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How to Find Crafting Trainers and Suppliers in "Order and Chaos"

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The beginning quest line for foundry, which is where all crafting begins.

The beginning quest line for foundry, which is where all crafting begins.

Leveling the Crafting Skill From 0 to 700

Once you finish the quest for crafting skills, you will level crafting by buying patterns from your craft trainer. Each skill has its own unique trainer.

You will stick with your trainers until you max out your business skill at 700. Work with the normal trainer until 500 crafting points. Then work with your legendary trainer in Generators Temple. After that, you move to your trainer in the Grey Market to go from 600 to 700.

I like this system and think Gameloft has done a fairly decent job with crafting. However, the gear you make at lower levels is fairly useless.

Collect Mats as You Level

Most people want to do quests and level so fast that they leave the zone before they collect the mats from that area. They move on to the next area, where they will find mats they cannot use yet. To finish crafting as you level, you have to work on it by collecting mats every step of the way.

Most people get so anxious to be level 70 and buy the level with a backpack. They will miss out on farming all crafting mats. Often these people need to buy crafting from the nick shop, too.

To make it cheaper, you could work your own crafting, and then only buy a Slabstone if you really can't farm out the rest of the mats for that level.

Various Trainer Locations

Trainers can be found in the following locations, in addition to many other places around the world:

  • Silence
  • Greenmont
  • Generators Temple

Silence Locations


The Silence crafting trainers only carry a handful of patterns. In my opinion, this is one reason people get stuck on foundry. They don't realize the Silence trainers are beginning trainers.

This is actually quite normal for an MMORPG. Many others I have played give a beginning trainer and then send you to a more in-depth trainer.

You need to start foundry ASAP, so these Silence trainers are here for that—just to get you by until Greenmont. Here's where to find them:

  1. Garment: in front of the house near teleporter.
  2. Leatherworking: near archery targets next to the house where garment trainer is.
  3. Blacksmithing/Foundry: between hill and wagon across from the fountain. He is just barely south west of the church.


There are two crafting supply merchants in Silence that I have seen. One of them is Mastoo, the fellow who gave you the quest for crafting. He is standing under the light post in front of the dummies.

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The other one is located by the bar inside of the inn. Page one is yarn and page two is flux. Page three is where you can buy the potion to forget your crafting skill and choose a new one.

I think Gameloft did good when they made the forgetting potion on the third page, which costs 60 Gold. I am sure someone who accidentally reset their foundry would break their phone in half.

Greenmont Locations


Gameloft did a nice job zoning for character skill and class. Each one gets their own little special section of the city where they can work in peace.

  1. Leatherworking: Located in the only building, in the Quite Path.
  2. Garment: Just past the summoning stone for Vliya Temple. In the Legendary Garden.
  3. Foundry: Located inside the Hall of foundry, between the stables and gem merchant.

The zone not only contains your foundry patterns up to 500, it also has an NPC for your legendary foundry. Your foundry should match your class. The leatherworking spell trainer is in the quiet path with the crafting trainer. The garment crafting NPCs are in the Legendary garden with the mage and monk trainers.

The foundry crafting trainer is located in a building that is in the same square as the building with the warrior trainer. The warrior trainer is in the opposite corner that the skill trainer is in.


For your convenience, there is a crafting supplier in each zone.

Generators Temple Locations

There are crafting trainers in Generators Temple. Honestly, I find them to be inconvenient and annoying. Two are near the bank in the corner, on the same level as the mechanical gear dailies.

The other is located up the stairs from the two trainers down the road from the dailies. If that even makes sense! I do not think Generators Temple is very convenient, and probably only to be used in case of emergency.

I think there was one time I needed to use a trainer there, and that was to which specs for a PVP war that broke out in Hammers Fall.

Legendary Crafting Trainers

Once you hit 500 crafting, you need to head to Generators temple to get legendary crafting. Remember this one, because this is where a lot of people get lost. I get the question, "Where are the legendary crafting trainers?", all the time. And I see a lot of people spreading misinformation on the matter.

Grandmaster Crafting

Once you finish 500 to 600, also known as legendary crafting, then it is time to head in to the last lap, and go for grandmaster crafting. This level was easy when it first came out due to the availability of cheap materials in the auction house and active servers, now it's a little more complicated.

Grandmaster crafting was added to the game after the arrival of Polynia Island. The trainers who open the next level and sell your patterns can be found on the bottom tier of the Gray Market, the capital of Polynia Islands.

If you can afford to pick up a slabstone from the Nick Shop, this would be a good time. If you have one in the bank waiting, then that would be even better. Otherwise, get to farming the new mats from the higher dungeons, such as DMN/DML and RMN/RML.

Once you reach 700 you are done with crafting, and you can begin to forge your powerful epics, gem them, and obtain stats and bonuses to make you very powerful.

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Jade Griffin (author) from Ohio on December 17, 2014:

Hey Charlie, you have run into a problem that many do. Many times this happens because you got to the previous cap but didn't finish a pattern before moving on. Or just missed one all together. But other things cause this too. Right now there are three ways to fix this. Honestly, if I were you id take the easy route. Right now the amusement park is up. It goes away after the holiday. Go throw some mellons, and do both the foot and mount race. The coins they reward you with can be spent on leatherwork points. These are dailies, so do it every day.

Another way to sole this is to get patterns that drop. You want to farm a pattern that drops in the same location as the mats, or buy one on the AH.

The third way is to find the patterns that is symbols, like seargents or seargents. I don't remember which symbol is at that level. But you should have a pattern. Good luck, hope you find a solution. Don't forget to go back and see if you missed a pattern.

Charlievoix84 on December 16, 2014:

Hi. Been searching for answers but I couldn't find one. Hope you can help me. My ranger is stuck at 295 leather working points. Spent a lot of time Grinding matte boots recipe thinking that will solve the prob but when I finally got it it wouldn't add points. How can I reach 300 points with nothing left to craft? Would love to hear from you. Thanks

six78 on November 19, 2014:

Nice thanks help me out indirectly

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