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The Top 20 Things You Need to Build in "Minecraft"

Paul loves playing video games; especially when it comes to Minecraft!

My Minecraft Build Ideas

Welcome to my list of 20 Minecraft builds which will improve and revitalize your world and add a whole new dimension of creativity to your world. If you want to build ideas, then you've come to the right place. Here you'll find some great plans and tutorials to create some awesome builds in Minecraft.

1. Auto Smelter

An auto smelter will let you automatically smelt items in your world without having to worry about placing items in all your furnaces! The image to the right shows you exactly how to construct them and where to put your input materials as well as where you'll receive items out of the furnace after they have been smelted!

Large Pirate Ship

Large Pirate Ship

2. Pirate Ship

A pirate ship is one of the most impressive builds that you can have in your world! A large ship shows your prowess as a builder and shows your technical ability to build large-scale projects! This image shows you layer by layer how to build your ship which will dominate your seas! Building these with lighter wood and using a darker wood where the ship meets the water gives a very detailed effect which will make your design look a lot better! And why not add some vines or a mossy stone near the base of your ship to give a worn-down effect!

3. Bridges

Making bridges in Minecraft is almost essential unless your home biome is a desert or plains biome. Traversing waterways is always useful so why not do it in style! A simple stone bridge or a more complex wooden archaic bridge gives a lot of character to your town or base and shows that you can build functionality as well as just flashy builds! This simple stone slab bridge is simple and effective and fits in well with the pathway which leads out from either side!

4. Bunk Bed

A bunk bed is usually one of the first advanced builds a player will make in their world. Every player has experimented with it at some stage, and this design is just one of the hundreds which exist! Let your imagination run free and build one of the greatest bunkbeds Minecraft has ever seen! Be creative when creating your new designs and a bunk bed will add so much character to a bedroom!

Large Sandstone Dam

Large Sandstone Dam

5. Dam

Large or small dams give an attractive feature of the landscape or can be used to bridge the gap between different heights of water! This dam shown is a large attractive dam that catches the player's eye and shows your ability as an advanced builder.



6. Wooden Dojo

Oh yes! A large traditional wooden dojo! In the early days of Minecraft, these were commonly made of wood, but the addition of prismarine blocks, as well as all the new concrete colored blocks, gives us designers a lot of room to play around with color and design. These can be made short or tall and add an impressive centre point to towns or settlements. Make sure it fits the theme of your base however as a large oriental dojo in the middle of a modern town usually doesn't look so good!

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

7. Ferris Wheel

Talking of impressive colourful builds, take a look at the colourful, creative Ferris wheel shown to the right! If you want to make a circus, then a Ferris wheel is a must-have. These large-scale creative designs give an amazing insight into your skill as a builder. Usually, these are made of wood but why not get creative and build with netherrack or try iron bars. You can make your Ferris wheel as big or small as you like. Make sure you use a circle generator to get an accurately sized wheel before you make a Ferris oval!

8. Garden

Making a garden in Minecraft is essential for any creative builder or designer. Mojang gives us so many options regarding greenery and shrubbery, leaves, grass, flowers, dandelions, trees and more allows us to build massively detailed garden scapes that turn a normal house into an impressive mansion. When building gardens why not try making organized arrangements of greenery or make a "messier" display to give a more overgrown look! Leaves and vines can give everything a worn-down look.

Large Custom Tree

Large Custom Tree

9. Tree

Making a large custom tree in your world can give a massive boost to the awesomeness of your world. The basic tutorial for building massive custom trees is shown to the right, but the most important thing is to be creative in your work and try to make everything flow naturally as you build.

Think about what actual trees look like and draw inspiration from what you know to help make more impressive builds. Custom trees often require large amounts of wood and leaves. Try using different types of leaves to give more depth in different areas of the tree and maybe use darker wood for the roots or to make grooves in the tree. Hiding glowstone inside the leaves can give a cool glowing effect and keep it lit up for some more shading!

