How to Obtain Soul Leaves in Forsaken World

Updated on February 11, 2017

What are soul leaves?

Soul leaves are the equivalent of the soul coins in Forsaken world. Just like soul coins are bound to the player and can't be traded and items bought with them can't either, soul leaves are bound to that player and can't be traded away if you buy something with them. The other form of leaves are normal Eyrda leaves, which are bought with real life money or prepaid card or earned from surveys on the perfect world website. (Do be careful if you try those, not all of them are reputable, some give viruses, and you aren't guaranteed to get the zen you thought.)

Soul leaves are bound to the player, so you don't have to worry about accidentally buying something on one character (like a pet stone or something) and your other characters lose any soul leaves. This does mean that any soul leaves you earn can't be given to another player though, since they are bound.

What can I buy with soul leaves?

Soul leaves can buy items in the Eyrda boutique, but not all of them. Currently you can only buy pet stones, fashion, and racial mounts (for the most part). There are other items that could be added, when you open the boutique (the leaf icon) there should be an option called Soul Leaves/Leaf or you can just make the regular leaves filter off when looking through the items.

If you can't buy a card, use a credit card, or don't have the time to get a lot of surveys done this is actually a great alternative to normal leaves. If you do want the items only bought with normal leaves then you'll have to find a way to get those, but mounts, pets, and fashion should be reward enough.

How do I get Soul Leaves?

There are quite a few options to get soul leaves, many available at low levels but of course the higher you get the more options become available.

There are some you can only get ONCE, and they are the following;

  • Guide: Life in the harbor= 40 Soul Leaves
  • Guide: Nightmare Carnival= 40 Soul Leaves
  • Guide: God's Trial= 80 Soul Leaves
  • Guide: Learn to Fly= 40 Soul Leaves
  • Guide: Faction Reputation= 40 Soul Leaves
  • Guide: Trade= 40 Soul Leaves
  • Guide: Pet Journey= 80 Soul Leaves
  • Guide: Vice and Virtue= 80 Soul Leaves
  • Guide Ghostfang Castle= 80 Soul Leaves
  • Guide: Wade's Fishing Hole= 80 Soul Leaves
  • Guide: Mounted Combat= 80 Soul Leaves
  • Guide: Break the Limit= 120 Soul Leaves

That gives you a total of 800 Soul Leaves (Almost enough for a racial mount, or a couple pet stones). They can be found on the Leveling guide screen (small icon above the mini map) and usually require only talking to an NPC and then doing the instance or talking to a few NPCs. It is usually an introduction to a feature on the game that you would be wise to continue doing again if you like the reward offered.

There's also a list of repeatable ways to obtain some soul leaves, not given every time but by random chance (and a small one at that) and usually only is given once a week. This is an incomplete and work in progress list, more will be added as the game progresses (hopefully) so although I'll try to keep up, I may not have all the ways on this.

  • Gauntlet of Storms- Random chance when getting rewards after each room= 500 soul leaves
  • Nightmare Carnival- random chance= 500 soul leaves
  • Advanced Nightmare Carnival- random chance= 500 soul leaves
  • Master and Apprentice- Soul leaves for each level of master rep gained, scales up with each level= ~5,000 soul leaves awarded at level 7
  • 240 Dedication- just obtain 240 dedication in a week= 300 Soul leaves

The two carnival instances have a slightly higher chance of giving on the higher reward days (Saturday for the normal one, I don't know on the Advanced one) so that would be a good place to start if you don't like the carnivals (mostly rumor since I haven't gotten the reward myself). I'll be working on a hub on how to get dedication points, as well as the master/apprentice feature and guide on the two nightmare carnival instances. That should have you with the coolest items you couldn't get without spending money before, all by doing normal things you probably did anyway.


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