"EVE Online" Industrial Arc Guide: Making Mountains of Molehills (10 of 10)

Updated on July 13, 2020
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Making Mountains of Molehills 10

Making Mountains of Molehills (10 of 10)
Making Mountains of Molehills (10 of 10) | Source


Acquire 1 x Bantam* (20,000.0m3) and deliver it to your agent.

*Ship type is for Caldari career agents, for other race of agents;

  • Amarr: Inquisitor
  • Gallente: Navitas
  • Minmatar: Burst

Mission Type: Manufacturing

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The final mission in the industrial arc gives you one last BPC to manufacture from— in this case, the remote repair frigates, the exact variety of which depends on which faction you're running for the mission. In the case of Caldari, this will be the Bantam. Since you have already manufactured the shuttle, there is little to add about manufacturing frigates, besides their significant increase in size.

As it currently stands, it may be very well possible to find one of the frigates you'll need off the market for a cheaper price than it may cost you to manufacture due to the extra cost in minerals explained below and the fact that many industrialists in EVE mass-produced these and other ships before they recently went up in cost. This may change in the future, but it stands true at the time of this writing.

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Showing the extra minerals cost listed in the bantam blueprint.Flying a bantam purchased off the market to the mission agent.
Showing the extra minerals cost listed in the bantam blueprint.
Showing the extra minerals cost listed in the bantam blueprint. | Source
Flying a bantam purchased off the market to the mission agent.
Flying a bantam purchased off the market to the mission agent. | Source

Extra Materials in Blueprints

If you open the bill of materials to check what minerals you'll need to manufacture your frigate, you may be surprised to find a second list of materials labeled "extra materials". These are minerals you'll need in addition to the basic bill of material to manufacture one of these items. It may seem strange that they would split the mineral cost into two different lists; however, this has to do with the possible return of minerals when an item is reprocessed.

Reprocessing items, given enough skill and standing, can potentially yield a 100% return on the minerals originally used to create the item, as listed by the bill of materials. If there are minerals listed under the extra materials tab, they are not counted towards the possible minerals returned. The addition of extra materials to blueprints is something done to items that have their mineral cost increased for a particular reason. It was done to prevent people who manufacture items before such a change from making a profit by reprocessing them after said change.

This was recently done to most of the frigates after the tiericide efforts by CCP, which was the process of equalizing what was previously a tiered system of ships where certain frigates or cruisers were flat out better than others of the same faction. After tiericide, the ships of each group were balanced out with each other, making them more equally powerful yet designed for unique roles of their own.

Your First Industrial

Depending on which faction you are working for, you'll be receiving what may be your first industrial ship hull. These are dedicated cargo transports designed to help move large quantities of goods around for whatever purpose you need. One piece of advice is to limit the value of goods placed in an industrial set to autopilot as even if you're not in a corporation at war, there are players who will suicide gank ships with valuable holds, something that unprepared industrial ships are susceptible to.

The Caldari reward, the Badger industrial ship.
The Caldari reward, the Badger industrial ship. | Source


  • + 4.2857 % corporation standing
  • + 1.38 % faction standing
  • 1 x Faction dependent Blueprint (Copy, 2 Runs, ML 5, PL 2) (granted)
    • Amarr: Inquisitor
    • Caldari: Bantam
    • Gallente: Navitas
    • Minmatar: Burst
  • Faction dependent Industrial Ship
    • Amarr: Bestower
    • Caldari: Badger
    • Gallente: Iteron
    • Minmatar: Wreathe
  • 224,000 Isk
  • 167,000 Isk bonus (4 hours, 32 Minutes)

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