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How to Make Gold With a Low-Level Character in "WoW: BfA"

I've been playing "World of Warcraft" since 2008 with the launch of "The Burning Crusade." I enjoy gold-making and achievement hunting.

Low-level selfie!

Low-level selfie!

Low-Level Gold Farming in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Being a new player in World of Warcraft can be quite challenging and today I want to present you with a few ways in which you can get more gold while you adventure through Azeroth to gain experience. Gold can be useful while leveling up to simply buy some extra bags so you can go on longer adventures without having to get back to a town to sell all your junk. Gold can also be used to purchase new equipment and weapons, as well as some other novelty items that you might enjoy.

Tips and Tricks for Making Gold While Leveling

No matter what you would like to get the gold for, here are a few tips and tricks on how to obtain more gold while you are leveling up a low-level character.

  1. Choose Gathering Professions
  2. Loot Cloth
  3. Loot Green BoE Items
  4. General Advice and Other Tips
Copper Node

Copper Node

1. Choose Gathering Professions

As soon as you hit level 5 be sure to head out to the first starting town of your faction and grab two gathering professions. You can choose two from a pool of three:

  • Mining
  • Herbalism
  • Skinning

Why Mining and Herbalism Are the Best Options

What I recommend is to get Mining and Herbalism as both of them can be tracked at the same time and it can pull up a hefty amount of gold with little effort.

You simply need to pick up Mining and Herbalism and gather all the mining nodes or plants you meet in your adventures. This will get you a nice amount of gold as old school materials still sell quite well.

For example, the first ore you will encounter is the Copper Ore which sells at an average rate of 2g 35s each across all servers. The same goes for the Peacebloom which is the first plant you will encounter with Herbalism and the Peacebloom sells for 1g 56s average across all servers.

2. Loot Cloth

Although for some of you this might seem obvious for some it is not so obvious. I have met players that refuse to loot the Cloth material that drops from Humanoid enemies. This Cloth can be sold for a nice amount of gold as this Cloth material is used for Tailoring and First Aid primarily as well as in other professions too.

Average Cloth Prices

Here are some average prices for cloths across all servers:

  • Linen Cloth: 41s / each
  • Silk Cloth: 1g 39s / each
  • Netherweave Cloth: 40s / each
  • Embersilk Cloth: 2g 36s / each

As you can see they sell quite well and these can supply you with a lot of gold if you loot it up whenever you find it.

You can also check out the Silk Cloth Farming Guide I wrote.

Mage Transmog

Mage Transmog

3. Loot Green BoE Items

Looting green items can bring you a lot of gold. Depending on your server, these green BoE items can sell from a couple of gold up to 200–300 gold easily. Some of them can be sold upwards of 1000 gold a piece but those are quite rare.

Green Bind on Equip items that drop randomly in Dungeons or from random enemies in the world are items that are largely used for Transmogrification purposes which means that there is a demand for these items. A demand means that someone is willing to pay gold for this item and most of these items sell from 20g up to 200g easily.

Use AH Add-ons to Sell Items Faster

What I would advise is to simply gather all the green gear you can find and then put it up on the Auction House with either the Auctionator Add-on or the Trade Skill Master Add-on. These two add-ons will help you sell the items faster and at a correct price for both your pocket and the buyers pocket too.

4. General Advice and Other Tips

These three methods are guaranteed to get you a bunch of gold so you can afford bags or that expensive riding training. Keep gathering and keep looting and you will have thousands of gold in no time at all.

Last time I leveled up a character, by the time I was level 40, I had more than 14.000 gold after getting bags and training my riding skill. I simply gathered all the Ores/Herbs I could find while I was waiting for random dungeon queues to pop up. This allowed me to gather materials to sell while also getting xp and those saucy green BoE items which sold so well on the Auction House.

Limit the Number of Items You Put Items on the AH

Another big tip I have is to try and sell an item a maximum of 5 times. If it does not sell after you put it up 5 times on the Auction House, then you can just sell it to a vendor or simply have someone Disenchant it for you. If you keep on putting an item on the Auction House and it does not sell, you are just wasting money on the AH fees.

Below you can also find a video with a farming spot where you can farm a specific Transmog set which sells super well on the Auction House. For this method you just need to be around level 40 and you can simply follow the directions in the video.