10. Cars

Any town in Minecraft cannot be finished without some cars running around. This small golf cart shows some basic tips for building vehicles and the truck way down below in the list also shows some more detailed ways to add character to your vehicle creations! There are loads of tutorials on how to build cars in Minecraft as well as building trucks, bikes, helicopters, and planes. Why not create something yourself such as a digger or mining drone!

Skyscraper with garden

Skyscraper with garden

11. Hotel

Which Minecraft player has never attempted to make a hotel? Every large city needs a hotel, and this one comes with a rooftop garden for a quiet break. Making hotels can be monotonous if you build all the floors at once and then fill them in, so why not try building one layer and then creating the rooms on each floor? Make sure to include a kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, spa, swimming pool, and gym to make your hotel really luxurious!

Sea Town

Sea Town

12. Sea Town

Holy cow. Look at this sea town created on this completely man-made island. Builds like this make Minecraft fun to play and it shows the creativity of the player base. This island is actually inhabited by villagers in the original world, and you can just imagine the hustle and bustle of hundreds of villagers running around the narrow streets and up the stairs. The inside of this island connects all of the building too with a series of underground passages and tunnels!

Pixel Art

Pixel Art

13. Pixel Art

Pixel art in Minecraft is a creative players biggest dream! Making detailed pictures based on real-life gives a very artistic feel to your world. The templates to the sideshow some very basic pixel art mob faces, which can be used on their own or incorporated into a build to give more character to your world.

Simple Pyramid

Simple Pyramid

14. Pyramid

Ah, the pyramid, one of everyone's first builds in their Minecraft world. How to build a pyramid needs no guide, but how to decorate the inside is a different story. Why not create an authentic Egyptian burial site or a tomb. Alternatively, you could create a modern base hideout or construct a huge underground network of tunnels which form the majority of your base!

Simple Stone Guardian Statues

Simple Stone Guardian Statues

15. Stone Statues

These simple stone statues are one of my personal favourite builds purely because of the simplicity yet detail in them. They have so much character, and if you want to know how to build good statues in Minecraft, this is a great place to start!

Wooden Watchtower

Wooden Watchtower

16. Watchtower

This medium height watchtower gives a good detail in any town or settlement in your Minecraft world. Placed around the outside of a base with walls in between can transform your base into a more secure settlement and help protect against mobs or other players! Why not try varying the design and use iron and white glass to give a more futuristic-looking tower. Try making some medieval siege weapons and placing them on the top to make your base look super secure!

Detailed Truck

Detailed Truck

17. Truck

This truck is one of the most detailed builds I have ever seen. The attention to detail makes this also one of my favourites. As I said before vehicles are one of the most important builds, but so many people avoid them because they think that they're difficult! I hope the two vehicles in this list will show you how to create and decorate cars, trucks and more and will give you the confidence to try new things and believe in your building ability!

Minecraft Television

Minecraft Television

18. TV

I remember when I first built a TV in Minecraft. I thought it was amazing. This design is a basic one and there are much much more complex and cool designs. One YouTuber even made a working one! See for yourself below! One tip I found useful is to use levers on the top of your TV to make it look like antennae.

Custom Underwater Base

Custom Underwater Base

19. Underwater Base

Just look at how epic this underwater base is! The time and effort that goes into clearing out water to make massive structures like this are just phenomenal. Try using sponges to clear water out. Note that these have interesting mechanics so be careful when using them! Underwater bases give an epic feel to your building ability and seeing huge glass walls with an ocean trapped behind is an amazing feeling for your Minecraft world!

Wooden Windmill

Wooden Windmill

20. Windmill

Building a windmill is a difficult task. Copying the work of others is easy but creating your own windmill is a difficult task. It is however extremely rewarding to see such a beautiful build come to light as you advance on it. Creating something like this requires extreme attention to detail, but unfortunately, you won't be able to make it spin . . . That is, unless you use command blocks as this YouTuber did.

Working TV (No Mods)

Spinning Windmill

© 2017 Paul Laselle


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