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"Kingdoms at War" Guide: Allies in "KAW"


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Introduction to Allies

In Kingdoms at War, the most important element of the game is allies. New players often miss their importance and existing players spend many hours teaching new players how to wield allies correctly. This guide should give you the knowledge to make sure you are getting the full use of your allies.

The victory screen.

The victory screen.

Max Plunder and Ally Plunder

Whenever you hit a player or an Epic Battle successfully the victory screen will display (amongst other information):

  1. The Total Gold Won
  2. Plunder
  3. Allies Bonus

In order to get your allies bonus you will need a certain gold value of allies owned. Remember it is not the number of allies or their attack and defence characteristics that is factored in here; it is simply the total gold value of the allies you own.

Your Allies Bonus is set/capped by the number of lands you have unlocked and the level, tier and type of the building you have on them. Generally speaking (although there are some incredibly complex behind the scenes game mechanics) the bigger you are the more you can make per hit.

Investing in Allies

What often catches new players out is a) that they don’t realise they need to own allies to make more money per hit and b) they never invest enough as the amounts are very high to begin with but reach a peak at around 20,000,000,000 billion gold.

There are two relatively easy methods to check that you have enough invested in allies

Testing Ally Plunder: The Combined Stat (CS) Method

On your profile there is a section of your stats that are your “Bonus To Allies”. You have Troop Attack, Troop Defence, Spy Attack and Spy Defence values. If you add all of these values together they become your CS (Combined Stats) value. Multiply this value by 5,500 and this will give you the total gold you need to have invested in allies.

For example:

  • Troop Attack: 85,000
  • Troop Defence: 85,000
  • Spy Attack: 12,000
  • Spy Defence: 12,000
  • Combined Stats (CS) = 85,000 + 85,000 + 12,000 + 12,000 = 194,000

Total Ally investment required for Max Ally Plunder = 194,000 x 5,500 = 1,067,000,000

Testing Ally Plunder: The Hit and Buy Method

Another method that can be used to test if you have enough invested for max plunder is to attack either a player or epic battle once and write down how much gold your allies bonus earned you. Then purchase an ally for whatever amount you wish and then hit again. If your allies bonus went up you are not at maximum so repeat the process again until your ally bonus remains the same.

It is important to note that if you do this test you must hit the same player or Epic Battle as you test. Do not switch from one to the other as the amount you get from hitting different players and Epic Battles varies on their relative strength.

Here you can see your bonus from allies.

Here you can see your bonus from allies.

Bonus From Allies: Allies You Own Make You Stronger

Another crucial element of owning allies is the fact that owning them makes your kingdom stronger. When you view another player or ally you can see their public stats. If you own that player as an ally then 2% of their stats are added to yours. So if a player has the following characteristics:

  • Troop Attack: 20,000
  • Troop Defence: 20,000
  • Spy Attack: 10,000
  • Spy Defence: 10,000

Then your stats will increase as follows

  • Troop Attack: 400
  • Troop Defence: 400
  • Spy Attack: 200
  • Spy Defence: 200

The gains may seem small at first but since you can own hundreds of allies the cumulative effect of their stats can have a huge difference to your strength. Many of the leader board players have increased their maximum stats many times over by owning hundreds of large players.

You get a refund when you drop an ally.

You get a refund when you drop an ally.

Dropping an Ally

Sometimes you might want funds in a rush and one way to get them if you cannot sell an ally is to drop them. If you mistakenly hired an ally or got scammed by someone and really want the funds back then this might be better than having your gold tied up forever.

This is not a preferred option as you will only receive a maximum of 58% of their value back and only if you have owned the ally for more than 15 days. If you have owned the ally for 0 days you receive only 4.5% of their value back. For each day that you own the ally the percentage of their value you will receive will increase until it reaches the maximum 58%

When an ally is dropped its price is immediately reduced by 25% and for every 3 days the ally remains ownerless its price will drop a further 25%


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