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"Kingdoms At War" (KAW) Guide, Fast Money (Quick Gold) and Growth For New Players, Using Epic Battle (EB) Item Phases


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Many players in Kingdoms At War (KAW) find the beginning of the game quite difficult because although this seems like every other mobile phone game of this genre it has some wildly different concepts. Getting started is often tough because key elements of knowledge like the importance of allies to increase plunder are difficult to explain in quick in-game tutorials so the developers rely on new players being helped and taught by the existing player community.

This guide is not a full explanation of the mechanics of the game it is simply a series of instructions that will help you to make a very fast start to the game. I will add more hubs in this series exploring each mechanic in detail. Please make sure you read through the whole guide once first before starting out!

Starting Concepts

  • Clans: A lot of the social element of the game comes from being in a clan. In a clan, you can socialise and be part of a group of up to 100 members and more importantly, you can hit one of the main revenue streams in the game, “Epic Battles”. As part of this guide, you will need to join a clan and hit a specific set of Epic Battles
  • Epic Battle Item Phases: In certain Epic Battles there are “item phases”. What is special about these phases is that any player regardless of size can take part in them and successfully “hit” in the battle. The result of this is they will then get a portion of the Epic Battle bonus which is paid at the end
  • Volley: A volley is when a player is repeatedly hired over and over again by two or more players. This can be very profitable for the players being hired. But most importantly it does generate revenue for the person being hired (initially, YOU)
  • The New Land Trick: When you do spend money on buildings and land the first thing to learn is when you unlock a land for the very first time if you build a balanced troop building (Stable, Beastiary, War Aviary..) on the land immediately it will be built and give you 500 troops. This set of 500 troops is the same a full troop regen (26 hits)

Quick Start Guide Phase 1 (Starting Cash)

  1. After the tutorial where you named your kingdom and built a troop and spy building either side of your castle navigate to World Chat and ask for a ‘volley’. Simply type: “I am new, please volley me?”
  2. In most cases, an initial volley will raise your hire price from $10,000 to $2–5 billion it should take several minutes and should leave you with several million gold (still a relatively small amount). For example, a volley that raises your price to $1 billion should give you approximately $60 million gold

Quick Start Guide Phase 2 (Your First Buildings)

  1. The temptation at this stage will be to spend all of your money right away but DO NOT do this. There are several tiers of buildings which you are given access to as you unlock lands. You will now use the new land trick and your volley money to unlock lands.
  2. Unlock one land and immediately build a stable on it. This will give you 500 troops.
  3. Go to the quests section and complete the first quest called “Excavate” over and over until you have no troops left. One advantage of repeatedly completing this quest is that it is easy which means you will have a very low fail rate. More importantly, though is that quests have a 0.79% chance of giving you a nobility point. Nobility points can be exchanged for propacks in the “Oracle” section of the game.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 in this section until you have 9 lands unlocked. This will cost $2,735,000 for the lands and $175,000 for the stables

Quick Start Guide Phase 3 (Your First Epic Battle)

You are now aiming to join a clan that is running one of the following 3 Epic Battles

  • The Reckoning: Healing Aura $62,500
  • Origins: Scroll Of The Mage’s Eye $5,000
  • No Mans Land: Runes Of Detection $37,500

Note: This early in the game when your stats are next to non-existent you might find that clans running Epic Battles above The Reckoning may not accept you.

  1. Once you join a clan running one of the above spend all of your remaining money on the relevant potion for it. Ideally buying hundreds of that potion and using as many as you can during the item phase. (For information on how to hit an item phase please check out my other hub dedicated to Epic Battle Item Phases)
  2. Once the battle is completed successfully you will receive a large gold bonus which you can now spend on your kingdom!

Quick Start Guide: A Quick Footnote About Allies

Allies are HUGELY important in Kingdoms At War. So much so that in the next few days I will have a dedicated Hub setup to explain all their tips and tricks. For now, as a new player you should understand the following basics

  1. When you attack Epic Battles and other players with troops then the total $ value of your allies will raise the amount of money you earn per hit
  2. A small percentage of your Allies’ attack and defence stats (2%) is added to your stats when you attack or defend

Make sure you spend some of the money you earn from Epic Battles on Allies!

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