The "Neopets" Money-Making Guide!

Updated on May 20, 2020
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Brittany is a "Neopets" expert! She's been playing the game on and off since she opened her first account all the way back in 1999!

This "Neopets" Money Making Guide includes tips, tricks, and everything else you need to make lots of neopoints!
This "Neopets" Money Making Guide includes tips, tricks, and everything else you need to make lots of neopoints! | Source

Just like the real world, you need money—or Neopoints—on Neopets if you really want to succeed. Neopoints allow you to buy the things you want for your pets, build your dream gallery, buy the paintbrush colour you’ve always wanted, buy pieces for the lab ray map, buy the perfect customisation pieces- basically, everything you want or need on the game will require Neopoints, and you’ve got to have a lot of them for some of the things you want.

If you’re wondering how to make money on the game, you’ve come to the perfect place. Here are the best tips on how to reliably make money on Neopets!

“Ghoul Catchers”

Play the "Ghoul Catchers" app and earn 50,000 Neopoints per day!
Play the "Ghoul Catchers" app and earn 50,000 Neopoints per day!

Ghoul Catchers is a free mobile app that you can download on your device to earn 50k NPs a day. The game is basically the Neopets version of Candy Crush; it’s a match-3 game that requires you to match three of the same icons to clear the level.

With Ghoul Catchers you can log-in using your Neopets site information and link the account with the game. Every time you complete a level, you earn 1,000 NP, capped off at 50,000 Neopoints a day!

The best strategy for Ghoul Catchers is to replay level 1 repeatedly until you reach the daily cap, as it’s the easiest/quickest level to complete, since you only need to make 5 matches. You can play level 1 50 times in about 20-30 minutes and earn your 50K Neopoints. The “day” for Ghoul Catchers refreshes at 5 p.m., Neopian Standard Time.

There is a known glitch where the game will say that you’ve reached your daily Neopoints limit even if you haven’t, so the best thing to do is to refresh the website periodically when you’re applying and keep track of how much money you’ve earned with Ghoul Catchers, and then stop once you’ve earned your 50K limit.

I do honestly find Ghoul Catchers a bit of a grind, so I don’t play it every single day, but it’s an easy way to earn extra NP on the go.


One of the most well-known ways of obtaining items and Neopoints is through Dailies. Dailies are activities you can do on the site every day (hence the name), and include a variety of activities, from spinning wheels, visiting special locations in Neopia, collecting free food, and more.

I recommend visiting The Daily Neopets Dailies page each day for a full list of Dailies.

My personal favourites (and ones I win the most NP/valuable objects on) are:

  • Trudy’s Surprise
  • Anchor Management
  • Grave Danger
  • Wheel of Mediocrity
  • Tombola
  • Fruit Machine
  • Coltzan’s Shrine
  • Qasalan Expellibox
  • The Wishing Well
  • Forgotten Shore

With the Forgotten Shore, you actually need to buy the map pieces to complete the shore first. You can buy all 9 of them from user shops if you search for the pieces (they are all here on JellyNeo), individually; they are pretty cheap and shouldn’t cost you more than 50NPs each on average. Once you complete the map, visit the shore each day for a chance of a prize. I’ve won 10K NP from the shore multiple times a month, which is pretty great for a few hundred NP investment!

Trudy's Surprise is one the best dailies you can do; after 25 consecutive spins, you win $100K!  This resets every 25 days.
Trudy's Surprise is one the best dailies you can do; after 25 consecutive spins, you win $100K! This resets every 25 days.


Restocking is a well-known way to earn lots of money, and involves buying items at a low price and selling them for a profit in your user shop.

Obviously, to start restocking, you’ll need to open up a shop. It costs 150 NP to open a shop, but I recommend investing 2150 NP so you can hold 25 items in your shop at one time. Once you’ve opened a shop, you need to fill it up with stock, which you can get a variety of ways.

You can obviously sell the items you earn for free via your dailies, which is the best way to make a profit, as whatever money you make is pure profit from items you obtained for free.

You can also buy items from the official Neopets shops, like Neopian Fresh Foods or the Magical Bookshop. The tactic with the official shops is to haggle with the shopkeepers and buy the items for a lower price than they’re asking/what you can sell them for. Neopets’ player, Briannea, wrote an excellent and in-depth guide about restocking in the official shops, which I highly recommend following.

