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"Order and Chaos" Great Desert Mount Hunting Guide

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Farming Mounts in Order and Chaos Online

The Great Desert is home to many mounts, including the Dust Storm–Detecting Dog, the Dusk and Dawn ghost chinchillas, and the Magic Elephant of Raging Fire (pink). The desert is a level 30–40 zone and is the stomping grounds for level 1–4 mounts. The mounts are dispersed farther apart than they were in previous regions.

Time-saving measures include hunting with more than one toon or with two or three other players. With the distance between mounts increased, a multi-toon or multi-person approach saves hours or even days. Also, Crimson Tower Antoria wings help speed up your travel, so I recommend buying them.

Don't forget to look up the location of local rare blood. While you find a new ride, you can also work toward the Hunter achievement.

End of Sands mount location in Order and Chaos.

End of Sands mount location in Order and Chaos.

Mount Hunting in the Northeast: End of Sands (Camp Sacrathar)

I usually start my mount-hunting journey at the End of Sands in the far northeast corner of the Great Desert. Many refer to this as Camp of Sacrathar. However, there is a second location just to the south that people also refer to as Camp of Sacrathar. I like to call it End of Sands to avoid confusion.

Mounts That Spawn at End of Sands / Camp Sacrathar

Only level 1 mounts spawn in this location:

  • Bloody Undead Dog (level 1)
  • Burgundy Horse (level 1)
  • Cyan Lion (blue level 1)

How to Get There

  • Teleport to End of Sands in the far northeast corner of the map.
  • Head southwest from the teleporter into the Stary Stoneland.
  • When the road splits take a right, the mount spawns at the northern most pond in the camp of Sacrathar.

When hunting here, walk through the camp, down the hill and then come back around for a second pass. This spawn point has no rare blood or anything of interest, just some level 41 Sacrathar defenders who drop moire cloth and advanced armor scraps.

The great desert mount locations.

The great desert mount locations.

Black horse south of Scarathar in time of sands.

Black horse south of Scarathar in time of sands.

South of Sacrathar

The next mount spot is close by, and it only spawns level 1 mounts.

Mounts That Spawn South of Camp Sacrathar

  • Black Horse (level 1)
  • Green Lion (level 1)
  • Greengrass deer (level 1)

How to Get There

  • Head south from Sacrathar, and go down down the hill.
  • When you reach the plains, then head west of the road.
  • Head south, cross the road and look for the gray lizards.
  • Then turn around and head back up the road.

The mount can walk along the cliff face, just below Sacrathar. He crosses the road, heads south and loops around. This area is on a road shaped like a U. The Black circle represents the mounts path, and the one the black horse in the picture walked.

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The red circle was once said to be a mount spawn location by some. However, there are no mounts that walk there. While there, I suggest you kill some lizards, you might get something fun. I will let that one be a nice surprise for you.

There is a little bit of Matted Gold Mineral and Light Silver Ore here, but not much else going on. However, you are just a hop, skip and jump from one of the Rare Blood in the area: The Desert Water Lord, who sometimes drops a soul signet.

Gates of Salien Mount Path

Gates of Sailen / Cave of Snakes

The most difficult mount hunting location is in the Gates of Sailen at the Cave of Snakes. Lots of mounts spawn here, but they cover a lot of distance. There are many routes they can take, and lots of walls and mountains to make them hard to spot.

Mounts That Spawn at the Gates of Salien

  • Grey Chinchilla (level 1)
  • Red Lion (level 1)
  • Rotting Undead Dog (level 1)
  • Violet Deer (level 1)
  • Hyacinthine Detecting Dog (level 2)
  • Shadow Expedition Lion (level 2)

If you search all of the Desert and find nothing, there is a high likelihood you missing mount is here. This is a difficult area for low levels because there are a plethora of creatures around.

Luckily, none of the epic mounts spawn here, so you don't have to panic too much about this spot.

All of the mounts end up walking in front of the Gate of Salien, and then back through the Cave of Snakes, which is really just ruins.

Some walk down between the cliff and pond to the north, and others to the south. They all cross through the snakes in their ruins.

How to Get There

  • Teleport to Crimson Tower: Antoria
  • Head east until you reach the pond
  • Head north of the pond
  • Walk along the beach, and then head north (into the Gates of Salien)
Epic, and level 1 and 2 mount location in the great desert.

