How to Get Epic Gear in Order and Chaos

Updated on July 20, 2017
A pro isn't just a guy with good gear. It is a human being with a personality, sense of humor and competitive nature.
A pro isn't just a guy with good gear. It is a human being with a personality, sense of humor and competitive nature. | Source

Epic Gear Guide - Updated 2017 - Up to S4

So you want to be a pro? If you are reading this then you already know that you need epic or ancient gear to be one of the best.

Order And Chaos Online provides many ways to get epics. How you go about getting your epics will depend on how you play the game.

  • PVP players fight for gear in the arena and battlefield.
  • PVE players must level crafting fully AND get drops from dungeons.

Some PVE drops are blue pieces that you need to craft into epics using your crafting skills.

Other drops are already epic, such as weapons, boots, and specialty gear.

PVE Epic gear comes in the form of tiers. In game, players refer to each series of epic gear as T1, T2, T3, and T4, T5 and T6. New tiers are released as new updates are released.

As of the most recent update, we have up to T6 in PVE. PVP gear is named by season. Currently, we are on S4, which includes a blue basic set and a purple epic set. Check page two of the season gear vendor to see the purple.

The current sets I have covered in the guides are as follows:

  • Tier one gear
  • Tier two gear
  • Tier thee gear

Many players rush to level 70, others instant level, and miss out on tier one and two epics. LVL 60 epics used to be a big deal, back when the level cap was much lower. Now they are just good for achievements.

Some players PVP for blue 3.5 gear. This is PVP gear , but works well in level 70 dungeons. Some of these 3.5 drops from bosses in the dungeons. You can also get them from the super secret chests in a certain PVP zone. Of course, if you are a low level on a busy server you need a war free bond or a good hiding place.

PvP players gear is called season gear. Season 3 gear, commonly referred to as S3.

The following sets are viable in PVP

  • S2
  • S2.5
  • S3
  • S4 Basic
  • S4 epic

Each set gets a little better, and each set has special bonuses to make you more powerful. Don't be wasteful with your honor points, S4 gear is very expensive.

Plus, Epic gear can be made even better by adding gems.

Epics drop in all dungeons, but most people go after sets because they offer unique bonuses once you equip 2 or more pieces. You can even combine different sets to carry more than one set bonus.

If your goal is T3 (from MZL/AGL) or T4 (Flare dungeons), or T5 and T6 (post-Polynisia Island) then you must level crafting ASAP.

If you are struggling in the dungeons it is more fun to FB farm for epic gear.

If dungeons are not your thing, then you work for your PvP epic gear. Learning to fight other players can be as difficult as dungeons! Since both dungeons and PvP have a cap, you can a little of both. Doing both helps prevent boredom.

Example of Epic Drops

Crafting T1

Crafting epic gear in order and chaos.
Crafting epic gear in order and chaos. | Source
Purchasing patterns with soul signets in order and chaos.
Purchasing patterns with soul signets in order and chaos. | Source

T1 Epics in OAC

Tier 1 epics are crafted from blue gear that drop in the first three dungeons. They can also be bought in Cliff Watch for souls. Some people call Cliff Watch "The Angel Place".

While most people skip these epics, many go back for them to obtain a shirt with gear mastery. Although now that we cannot use shirts in PVP Arena, fewer people care about getting one.

To see the epic shirts go to Achievements, dungeon and look for the one that is called King of (insert dungeon name here).

The T1 and T2 vendors were in Greenmont for awhile (across form GM graveyard). Later they were moved to Cliff Watch. I liked this move because it locates most soul quests, vendors, and angles together. Now the appropriate pattern vendor is in front of the dungeon the piece drops from, too.

To get T1 epics for your toon you need:

  • crafting
  • the blue gear
  • the pattern
  • the materials

Crafting can be farmed or you can use runes in the Nick Shop to buy slabstone tablets.

Either way, to get non-PvP epics you must have legendary crafting for your class.

FK and Warrior = Foundry

Monk and Mage = Garment/Cloth

Rangers = Leather working

The patterns for tier 1 epics drop in the same dungeons that the blue t1 gear drops in.

T1 dungeons:

  • Knahswahs Prison (Legend)
  • Relics Key (Legend)
  • Young's Diaries Relm / Estairs Temple (Legend)

The bosses drop the blue T1 gear. They also drop Essence of Swamp, Essence of Death and Essence of Eristar. You need these materials to make T1 gear.

