 80 staves and crossing your fingers and offering a blood sacrifice on a blue moon that falls on a Tuesday the day before you attempt it.

2. Gift of Bifrost

I. Superior Sigil of Nullification

Purchase on trade post or get lucky on a scavenge.

II. 100 Icy Runestones

Purchased by merchant (1 gold each) after successfully battling the Claws of Jormag in Frostgorge Sound.

III. Gift of Energy

-250 piles of radiant dust

-250 piles of incandescent dust

-250 piles of luminous dust

-250 piles of crystalline dust

IV. Gift of Color

-250 piles of crystalline dust

-250 unidentified dye

-100 opal orbs

-1 Gift of Zhaitan

3. Gift of Fortune

I. 250 Globs of ectoplasm

II. 77 Mystic Clovers

see dedicated text box.

III.Gift of Magic

-250 Vials of Powerful Blood

-250 Powerful Venom Sac

-250 Elaborate Totem

-250 Piles of Crystalline Dust

IV. Gift of Might

-250 Vicious Fang

-250 Armored Scale

-250 Vicious Claw

-250 Ancient Bone

4. Gift of Mastery

I. 250 Obsidian Shards

II. Bloodstone Shard

Purchased from Miyani, the Mystic Forge vendor, for 200 skill points.

III. Gift of Exploration

Obtained for World Completion

IV. Gift of Battle

Purchased from weapon vendor in WvW for 500 Badges of Honor

Go For World Completion

I recommend doing this first because it will knock out a bulk of materials you will need, including:

- Raw materials for crafting and tradeskill grinding

- Skill points for purchases, Bloodstone Shard (200 skill points) and the crystals for clovers.

- Badges of Honor for purchases

- Gold for purchases

- Karma for Obsidian Shards and Jewelry Boxes

- Gift of Exploration (that's a whole eighth of the entire Bifrost recipe!)

On your journey through Tyria, harvest crafting materials and scavenge armor and weapons you can't or don't want to use or don't need. Sell trophies, do events, and fulfill hearts for money.

Avoid using waypoints when possible, they are super-convenient, but you could pass a few harvesting nodes or take a couple kills in the time it takes you to walk from one waypoint to the one next to it, and that means gold in your pocket. Of course, I'm not saying run from Queensdale to Frostgorge Sound and kill and harvest everything in between- use your own discretion, but Waypoints can become a money-sucker.

If you can, invest in permanent harvesting devices that are routinely for sale on the Black Lion Trade Company. Their increased rate of rare finds is invaluable and you don't have to worry about ruining crafting materials and wasting devices when they don't match up (using a copper pick on iron ore, for example).

Save your karma. You can use karma to buy Obsidian Shards. You can also use laurels, but the more outlets you have to purchase things the more efficient you are. Also, you might want to include a karma-purchased only armor set for your character.

Save your unidentified dyes, and keep them unidentified! If you simply HAVE to have a color, buy it on the trade post, or make yourself some kind of bargaining deal where for every 10 dyes you save, you open 1. You can use laurels to buy dyes too, but I suggest prioritizing obsidian shards for laurels because you might burn through a lot of them while trying for your 77 mystic clovers, which will then set you back on the 250 you need for your Gift of Mastery.

World vs. World

I am not a PVP person, but alas, you need to do WVW for map completion. Save it for last if you wish, join a big guild, make it known you're just there for map completion (I assure you, you are not alone) and you might find a big group of people to help you out and keep you safe while you travel and jump to the annoying vistas.

If you're like me and hate pvp, WVW is best done passively. Check the status and go to places where your server is dominating, grab what you can, move on to the next map or go back to PVE.

By the time you complete the WvW maps, you should have the 500 Badges of Honor you need to purchase the Gift of Battle from the weapon vendors in the WVW maps.

The minimum of what you have after map completion:

- Gift of Exploration

- Gift of Battle

- Bloodstone Shard

- A nice dent in all of the raw materials you need.

- A good bit of money and karma saved up.

- The ability to go anywhere whenever you want. (This is really an invaluable advantage.)

Which Class?

Which class are you crafting a Bifrost for?

See results

Become a Master Craftsman

You will need to learn and master all of the tradeskills to craft any legendary weapon, not just the Bifrost. You can have 2 crafting professions active at any time, make them complimenting crafts that do not require the same types of materials, or have very little overlapping ones.

For efficiency and minimal boredom, I suggest crafting alongside your map completion. Maybe finish a map, then go grind out a few levels. There are many guides for grinding through the various tradeskills, even grinding through them cheaply that you can check out if you prefer taking that route.

When you become a jeweler, craft the 100 Opal orbs you need for the Gift of Color. Refine sunstone nuggets up to opal to maximize your resources. Use your dust sparingly otherwise, you need a lot of it for the Gift of Energy.

Invest in higher-tier scavenging kits, they will increase your chances of more/greater essences of luck that give you more magic find, which increases your chances of finding better items.

