Is Minecraft Dying?

Updated on October 21, 2017
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Is Minecraft Dying?

While it might be a sad thing to hear for people who played this game as children or still currently play it, the game is, in fact, not doing as well as it used to.

Though the game is not doing as well as it was during its initial release a while back, the game is still growing on some platforms other than PC.

Google Trends Data

You can see the steady decrease in interest.
You can see the steady decrease in interest. | Source

Google Trends Data Analyzed

As you can see, there is a steady decline of interest according to Google Trends. Which is an official Google source.

Google Trends measures the number of times a certain query is searched online, then gives it a score out of 100 and puts the score on a graph.

As you can see, over time Minecraft hit its climax. What happens when you hit the peak of something? The only direction left to go is down. Since then, Minecraft has steadily declined in interest over the span of 4 years. With the largest drop the game has ever seen from June 2016 to September 2016.

Of course, Google Trends doesn't necessarily track the popularity of the specific game, but the number of searches for it. As we can see in this graph, Minecraft is losing interest on Google rather quickly.

YouTube Minecraft Google Trends Data

You can also see the steady decrease in interest.
You can also see the steady decrease in interest. | Source

YouTube Minecraft Google Trends Data Analyzed

You can see that this chart looks very similar to the first one except for this one is related to YouTube searches.

We all know that YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming services online, and much of the content on the site advertises or promotes games free of cost for game developers.

Seeing Minecraft lose interest on YouTube is a bad sign of many things. For example, we have seen many extremely popular Minecraft content creators quit or not get as much interest as previous times. Content creators such as SkyDoesMinecraft or The Yogscast moving on from Minecraft means that it will not have as much exposure to the community or young children who may be interested in playing.

This graph shows that Minecraft is also losing interest on YouTube quickly.

Why the Decline in Interest?

There are a variety of reasons why something might have interest lost in it.

Though there really is no way to know, we believe the 2 main reasons is lack of content updates and a maturing community.

Minecraft does have content updates still, but they just do not compare to the number of updates in 2012-2013 which was the peak of the games interest. Many of the updates being developed and released now haven't appealed to the majority of the fanbase. Such as the "Combat Update" which introduced a new combat mechanic. Many players did not like these changes and left the game, or just did not play as consistently.

The second reason we think is the primary reason for the decline in interest. With many of the original fanbase growing older and losing interest, Minecraft has lost the majority of players that had interest in the game during it's "good old days".

With the lack of content interest and production on YouTube Minecraft is struggling to find a new player base.


In conclusion, Minecraft is still a great game with a large player base and high amount of interest. But the interest has declined substantially compared to its past amount of interest.

The game will still live on for a very long time, as it is one of the most revolutionary games in the industry and will almost always remain being played by players. But it's interest will steadily decline, and one day we will have to forget about one of the greatest accomplishments in gaming history.

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