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Farming Exquisite Armor Scraps in Order and Chaos

Updated on January 13, 2017

Farming exquisite armor scraps is not as quick as farming normal armor scraps. You won't get the same plentiful drop rate.

Most mobs that drop them drop them at the same rate, 6 or 7 for every 20 kills.

There are many great places to farm them, most of them, not PVP.

Don't be fooled by trolls who tell you to farm it in Vega Square.

There is a good drop rate there but on some servers that is down right dangerous unless you are level 70.

Exquisite armor scraps drop in the tail end of Swamp of Wyrms and beginning of the Whispering Islands.

The best spots to farm these scraps is in the Swamp of Wyrms.

The drop rate is a little higher, and the enemies level a little lower.

Exquisite armor scraps only stack to ten, unlike many other types of materials.

If all else fails, they are pretty cheap on the auction house, so you can usually buy them.

Salty Fish Folk from Order and Chaos.
Salty Fish Folk from Order and Chaos. | Source

Farming Salty Swamp Fishfolk

My favorite place to farm exquisite armor scraps is near Wyrgast's Library in the Swamp of Wyrms.

The drop rate is around 6 for 20, but there are many other attractions to make this area worth the time spent farming.

The Salty Swamp Fish Folk also drop wool, which will keep garment makers happy.

Foundry workers are not left out. There is an ample amount of primal and marcasite ore in the area, too.

Leather workers won't find much fur here, but might enjoy killing the Rare Blood Enemy found on the shore by the ship.

The Swamp Fish King helps you with the hunter achievement. He also drops level 30 to 40 greens and blues.

There is a chest in the area which usually has food, scrolls and sometimes wool inside it.

Salty Fish Folk Location in Order and Chaos.
Salty Fish Folk Location in Order and Chaos. | Source

Salty Fish Folk Location

To get to the Salty Fish Folk, you will need to teleport to the far right of the Swamp of Wyrms.

The teleporter is on a little island, which makes you fall off your mount.

Head southeast from the teleporter and you will find yourself on a large beach.

There is a ship on the shore; the rare blood walks by it.

The Fish Folk are in the ruins around the area.

They are level 27, so, you can start farming these pretty early out in the game.

One word of warning, if you are a lower level do not venture too far southeast.

There are some high level epic trolls down the beach. They are there for the soul signet daily quests.

Exquisite Armor Scrap Drop Chart

Salty Fish Folk
Hill Sathion Guard and Hill Sathion Wardens who drop exquisite armor scraps.
Hill Sathion Guard and Hill Sathion Wardens who drop exquisite armor scraps. | Source

Farming Hill Sathion Guards and Wardens

Another easy place to farm exquisite armor scraps is east of Port Verecy.

Down the road just a bit, past the orc outpost, is a group of sathions.

They are called Sathion Hill Guards and Sathion Hill Wardens. They are both level 28.

There are enough enemies here that the first ones you killed respawn by the time your finishing up the last ones.

The drop rate is 5 or 6 per 20 kills. Again, as your crafting gets higher level, it takes longer to farm each type of material.

There is one chest, and an ore respawn point inside the camp.

I have seen both primal iron and marcasite ore there.

On a side note, you are just a hop skip and a jump from a lesser known mount point,

If you get bored grinding, you can pop up there and check for a mount.

Hill Sathion Warden and Hill Sathion Warden
Hill Sathion Warden and Hill Sathion Warden | Source

Hill Sathion Guard and Warden Location

The Hill Sathion Guard and Wardens that drop exquisite armor scraps are not in a spesific location.

They are technically a part of the orc village.

To get there the best place to teleport is Port Verecy and head east.

They are located along the road just before the first actual road on the map to the north.

At level 28, they are simple and easy.

To get to the mount location near here, you take that first road to the north.

It brings you in to Dunwichmoor, where the mount roams all the way near the back.

Sathion Hill Guard
Sathion Hill Warden


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