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"Order and Chaos": How to Use the Auction House to Get Rich

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Welcome to the auction house! This is the "OAC" Greenmont auction house location.

Welcome to the auction house! This is the "OAC" Greenmont auction house location.

Where to Use the Auction House

To use the auction house in Order and Chaos, you must be at one of the locations. Each location is in a different land. However, all auction houses share the same technology. You can't just open up the auction house in this MMORPG; you actually have to go there.

How It Works

Items put up in one land can be seen from all the others. This means all of the other players can buy and sell from the same place, even though their toon might be located someplace else. Auctions are mostly real-time, with little to no delay from the time you buy the item to when it appears in your mailbox. The same is true of sales.

What to Sell

While you are out in the world, you will see items dropping from enemies. These items can be stored in your inventory and then placed on the auction house. Vendors and merchants will buy these same items but at a tiny fraction of the price. Real people are willing to pay much more.

This is the auction house icon. "Order and Chaos" auctioneers have this gavel icon over their heads.

This is the auction house icon. "Order and Chaos" auctioneers have this gavel icon over their heads.

Getting to the First Auction House in Order and Chaos

There are more auction house locations than you might realize. The first auction house you encounter is in Greenmont, the capital of Haradon. Or, perhaps you won't get to Greenmount right away, and the first auction house you find will be in Belloshaol. Hopefully you have found one before you make it to the Grey Market.

Characters who are not in the Arcadian Forest (where Greenmont is located) will be able to teleport to the city at around level 6. Once you make your way to the capital city, open your map and look for a green circle with what looks to be a gavel. You can zoom in on the map to see it a little better. The auction house in Greenmont is near the inn, a treasure chest bank, and your mailbox. It is located right next to the teleporter, so it's easy to find.

Start With an Alt

I recommend you get your alt's bag space open ASAP, and then station them at your favorite AH. There are a lot of reasons to use an alt for the auction house. If you use one with intent, then you will find yourself making a lot more gold, freeing up your main toon's inventory, and losing fewer items to people who want you to give it away for free or sell it at a price that feels that way.

Why You Should Use an Alt

Here is why you should use an alt to make money on the auction house:

  • Your main will have more bag space for important items.
  • You can sell items without people knowing it's you.
  • It helps keep your main's mail box from being filled with unsold auctions and sales.
  • Anonymity lets you experiment with the best ways to make gold.
  • You will make more money.
  • It's easier.

What You Use Gold for in Order and Chaos

Order and Chaos uses multiple forms of currency. Gold is the in-game standard, and it can be earned in many ways. It is also used in many different ways. If you are wondering if you need gold, the answer is YES.

Here is a list of what you need gold for in OAC:

  • Gems
  • Mounts
  • Gear
  • Materials
  • Scrolls
  • Goods
  • Bond stones
  • Riding permits
  • Bag space
  • Bank space
  • And much, much more!

Check Current Prices First

Don't throw items up on the auction house before you know how much others are selling them for. It's fine to have your own set of reasonable prices, but don't undercut so much that you blow out the whole market. Just try to remember the rules of supply and demand when you learn to make money in OAC.

Tips for Selling on the AH

  • Learn your competitor's prices.
  • If your price is too much higher than other prices, then an item won't sell.
  • If it is priced too low, someone gets a deal, but you lose out on gold.
  • Keep prices as fair as possible.
  • Build a good reputation with buyers and get regular customers.
  • Each item fits into its own category.
  • First you select the mail category, then a sub-category, and then search.
  • Filter the results by pressing on the words above the auctions, such as 'Auctioneer' and 'Present Price'.
  • Hit Present Price twice and you will see auctions priced low to high.

How to Sell an Item: Actionable

Selling items is more complicated but very fruitful.

  1. Click "Auction" at the top (just to the right of "Bid"). You will be taken to your inventory.
  2. Drag (or add) the item so it is at the top of the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Choose a bid price, which will be lower than the buy-out price.
  4. Select a buy-out price. If you have already checked prices, you will earn the most.
  5. Select an auction time. For materials, select 12 hours. For gear and scrolls, press 48 hours.
  6. Hit the auction button at the bottom.
  7. Wait to reap the rewards.

This is just a beginner's guide to selling at the Order and Chaos auction house.

How to Purchase an Item

After you spend time window shopping, you might like to buy items from the auction house. Buying is not complicated. If you tap the item, a screen will pop up asking you to bid or buy. The confirmation will prevent you from buying something by accident.

When you select 'buy', the money is removed from your bag, and the item is sent to your mailbox. If you bid on an item, then the money will be removed from your bag and held until the auction is over or you are outbid. If someone else bids higher than you, then your money will be returned to your mailbox.

Note: Once you place a bid, you cannot get your money back unless someone else outbids you. There is no way to cancel a bid, so think carefully when placing them.

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