Refine as you go. Until you've mastered all of the crafts, you're better off holding on to your raw materials. This applies mostly to ore, wood and cloths and leathers and not so much to gems, since refining gems will cut into your dust collection. The purpose of the constant refining is to keep room in your collections so you don't waste inventory or space while you're exploring and harvesting. Also, if you max out the refined unit and the raw unit, you can sell whatever extra crafting materials without being worried about having enough materials to work on the tradeskill. Check trade post prices to see if it's in your benefit to refine before selling for maximum efficiency. (Very basic example, if 1 copper ore sells for 10 cp and 1 copper bar sells for 15 cp, it is in your benefit to sell just the ore, since it takes 2 ores to make 1 bar.)

Of course, you can also just horde all of it until you master all of the tradeskills and sell everything you don't need at the end and then use that collective sum to make the big-money purchases for things you need such as the 100 Icy Runestones, or the Legend of Rage, or any other raw materials you will end up needing that are purchasable with the coin currency of the game.

Mystic Clovers

You will want to get these out of the way early because they are not a guaranteed result and it burns through valuable resources. Craft as you obtain the materials. Start with a bulk purchase of 80 crystals, and if you fail to get Mystic Clovers, replenish the supply, but never more than however many you need to make it to 80 Clovers.

This recipe will make 10 Mystic Clovers, if you are lucky:

1. 10 Obsidian Shards

2. 10 Mystic Coins (earned from dailies and monthlies)

3. 10 Globs of Ectoplasm

4. 10 Crystals (purchased from Miyani, 5 crystals for 3 skill points)

Efficient Alternate Currency Purchases

Karma: Obsidian shards directly or thru Lost Orrian Jewelry boxes (also good for trophies and rare crafting mats, minis you can sell). Collection quest achievements, converting to coin currency.

Laurels: prioritize Obsidian Shards and then Unidentified dyes. After that you may choose to buy equipment to salvage for globs of ectoplasm, to sell for coin currency. Also, tier-6 craft mat bags will greatly reduce your farm/grind and they only cost 1 laurel each.

Gems: Black Lion Chest keys for boosts or packages of unidentified dyes, permanent harvesting materials, basic trading to make gold.

Achievements and Big Events

Do your dailies and your monthlies. It's the fastest way to get laurels, gold, karma and mystic coins. And don't stop at the required 5 a day or 4 a month, you still get points for going above and beyond, and every little bit contributes to those big 500 achievement chests that give you gold, laurels, karma bonuses, magic find bonuses and other extras.

If you play with the focus on achievements instead of farming and the grind, it might be a more pleasant experience and again, you contribute to those large achievement chests. Tired of harvesting? Go run a new dungeon path! You might put a dent in a special currency you'll want for a new legendary weapon later. Got half an hour to kill but don't feel like dedicating yourself to sitting around in front of a craftbench or wasting a boost? Go hunt down atmospheric creatures with a crude pistol for your Weapons Master achievement.

Participate in the Live Events! Large chest contributions and loot and money!


The dungeon of greatest concern for you is Arah, where you will get your tears of Zhaitan, which will then be used to purchase your Gift of Zhaitan, which you will need for the Gift of Color.

You can break up the monotony of farming and grinding it by accomplishing other stuff between runs (map completion, crafting, other achievements, etc) but the best thing you can do to contribute is to watch videos of Arah path runs. Most people who run it are probably farming it for loot and tears, too, and don't want to deal with the uninformed slowing them up.

Claws of Jormag

The most efficient way to do this would be to obtain the event achievement and buy all 100 Icy Runestones at the end. But you might want to do the world event again for the chests, and if that's the case it might actually be more efficient for you to buy the runestones when you can and save up for them between events.

Arah path 2 video guide.

The Mystic Toilet

Since the great feature patch of September, the odds of throwing 4 rares/exotics into the mystical toilet and getting a precursor out appear to have greatly increased.

The best way to get rare and exotics are to do world bosses and dungeon runs. Hoard them, and once you have 4 of the same type of weapon, throw them into the forge. Using 4 of the same weapon type will give you the same weapon type back, which increases your chances of getting a precursor, even a minuscule amount, but when you're throwing away weapons this rare, don't you want the best possible chances?

Group up the other weapon types as well, because precursors sell for a ton of gold, which can greatly help and speed up your crafting process if you happen to get one for a legendary you're not interested in crafting.

Efficient is Relative

Of course, if you're already level 80 with a complete map, it isn't very efficient for you to run through the whole map all over again. This guide is just that: a guide to steer you along to break the grind and farm that MMO's are so well known for.

It will be more efficient for you to tie up loose ends and craft a gift than to invest your time in collecting something new from scratch. For example, if you already have 250 Obsidian Shards, it will be more efficient for you to work on your map completion and maxing out your tradeskills to go craft your Gift of Mastery than to work on hacking your way through the 77 Mystic Clovers.

Also, don't be afraid to make alternate characters to break the monotony of the grind and farm! You still want to play your main after you create the Bifrost, after all.

Happy adventuring, Tyrians!

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