You can also obtain items to restock by browsing the Trading Post and Auction areas. Users will sometimes put up expensive items for low prices via Auction or Trading Post, and if you can put in a good bid or offer a good deal, you might be able to grab something for a low amount of Neopoints and then resell it for a bigger profit.

You can also search user shops for cheap items to resell. There are some items I look up periodically on the Super Shop Wizard/Shop Wizard (i.e., Dubloons, Codestones, Neocola Tokens), and if I see them being sold for far less than they’re worth, I’ll buy them at the low price and then resell them at my shop for their proper value.

The Neopian Post Office is one of my personal favourite places to restock from!
The Neopian Post Office is one of my personal favourite places to restock from!

When it comes to restocking, you really have to know the value of items in order to recognize deals and also sell items properly. JellyNeo’s Neopian Item Database is one of the best tools for this because you can input the name of any object in Neopets and find out what it’s worth. You can sell your items per JellyNeo’s database pretty reliably.

I also recommend searching on the SSW/SW when pricing items. I do have a premium account, so I price things using SSW. I find the best way to price items to sell is to do so below the lowest SSW price. I will generally price items 1-5NP below the lowest SSW price, but no lower.

You can also find an average price by refreshing the SW a few times and seeing what amount is the average. It’s really up to you, however, and how fast you want the items to sell.

If you don’t price things at the lowest of the SSW/SW, chances are users probably won’t even find your shop. Do a bit of advertising, by creating a thread on the Shop Ads board. Post a thread about what you’re selling and prices, i.e. “Selling Codestones Below SSW Prices!” in the subject, and then in the body, add a link to your user shop (your user shop’s URL can be found by going to Shops > Your Shop > Shop Front, and then copying the URL). I usually post a new thread each day, and then add a comment on it to “bump” it to the top of the Shop Ads board every time I restock my shop throughout the day.

I have made MILLIONS of Neopoints by restocking, and it’s honestly my favourite way to make money on the site. I love looking for bargains in the Trading Post/user shops, pricing my goods, advertising my shop, and more. It’s a fun way to earn money on the site, and a fast/easy way to earn a major profit.

Now I can sell my goods at a higher profit!
Now I can sell my goods at a higher profit!

Bank Interest

Yes, this is my actual bank account!  I can collect 4K in interest alone per day!
Yes, this is my actual bank account! I can collect 4K in interest alone per day!

You’ve gotta have money to make money! Put your hard-earned NP in the bank, not only to protect yourself from losing them through Random Events, but also to allow your NP to collect interest.

Once you reach 50K NP (which is super easy to do- just play 50 rounds of Ghoul Catchers), you can earn 11 NP a day, or 4,362 NP a year, if you remember to collect your interest every day. Realistically, after a few months (or even weeks, if you are dedicated) of playing, you should be up to 1 Million NP, which will earn you 110,891 NP in a year!

Playing Games

There are a lot of games on Neopets, and the great thing is that you earn Neopoints for playing all of them. The games reward different values of Neopoints, but some of the best/easiest games to quickly earn Neopoints each day are:

  • Spellseeker
  • Fashion Fever (literally just start the game, press “End Game” without dressing the character and send the score x3 for a quick and easy 900 NP. You can also “Send Card” 3x a day for 300 more NP- just make up an e-mail address to send it to)
  • Spell-or-Starve
  • Pakiko
  • Shenkuu Tanagram

There are a lot of games to play, though, and I’m sure you’ll find your own favourites. You can also check out JellyNeo’s 50K a day guide for a list of recommended daily games.

Spellseeker is one of my favourite games to play, and make NPs on!
Spellseeker is one of my favourite games to play, and make NPs on!

The Stock Market

The Neopian Stock Market is like the real stock market in that you should buy low and sell high. Every day, you can buy 1000 stocks.

The best strategy is to buy 1000 stocks at the lowest available value (15 NP per stock- you can visit this list daily to find “Bargain Stocks”) and then save them in your portfolio until they reach 60 NP. Sell half of the stocks when they reach 60 NP and then keep an eye on the market to see if the value goes past 60 NP to determine when to sell the other half.

