"EVE Online" Ship Guide: Nefantar Thrasher

Updated on February 26, 2019
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This guide serves to cover the Nefantar Thrasher special edition ship in the MMO video game EVE Online, covering details on the ship's attributes and details on its origin and where it can be found.

The Nefantar Thrasher is a limited run, unique reskinned version of the regular Minmitar Destroyer, the Thraser with a pronounced white on black theme versus the base variant's mostly brown color scheme.

Class: Destroyer
Role: Combat
Date First Introduced: 5/01/2013

***Update - 2019***

As of long ago, the Collector editions, and the Nefantar Thrasher as a purchase reward, are no longer available. The guide has been left mostly intact for historical reference.

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Nefantar ThrasherNefantar ThrasherNefantar ThrasherNefantar ThrasherNefantar ThrasherNefantar ThrasherNefantar Thrasher
Nefantar Thrasher
Nefantar Thrasher | Source
Nefantar Thrasher
Nefantar Thrasher | Source
Nefantar Thrasher
Nefantar Thrasher | Source
Nefantar Thrasher
Nefantar Thrasher | Source
Nefantar Thrasher
Nefantar Thrasher | Source
Nefantar Thrasher
Nefantar Thrasher | Source
Nefantar Thrasher
Nefantar Thrasher | Source

How to Acquire a Nefantar Thrasher.

This special edition ship is a digital reward given to players who preorder the Second Decade Collector's Edition box set. There are a slew of other items in the collector's edition, however this ship will only be provided to those who purchase the box set before the release date of October 2013, at which point is expected to no longer be distributed. In addition, the Nefantar Thrasher is provided upfront, before the full release of the set and at the time of writing in early May 2013, they have just started to show up in game, meaning they are immediately available.

From the EVE Market

There are a handful currently on the market, however their current price range sits at about one billion isk and it is likely that due to their limited distribution and price of the set, few of them will remain on the market for long, especially once the set itself releases and the number of existing copies only decreasing afterwards.

Buying the CE Set

There are currently two sources for the collector's edition. The first is from EVE's official Musterband store. The second possible source, which is probably a cheaper option for most people who can get the item shipped to them, either being a US resident or having a third party reroute the package, is to order from Amazon, seen to the right. This is because both sources sell the set for 149.99 yet EVE's store charges in Euros where Amazon has the box set priced in USD.

Notes on Preorder Code: Apparently there has been some delay in Amazon orders receiving their preorder codes, however CCP staff have personally confirmed that players will get their own code for Amazon orders and will receive it prior to the actual release date as mentioned above. The delay is being looked into and should be fixed soon.
Sources: [1] [2]

Ship Specifications

The Nefantar Thraser shares the exact same specs as the base version, so there are no special attributes to this hull besides its unique skin. Something worth noting however, is that special ships such as this one are generally not changed stat wise when the base version is modified in a patch, meaning should the Thrasher itself receive an update in the future, the Nefantar variant is likely to stay the same as it is now. It is still possible for this to happen, but there is precedence to confirm this theory with such ships as the Magnate.

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