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How to Make Money Faster in Roblox´s My Restaurant

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How to Get More Money

First of all, if you´re a beginner and haven‘t read my beginners guide to my Restaurant you should start there. It goes over a few of the details you need to know before going through this article.

With that out of the way, the obvious best way to get money faster in the game is by having your customers appear faster in your restaurant. As far as I know, the only way to do that is by adding more floors to your restaurant. You don't need to have anything on those floors, you just need to have bought the floor.

This chart shows the relation between customer arrival times and the number of floors you have.

As you can see, you will be getting your customers about 10 times faster with 10 floors as opposed to the single floor you begin with.

Getting Money Faster in My Restaurant Without Spending Robux

Besides getting more floors, there are three other ways to increase the revenue of your restaurant without spending Robux. These are:

  • Gumball machines
  • A wishing well
  • Jewelry cases
  • A slot machine
  • A Golden order stand
  • Royal chairs and royal tables.

Getting Gumball Machines

A Gumball machine costs 3250 dollars. A customer has a 3.85% chance to buy a single gumball for each gumball machine you have, netting you from 1 to 8 dollars. So having a few gumball machines is one way to get a little extra money. However, you need to have a gumball machine on the same floor that the customers eat on. For example, customers who eat on floor 5 won‘t buy a gumball from a gumball machine on floor 1.

Now let's do a little math. We can assume that the average income per gumball is 4.5 dollars and we know that the chance of a customer buying a gumball is 3.85%. This means that you need to serve 18760 customers on the floor with the gumball machine before you are making a net profit from the machine.

Gumball machines are therefore a long term investment and you should just buy them when you don't need the money for something else.

Buying Jewelry Cases to Increase the Chance of a Celebrity Customer.

Getting a Celebrity customer to your restaurant is great. Not only does a celebrity customer pay more for the meal, but they also act as a boost to your customer arrival times for two minutes after they arrive. This means that each celebrity customer can increase your revenue a lot while they are in the restaurant.

Jewelry cases are decorations that you can add to your restaurant which increases the rate of celebrity customers arriving. The increased chance stacks up with each jewelry case with diminishing returns. You can see from the chart below exactly how this works. Getting 10-15 jewelry cases is usually considered enough as each case after that gives a very small chance increase. You need a total of 66 cases to get the maximum increase.

The chance increase of a celebrity customer.

The chance increase of a celebrity customer.

Getting a Wishing Well

A wishing well gives you a wish once every 5 hours. When you collect your wish you can get, among other things, money, boosts, and a VIP customer. The chart here shows which rewards you can get from a wishing well and below that a list explaining what all those rewards do.

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The rewards you can get from a wishing well.

The rewards you can get from a wishing well.

Wishing Well Boosts

Here are the wishing well boosts listed from best to worst in my opinion and what they do:

  • Advertising campaign - This gives a large decrease to the time between customers appearing in your restaurant. When I got this boost for the first time my restaurant, which had plenty of extra chairs, filled up in five minutes and I had to scramble to buy more tables, chairs, and better dishwashers.
  • Double Profits - Pretty much does what it says. You get double the value of a dish you serve.
  • A VIP customer enters the restaurant - A VIP customer pays 10x the regular price of a meal. This will end up being a small, but useful, boost to your revenue.
  • Hyper Stoves - The worst of the bunch in my opinion. Your stoves cook three times faster with this buff.

The Golden Order Stand

This is pretty simple. If you have a golden order stand, meals from that stand have a 5% chance of being served on a gold plate. This will give you three times the value of the dish.

However, you will need to serve a lot of dishes before you get your million dollars back. So like the gumball machines, a golden order stand is a long term investment.

Royal Chairs and Tables

The final items you can buy to increase your revenue are the royal tables and chairs. These items increase the chance of getting VIP customers by up to 100% and since VIP customers pay 10x the value of your most expensive dish, these furniture items will pay themselves up in the end.

Increasing Revenue By Spending Robux

In addition to the previously mentioned ways, you can spend Robux on the following items to get money faster:

  • Game Passes
    • The VIP Pass
    • The Rich Customer Pass
    • The Auto Collect
    • The Money Tree
  • Temporary Boosts
    • Double Profits
    • Advertising Campaign
    • Celebrity
    • VIP Customer
  • Items
    • Golden Wishing Well
    • Tip Tar and Golden Tip Jar

Getting the Rich Customer Pass

This gamepass will let your customers spend more money on the food they buy in your restaurant. Each customer will have a 25% chance of paying with a money bag like a VIP customer. Which means that it will increase your revenue by roughly 2-3 times the regular amount. Because of this, it is probably the best gamepass you can get to increase your profits.

Buying the Money Tree.

This tree allows you to collect money from it every 3 to 8 minutes. The money tree has a 65% chance to give you $250, a 30% chance to give you $1000, and a 5% chance to give you $4000 each time you collect the money. If you get yourself a Money Tree you need to remember to manually collect the money.

Getting the VIP Pass.

The VIP pass gives you several boosts to your restaurant, one of which is an automatic 1000 dollar donation every 15 minutes. This is a lot of money when you are starting the game, but later in the game this won‘t make much of a difference as you should be getting over 100 customers every minute. This gamepass also doubles the chance of a VIP customer entering your restaurant.

The Auto Collect Pass

This is a useful pass when you are reaching your last floors. By having the auto collect pass you free your waiters from collecting the money from your customers, saving valuable time. However, it will likely only result in higher earnings in specific situations so this is the least useful pass in my opinion.

The Temporary Boosts

I´ve already mentioned what the "Double Profits", "Advertising Campaign" and "VIP Customer" boosts do. The Celebrity boost makes a celebrity enter your restaurant, giving a short term boost to customer arrival times while also paying more for the meal.

The Golden Wishing Well and Tip Jars.

The golden wishing well works the same way as the regular wishing well, except that you get a wish every hour. The rewards are also the same but they are better, i.e. more money and longer duration of effects.

The tip jar gives a 5% chance for a customer to give a tip, while the golden tip jar gives a 50% chance.

Anyway, those are all the ways that I know about to get money faster in My Restaurant. If you know of any sneaky tricks not mentioned here I would love for you to comment about them below.

You should also share this article with your Roblox friends to help them along in the game, it's a nice thing to do and who doesn't want to be considered nice by their friends.


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