The Stock Market is a long game, but eventually, all the stocks will get up to that 60 NP mark, and you’ll have your turn to sell and profit.

Food Club

I’ll be honest, I don’t know a lot about Food Club, and I don’t personally play it. I’m not a fan of gambling in real life or in Neopets, but if you don’t mind potentially losing Neopoints to possibly win more, you can definitely play Food Club.

Food Club is a bit like betting on horse races in real life. Some players post their bets every day, and other players bid exactly like them in order to win. A LOT of players swear by Food Club as a money-making tactic.

If you want to know all you need to about Food Club, I recommend checking out this very detailed Food Club guide by Jawsnapper.

Faerieland Employment Agency

You can do Basic Jobs for free through the Faerieland Employment Agency. These “fetching” jobs can be a pretty lucrative way to earn money and get quick and easy cash.

I recommend only taking jobs that will net you a profit of a few thousand dollars (so skip ones that only reward a few hundred NP. I basically only accept jobs that start with a Base Reward of 5K NP and higher). Make sure you have at least 10K NP when you start the day with Basic Jobs, as you’ll need to have the cash to buy products. I always look at the last few pages of the Basic Jobs lists, as the more expensive items/jobs are there.

Here’s a sample job: the board is asking for 4 of Caffeine Free Neocola and the Base Reward is 4,864 NP. I calculate if a job is worth taking by taking the total payout and dividing by the number of items needed. 4,864 divided by 4 is 1,216. As long as I can buy each item for less than 1,216 NP, then I’ll be making a profit.

A search on SSW shows that I can get 1 of these for 600 NP and 3 more for 800 NP. That’s well below my 1,216 NP goal, and only 3,000 NP in total, netting me a Base Reward of 1,864 NP. If you don’t have SSW, open a new tab and start searching on the regular Shop Wizard, until you can find four stores that are selling the product at the lowest price.

Since I’m happy with this job, I’ll right-click on the “Apply for this Job” link and open it in a new tab.

As soon as I’ve accepted the job, I’ll quickly open each of the user stores in new tabs and buy the 4 required Neocola items. Once I’ve bought all four, I go back to the tab with my accepted job in it and turn in the items by clicking on the “Return to this Page” link.

As the screenshot below shows, there’s a bonus for being fast, so I actually got a profit of 3,008 NP for 36 seconds worth of work. That’s not bad at all! Remember, this is all about being fast, so the faster you do the jobs, the more money you can earn!

You can do 5 jobs each day (you can do 3 jobs consecutively, and then there’s about a 10-minute cooldown between jobs 4 and 5).

There are also Super Jobs, which require you to purchase Job Coupons. These reward more money, but also require you to purchase the coupons to do them, which are priced between 3,900 for the cheapest coupon, Green Job Coupon, all the way up to 525,000 NP for a Gold Job Coupon. I personally have not done any jobs with Job Coupons (at least, not in my recent play of Neopets; I may have done when I first opened my accounts in 1999), but I think the money you earn from Basic Coupons is good enough, and you don’t have to invest any NP to make money off Basic Jobs.


Put your pet in the Battledome and fight against Neopia's enemies to win prizes and neopoints!
Put your pet in the Battledome and fight against Neopia's enemies to win prizes and neopoints!

I never paid much attention to the Battledome when I first started playing Neopets, but it’s a serious moneymaker that you shouldn’t take for granted. In order to succeed, you’ll definitely need to level up one of your pets for battling, and you can do so by training them in the various Neopian training schools. You’ll also need to spend a bit of money to equip your pets with weapons.

Once you have a “battle” pet, you can participate in the Battledome daily and fight against various Challengers. Winning battles rewards you with 15 items and 1500 NP a day. The pure NP isn’t a lot, but the items you can win range from everything between food to valuable weapons, potions, Codestones, Neocola Tokens, and more, which you can then resell for a major profit.

A typical Battledome haul for me; these goods will sell for at least 100K NP, if not more.
A typical Battledome haul for me; these goods will sell for at least 100K NP, if not more.

It's Time to Make Some Money!

That’s it for my Neopets money-making guide! What’s your favourite way to make money on Neopets? Is there something I haven’t covered that you find profitable? Let me know in the comments section below!

© 2019 Brittany Brown


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