The essences can also be bought in the Nick Shop. And all these epics can be bought with runes. If you buy souls then you can spend them in Cliff Watch.

The patterns drop from the (mobs) enemies. They are not bound, so they can be purchased on the auction house.

Some patterns can be bought with soul signets. Each dungeon has a pattern vendor someplace close by. I think it is better to wait for the drop or buy them on the AH, than pay with souls.

See OAC-Head for an official example of T1 gear.

List of all epic T1 gear, including stats and bonuses.

Cragting T2

Epit Tier two pattern in order and chaos.
Epit Tier two pattern in order and chaos. | Source
Purchasing t2 epic patterns in Order and Chaos.
Purchasing t2 epic patterns in Order and Chaos. | Source

Tier 2 Epics in OAC

Tier 2 epics can be found in:

  • Sailien Palace (upper and lower) (legend)
  • Eloidons Horizon (legend)

EHL is home to some other surprising drops, too.

Remember, to get epics and the blues for tier sets you must be in legendary dungeons. Once you get to level 60, it is worthwhile to run these dungeons.

The bosses are important once again. Like tier 1, the blue gear drops from them. The other mats and patterns will drop from the mobs (enemies).

You can buy the some patterns from a merchant in The Gates of Sailen, just outside of the dungeon.

Warning: EHL and some other dungeons will not let players under level 70 walk in, but will let them que in with level 70s. Other dungeons will not let lower level dungeon players que, but they can walk in. I don't think it is supposed to work that way, but sometimes it does.

Crafting T3

Epic gear set bonuses in Order and Chaos.
Epic gear set bonuses in Order and Chaos. | Source
Epic T3 gear in Order and Chaos.
Epic T3 gear in Order and Chaos. | Source

T3 Epics in OAC

Tier three is very nearly obsolete, but not quite. It will be by the time the next update is released. If you played during the 2017 Anniversary, then you won't want anything less than T5.

Every year Gameloft celebrates the anniversary with special dungeons. The Pagoda in Greenmont is there year round, but the dungeons are only open during the Anniversary.

In Reverie, players have been able to go full T5 with little effort. If you missed it, then you may still need to supplement with T3 and T4 until you reach the Polynesia dungeons (which is where the T5 and T6 drop.

An alternative to supplementing with T3 is leveling from 73-75 with quests. The gear rewards can be comparable.

T3 Epics drop in:

  • Metal Ziggurat
  • Abyss of Limitless Gears

The boots and weapons drop as epics, and the rest drops in the form of blue gear.

Like Tier 1 and Tier 2, the blue must be crafted into epics with legendary crafting skills.

The blues/purples drop from bosses, and the gears (mats) drop from them too.

You will also need to collect some mats from the world. In game runes (powerful, exquisite, purified) are the hardest mat to get.

You can get additional gears from level 70 daily quests found in Generators Temple.

You will need these because, unlike T1 and T2, teir 3 patterns don't drop. You must buy them with gears.

To craft your T3 Set you are going to get comfortable working with Epochs, one of the mats.

You must buy the pattern for Essence of Epochs (one of the materials you need for epics). These patterns are sold at the legendary pattern vendors in Generators Temple.

The vendors who sell blue 2.5 patterns can be found in Coldring and outside of MZL.

Epochs are one of the materials needed to craft your epics.

They drop from the last bosses of MZL (Metal Ziggurat), ALGL (Abyss of limitless Gears), and from Flame Madness. You can purchase them in the Nick Shop, and earn them from achievements. I have also seen them sold on the black market.

To craft a blue to an epic T3, or any, you must unequip it first, buy the pattern and have enough Epochs and other mats.

Then go to your crafting in your spells and produce it. The blue will be replaced with the Epic gear, and can be immediately worn.

Once upon a time you would lose all the gems you had placed in the blue gear. Strange thing was that the last time I upgraded a piece, all of the gems were automatically removed and put back in my bag.

T4 Gear in Order and Chaos

Most players head straight to the T4 or T5 dungeons. If you missed the anniversary, and are struggling to get T5, then T4 might help you get powerful enough. However, if you can skip it and go straight T5 then do it.

T4 Drops in the Flare series dungeons. This begins with BNL and continues for the next three or four dungeons. This gear is also blue and must be crafted. This costs souls and other mats, so consider carefully before you decide to go this route.

T5 and T6

I am just beginning to assemble my info on T5. I am full T5 now, working on T6. Really ambitious players are beginning to say that going for T6 is best. For my tank, I would agree. However, for my monk heals I needed the T5 to be comfortable in the T6 dungeons.

