How to Use the Auction House on Order and Chaos :Secret Tips and Tricks

Updated on December 10, 2016
Greenmont auction house location.
Greenmont auction house location. | Source

Reasons to Use an Alt for Auctions

Reasons to Use an Alt for Auctions

There are many reasons why you should make an alternative charterer for your auction needs. This only applies to selling of course.

1. Frees up inventory space.

2. Keeps game play free of auction complications.

3. Allows you to experiment without getting anyone mad at you.

4. If you keep your character a secret, people won't beg you for free gear, materials and gold.

5. Allows you to step away from auctions without worrying about your mail box overfilling.

6. it's easier.

To use the auction house on Order and Chaos, you must be at one of the locations. Each location is in a different land, but it is one, big, global auction house.

Items put up in one land can be seen from all the others. This means all of the other players can buy and sell from the same place.

That is what the auction house is a place for real players to buy and sell materials, gear and consumables found in the game.

While you are out in the world, you will see items dropping from enemies. These items can be stored in your inventory and then placed on the auction house.

Vendors and merchants will buy these same items but at a tiny fraction of the price. Real people are willing to may much more.

You can then use this gold to buy:

  • Mounts
  • Gear
  • Materials
  • Scrolls
  • Goods
  • Bond stones
  • Riding permits
  • And much, much more!

Auction House Icon

Look for this symbol over characters heads and in the map.
Look for this symbol over characters heads and in the map. | Source

Getting to The First Auction House in Order and Chaos

Each land, or region, has an auction house location. The first auction house you encounter is in the town of Greenmont, the capital of the world.

Some character's start just down the road from it, where others start in another land and must work their way there.

Characters who are not in the Arcadian Forest (where Greenmont is located) will be able to teleport to the city at around level 6.

Once you make your way to the capital city, open your map and look for a green circle with what looks to be a gavel.

You can zoom in on the map, to see it a little better. The auction house in Greenmont is near the inn, a treasure chest bank and your mailbox.

Step by Step Tutorial

Check Current Prices First

Once you have found the auction house you might be eager to sell. However, I urge you to do a little browsing before you start

Before you place any item up for sale, you need to know your competitors prices.

If your price is too much higher than other prices, then an item won't sell.

If it is priced to low, someone gets a deal, but you lose out on gold.

I like to keep even fair prices to build a good reputation with buyers. It works because people private message me all the time asking for certain items.

Each item fits into its own category. First you select the mail category, then a sub-category and then search.

You can filter the results by pressing on the words above the auctions, such as Auctioneer and Present Price.

Hit present price twice and you will see auctions priced low to high. Price your item just below the lowest price.

Selling Items

Selling items is more complicated but very fruitful.

  1. Click "Auction" at the top (just to the right of "Bid"), you are taken to your inventory.
  2. Drag, or add, the item, so it is at the top of the left hand side of the screen
  3. Choose a bid price, which will be lower than the buy out price.
  4. Select a buy out price. If you have already checked prices, you will earn the most.
  5. Select an auction time. For materials select 12 hours, and for gear and scrolls press 48 hours.
  6. Hit the auction button at the bottom.
  7. Wait to reap the rewards.

Beginners guide to selling at the Order and Chaos auction house.

Purchasing Items

After browsing through the categories, you might like to buy items from the auction house.

Buying is not complicated to do. If you tap the item a screen will pop up asking you to bid or buy,

If you bid, you are bidding the price on top. This money will be taken out of your bag.

You must wait until the auction time is over to get your goods.

If someone else bids over you, expect a letter in the mail returning your money.

If you chose buy, you pay the bottom price (the higher one).

The money is withdrawn, and your purchase is sent to your mail box.

Beginners Guide to buying at the Order and Chaos Auction House.

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The World at Your Finger Tips

Now that you know how to use the auction house you have the world at your finger tips.

Players from all the lands will place the gear and items they find. Drops that could greatly increase your strength and abilities are yours for a small price.

You can be on the other end of the stick, too. Selling your goods to other people who might want, or need to. Leaving you with the gold to buy what you wish.

Learn to make your own gold on Order and Chaos Here

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