Epic, and level 1 and 2 mount location in the great desert.

Level 2 mount location in the great desert.

Level 2 mount location in the great desert.

The Edge of the Desert

The Edge of the Desert is one of two places that the epic Dust Storm Detecting Undead Dog Spawns. Te Edge of the Desert is a home to a competitive PVP area, or at least it is on populated servers.

The mount walks two distinct paths, each starting on opposite sides of the road. Some people think it only walks to the east of the road, and miss the mount entirely.

In the map above, the whitish pink circle represents one of the mount paths. The black circle represents the location where the Epic Dust Storm Detecting Undead Dog spawns.

Mounts That Spawn WEST of the Road at The Edge of the Desert

  • White Horse (level 1)
  • Burgundy Deer (level 1)

Mounts That Spawn EAST of the Road at The Edge of the Desert

  • Crimson Rangers Stag (level 2)
  • Yellow Brindled Chinchilla (level 2)
  • Dust Storm Detecting Dog (level 3, one of two spawn points)

There is a large red lava fellow named the Barlock Lord. He is one of the few non-rare blood enemies who can drop a colonels symbol.

How to Get There

  • Teleport to Sdukar
  • Head south until you are marked PVP
  • Check both spawn points
The desert mount location.

The desert mount location.

Crimson deer, level 2 mount in the Desert, order and chaos.

Crimson deer, level 2 mount in the Desert, order and chaos.

Crimson Tower Ankar

Crimson Tower Ankar a possible spawn point of the Dust Storm Detecting Undead Dog. Other mounts regularly spawn in this location. It's easy to overlook this area because it is so far out of the way.

The mount circles the entire area, and sometimes crosses the bridge. He goes up the hill, down the hill and around.This area is sometimes chinchilla heavy, but that does include some level 2 chinchillas.

Mounts That Spawn at Crimson Tower Ankar

  • Black Chinchilla (level 1)
  • Sandy Undead dog (level 1)
  • Crimson Rangers Stag (level 2)
  • Shadow Expedition Lion (level 2)
  • Yellow Brindled Chinchilla (level 2)
  • Dust Storm Detecting Dog (level 3)

The mobs here tend to drop some nice level 40 gear, including blues. It is worth it to kill a few of these mobs for them. There is no rare blood in this location. However, you are not far from the ghost Chinchilla mount location.

Mount-Hunting the Ghost Chinchilla

For some time, there was confusion about where the ghost mounts spawn. This is because some spawn in current mount locations, where others do not.

In the game, people claim that the ghost chinchilla spawns at the Edge of the Desert. This is untrue, people only say that to lure people to the Edge of the Desert, so they can have some PVP action and camp others at the graveyard.

The Ghost Chinchilla spawns in a new location, North of Windscale ruins. I am attaching a video so you can see proof of this for yourself.

Ghost Chinchilla North of Windscale Ruins

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Im trying to figure out how I can improve these articles. My downfall is that I do not know how to make my own videos. If I could then I could include something more spesific for you. In the mean time let me figure out if a new layout or updated info will help. I have a lot of updates to make. I had no idea this would take so much time, but I have to admit I love it.

I am thinking of being less anonomys, if your ever on android TC I would be happy to take you mount hunting. Just sent MsClown a letter or whisper me. But really I want to make my articles through enough that the IOS users can succeed as well.

The great desert can be difficult for a few reasons. One reason is that people mount hunt it a lot. Not as much as frostland and the under realm.

Since the spots are not super convenient, if someone catches one, it can really throw you off. I like mount hunting on teams, I just wish voice chat worked for everyone.

Usually, if you have just missed the mount, it is the one in the PVP zone or the one in front of Salien Palace. Ill try to figure something out as far as my posts go. I don't want to make these posts too long, so I could make a post for each spot. I am always open to suggestions and corrections. The whole goal of these pages are to offer correct information which makes the game more fun.

Thank you on February 18, 2015:

Your pages are awesome. I use them all the time! But this place drives me nuts. I have spent hours at times looking for what mount is up in the desert and can't figure out what I'm missing. If you happen to know more detailed path routes you think you could add them? Or if you have any suggestions to why I am unseccessful finding the mounts on this map. Thank you so much for your time!

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