Of course, that is because I believed that I should be able to heal a group of undergrad new players through T5 dungeons before progressing. I am a long time player, so I don't prescribe to rushing through it all.

You are going to see many players full T5 blue, if they accept the challenge of PCN for life to farm souls, then they will be full purple in no time. The reason that T5 is everywhere is that Gameloft basically handed it out to everyone who paid attention during the 6th Anniversary.

Players who missed the anniversary will have a different path to take. T5 mats and gear are in the new dungeons. This gear does not drop in chests (outside of anniversary). In the upper dungeons, you will see a new drop system which delivers the items you won straight to your bag. This prevents anyone from ninjaing your gear. If you have done mangler, then you know the new drop system.

Mangler is the world boss that drops the jade that you need to exchange essence of dragon (the essence of epoch for T5 and T6.

I will compile a list of important T5 dungeons and gear info ASAP. Once that is done, I will begin T6. In the meantime, please ask your questions below in the comments.

PVP Epics and Vendors

Area where you trade arena point currency for epic gear in order and chaos.
Area where you trade arena point currency for epic gear in order and chaos. | Source

PvP epics in OAC

Players can get epics by participating in the arena. There are special merchants in Greenmont who sell these pieces.

PvP means player vs player, and to buy PvP epics you must earn honor points, a special kind of currency used to buy PVP gear.

The old arena point currency can be used to by low level PVP gear. will be used to buy your PvP epic gear.

To earn honor points you must play in the arena against other players.

Types of PVP Gear

We are now in Season 4. This new PvP gear is split in to two sets. The blue basic set and the purple epic set require ranking to buy. S3.5 can be bought without ranking. S2 and 2.5 still exist in game. The S3 vendors have been removed as of today, although many players have asked that they are brought back.

Season 4 PVP gear is purchased with honor points AND you must have a specific 2s ranking for each piece.

To get that rank, you will need to choose one of the other sets so that you will be strong enough to win matches. Or you can farm T5 and T6 and use that in Arena (for now).

The three sets are:

  • S2
  • S2.5
  • S3.5
  • (S3 is currently unavailable)

Season 2 Gear

Season 2 gear is an epic set of gear with set bonuses as 2 and 4 pieces. Some people get 2/6 S2 and 4/6 S2.5.

Buying S2 gear is confusing. In Order and Chaos Online Season 2 epic PVP gear is bought with Arena Points.

Back in the days of old, we earned Arena points, not Honor points. Eventually, Gameloft changed the types of points earned in PVP.

Now we earn Honor points. Honor points are then traded for arena points from a "bread" vendor in both PVP areas in Greenmont.

Honor point to Arena point conversion:

500 Honor Points = 1,500 Arena Points

When you spend honor points an Arena point emblem is placed in your bag, click it and the Arena points will be added to your total.

At this point you can spend your Arena Points on S2 gear.

Season 2.5 Gear

Season 2.5 PVP gear was not introduced to Order and Chaos until after season 2. There is forever a debate on whether or not a player should use S2, S2.5 or both.

Many players have no issue ranking up to S3 with S2.5 gear.

It really depends on the class, player and how much time you have to PVP. Since some S2.5 drops in higher dungeons, such as FML, MZL and AGL, it ends up costing fewer points.

S2.5 has a set bonus (resilience) at 4 pieces.

S2.5 costs honor points, there will be no need to trade Honor Points for arena points.

Season 3 Gear

Season 3 was once the best PVP gear in Order and Chaos Online. It has 2, 4 and 6 set piece bonuses. It has tons more armor, stats and superior bonuses. As of the day, I am writing this, no S3 vendor exists in the game.

Even though we do not have the vendors. There are many players still sporting the S3 gear. It is still an amazing set. Those in full S3 gear are still quite a force. So watch for them!

Season 3.5

Most players will begin with 3.5 gear. It is very easy to get because you do not need ranking to buy it. Once you have enough honor points you can upgrade to this gear.

I sigh as I write this, just so you know. 3.5 gear is the most unattractive set in the game. It isn't just ugly, it is pixilated and poorly designed. No one really wants to be seen in it. But you have to if you want to get resilience to survive in PVP.

You DO NOT need to be full 3.5 to begin to earn the rank for S4. Plan carefully.


S4 is the most important set as of 2017. The season 4 gear is split into two sets. A blue basic set, and an epic purple set. Both of these require ranking to buy. I will create a more thorough guide on this gear ASAP.

