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"Kingdoms at War" Guide: The 3% Test in the Figure of Death

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Figure of Death is one of the Epic Battles in "Kingdoms at War." It has a difficult last phase that many players struggle with.

Figure of Death is one of the Epic Battles in "Kingdoms at War." It has a difficult last phase that many players struggle with.

Introduction to the FOD Battle in KAW

There are four ways to successfully “test” in the final 3% phase of the Figure of Death (FOD) Epic Battle in Kingdoms at War. Some of the methods are more popular than others and some suit certain devices more so. The choice on which to use is purely down to preference.

Why I Love This Epic Battle

FOD is one of my favourite Epic Battles for a number of reasons:

  • It pays very well per hit with troops as well as the potential drops of “Mystical Hammer” which is the strongest attack potion and drops of Gold Bars.
  • It is the first Epic Battle that drops max quantities of Aqua and Inferno.
  • It drops the two best Epic Battle items for the sword hand slot.

Common Mistakes and Confusion in FOD

Having done this battle many times I have noticed that many clans attempt it too early before having the required number and size of hitters. Also there is a sense of mystery around the final section of the last phase, the “3%”. New players have no idea how the test works and existing players rarely spend the time explaining how to do the test as the heavy potion use by the tester in this phase often nets them a large bonus at the end of the battle.

So to end the mystery I have written a guide detailing all of the testing methods for all to use.

Start of 3% testing phase.

Start of 3% testing phase.

What Is the “Test”?

Near the end of the Epic Battle FOD when the main health bar reaches 3%, two seals (represented as health bars) are presented to players. These bars are marked Haze of the Accursed and Forests of Corruption. Haze of the Accursed has 15,000 health points and Forests of Corruption has 5,000 health points.

Once the EB has switched to this phase the only way to successfully attack or assassinate the main health bar is to reduce the seals and find a randomly placed sweet spot. This sweet spot can be at 1 of 6 positions and finding this sweet spot is the “test”.


As a further complication in this phase there is a “God-Mode” which stops players from using items (potions) on the haze or forest bars. This God-Mode lasts a random amount of time (usually 5–8 minutes) and can re-occur several times during this phase.

It is important to note that many players are under the impression that you cannot attack or assassinate during God-Mode but this is not correct. God-Mode only stops item use. If the sweet spot has been found then players can continue to attack or assassinate the main health bar. What you may find is that because the bars regenerate every 6 minutes, their regen may take them out of the sweet spot and you cannot correct this during God-Mode and must wait.

How to Reduce the Bars

In order to reduce the bars a player must use the “Use Item” method of attack with the following potions:

  • Haze of the Accursed: “Angel Of Light” and “Holy Wrath” must be used together.
  • Forests of Corruption: “Locust Swarm” must be used.

A player can either reduce the bars one at a time using the potions listed above or they can reduce the bars together using all 3 potions simultaneously.

The Test Points

The sweet spot is approximately 1,000 health points wide so hitting a test point exactly is not required. Understanding where to test is easier if you have seen both bars reduced to 0 and watched the regeneration. Both bars regen at the same time. They do regen different amounts numerically as the bars are not the same size. However, when looking at the bars directly you will notice that the bars regen the same % so they remain in line with one another.

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  • The top bar (Haze of the Accursed) regenerates 2250 health points.
  • The bottom bar (Forests of Corruption) regenerates 750 health points.

Official Test Points

This means that the official test points are:

  • 2250, 4500, 6750, 9000,11250,13500 for the top bar (Haze of the Accursed)
  • 750, 1500, 2250, 3000, 3750, 4500 for the bottom bar (Forests of Corruption)

Six Points Going Down

However, when testing, as the bars begin at maximum many testers use 6 points going down which are:

  • 12750, 10500, 8250, 6000, 3750, 1500
  • 4250, 3500, 2750, 2000, 1250, 500

Traditional 8:5 Testing

This method is the most commonly known test mode. The 8:5 refers to a ratio of potions used when dropping the health of the sub bars. For every 8 potions used on the “top” bar (Haze of the Accursed) you would use 5 potions on the bottom bar (Forests of Corruption).

The tester would use potions in this ratio and then hit to test. This method was common before the 6-point testing method became known as players wanted to check the full range of the sweet spot. Using this method is slower and requires a lot more hits from a tester. As well as this the 8:5 ratio was determined by an HLBC player doing maximum damage to the bars. The smaller the player doing the testing the less damage they do.

Using this method a player would perform a test hit every 8:5 and once they found the leading edge of the sweet spot would continue until they reached the furthest edge. They would then post the range into clan chat while advising players to “go” (hit).

Not the sweet spot message.

Not the sweet spot message.

Top Bar Testing

This method is less well known and only works on iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and PC access to Kingdoms at War. To use this method a tester focuses on dropping the health of the top bar to each of the 6 test points outlined above and ignoring the bottom bar initially.

Once the top bar has been dropped to the first marker the tester performs an attack or assassinate action at the test point and then looks at the “Defeat” screen that comes up, reading the message on the screen. Watch for this message:

“Thriving in the thick haze , the half awakened Apheriun is unscathed”

This means this is not the sweet spot and the tester must drop the bar to the next test point. Once the sweet spot has been found the message changes and mentions the forest. The tester can then simply reduce the bottom bar to bring the two bars in line which will allow the clan to successfully attack or assassinate the main health bar.

Before the release of the “Locust Swarm” potion as a purchasable item (previously it was only dropped from certain Epic Battles) this method was more popular as it conserved the use of this limited item.

Kill Bar Testing

This is generally the slowest method of testing and is not widely used. This method takes the least organisation as all players can simply use items to drop the bars to 0 and then simply try to attack or assassinate on each regen. The regens on the bars take 6 minutes and the sweet spot can be at the marker nearest the bars being full and as a result you could wait up to 30 minutes and the main health bar could have regenerated a further 5% which means a lot of hitting would be required to complete the Epic Battle.

However what can happen during solo testing using one of the other methods described here is a player could drop the bars to 0 by mistake (which usually results in them being dropped from the clan or farmed—or both). If this happens then this method remains one of the easiest ways to recover from this mistake.

Spot Testing

This is the fastest way to test this final phase. A player can check the amount of damage they do to item bars in previous phases of FOD and then work out how many potions they will need to make each marker. Lets assume a player with a large build is testing and they do 90 damage every time they use potions in a “use item” attack.

This would mean that 8 hits would bring the bottom bar to the correct marker and 25 hits would bring the top bar in line. For speed the tester would use all three pots for the the first 8 hits and when the bottom bar is at the first marker they would do the remaining 17 hits with the pots for the top bar.

Once both bars are the correct position the tester can attack and assassinate to determine if they have found the sweet spot. If they have they signal the clan to attack. If not they drop the bars using to the next marker repeating as many times as necessary.

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