Honestly, your focus should be on the ranking you need to get your first piece of S4 Epic. The trick to getting that ranking is to maximize your honor points, substitute with other gear types and gems.

I also recommend you join a good PVP guild. You will struggle to get 4v4 teams without a good guild. It does not matter which type of arena you get your rank in. I use 2s for rank and 4s for points.

If you get the ranking you need but don't have the points, then do 4s. Again, you need a good PVP guild to get 4s teams.


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      t6 armor mats 2 months ago

      Since GCL is over where would I get Polluted Cloth to finish my T6 armor

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      Hi, I decided to buy slabstones to get 500/600 crafting for my monk, what I want to know is what crafting rank I need for the gear set: "Music of the Elapsing Pain", I have 6/6 S2.5 and now I wanna work on PvE, an answer will be appreciated

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      Hi. I just reached Lvl 70 and my business skill is 600. I don't know what to do anymore. Any advice?

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      Jade Griffin 2 years ago

      I am so sorry to hear this happened. Just so you know, people do this ALL the time. You have no idea how many times I have explained this in game just to have the other person in shock because they tossed them.

      I wish there was an easier way to get it back. Honestly, while I love Gameloft, I believe that either they need to make it more clear what those items are, OR create a way for players to get them again.

      I believe that you could buy them with soulds, but I STRONGLY advise against it. I will be writing about T4 soon, and when I do you will understand why soul signents are VERY important and not to be spent lightly.

      Um, truly, you could just run the dungeon until the pieces drop. You might wear some s 2.5 gear until then. That might drop too, or perhaps you could get them on the AH for a decent price. You could wear the s 2.5 until you get the pieces to drop for epics.

      I am trying to remember if I have written about essence of god in detail. I don't think that I have. If you are lucky, you will get some essence of god through the new lottery system. If you are not lucky then you are going to have to go to Generators Temple in Northern Frostlund and pick up the world boss quests.

      You will need to be present at a world boss killing, which I believe I talk about somewhere in my rare blood series. Basically, you do not have to be main team. As long as you hit the boss, and are near the boss when it dies, alive or dead, you finish the quest.

      Each quest gives an essence of god, and two of those are crafted into an essence of god. I am trying to remember if the crafting pattern vendors in GM sell the essence of god pattern. I think that you have to buy that pattern from the trainers in Generators Temple.

      Im not surprised about how you feel, and your not alone in this one. I hope you can find a solution that won't make life too hard on you.

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      NoToPro 2 years ago

      Omfg... I seriously am so annoyed rn... I didn't know you needed the boots of mistblade and hands of mistblade to craft epic arch/sin t3 gear, and the worst thing is, I dropped it out of my bag because it thought it was useless... Could you plz tell me an easier way to get it back, or how to craft essence of god (needed to get the mistblade gear from NPCS in Generators Temple) as I reallllyyyyyyyyyy neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it, so i can craft epic sneak attackers boots and gloves D: I'm so pissssed rn.....................

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      Thank you for clearing that up

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      The death knell set will do in mzl, agl and fml, but it is a pvp set. For its resilience and armor you give up strength, hit and attack power. Plus t3 has better dungeon set bonuses.

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      excuse i'm just confused i've seen the knell set gear for dps war and see that it has better stats than t3 gear or am i wrong need help on this please

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      A good set of t3, filled with gems, can be very powerful. Couple that with the skill you gain from learning the dungeons and you can be very powerful. I imagine many will need to FB farm for their t4 pieces as they work towrds that. If you ever do choose to buy runes, of of the best things you can buy are the red dungeon tabs, evergy tabs. There are some people who think this game is all about gear. However, I have seen people buy gear and lack skill, and not cut the mustard. Even though dungeons can be frustrating at times, as you find good team mates, it can be a lot of fun and very exciting. It is furfiling to know your skill matchest or superceeds that of your gear. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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      I can't wait to get my epics! I don't really care about t4 tho, it takes way too many essence of epoch (or essence of god) to craft them, and the recipes themselves are very hefty :/

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      Hi, I'm a little confused, I'm a mage who just hit 70. Do I level foundry or tailoring as you mentioned tailoring for mage initially then seem just to mention foundry levelling.


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      Great article, I'm just starting to get back into Order and Chaos given it's recent updates and will be applying these tips.

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      Nice article. I was struggling on trying to get epics with my 70.