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"Neopets" Game Guide: How to Get the Destruct-O-Match III Avatar

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Destruct-O-Match III is a fun yet simple game. To play, you must match two or more boulders of the same colour that are touching each other. Matching the boulders clears them away, and when you have no more matches to make, the level is finished. If you earned enough points, you move onto the next round. If not, your game is over.

The Avatar

To get the Destruct-O-Match avatar, you need to score at least 2500 points. This can seem daunting, but don't worry! It's very possible to do! There are just a few tips and tricks you need to push you over the line.

I recommend you play the game in Classic mode. This is what I find easiest, and what this guide is based on.

If you have less than ten boulders left at the end of the level, you get a bonus!

If you have less than ten boulders left at the end of the level, you get a bonus!


The scoring for DestructOMatch is interesting in that it changes depending on how many blocks you clear in a bundle. For small matches, each block equals one point, or just a little bit more. But if you manage to clear 16 blocks or more at once, you'll earn double points!

If at the end of a level you have less than ten blocks left, you get bonus points. The bonus is 100 points if you have no blocks left, and 90 points if you have one block left, 80 points if you have two blocks left and so on. This should be taken advantage of, especially in the earlier levels which are easier (because they have less possible colours and a smaller number of blocks on the screen).

Neopets Destruct O Match III: Tips

  1. For every level, the first thing you should do is make sure there are no countdown timer boulders. If there are any, get rid of them straight away!
  2. In each round, choose one colour (the one that seems most plentiful) and do not click on it. Then at the end of the level, you will be able to rack up bonus points for clearing large amounts of blocks of that colour, which will increase your score.
  3. For the first three levels, you should be aiming at around 300 points per level. To get to 300 points, you will need to be using the "colour leaving" tip (Tip 2) and also be getting bonus points for having less than ten blocks left on the screen. This can take time to master, but don't despair! You will get better.
Leave one colour till last to get more points.

Leave one colour till last to get more points.

4. If after the first three levels you have less than 900 points, quit and start again.

5. When you get a drumstick boulder, milk it for all it's worth!
Drumstick boulders give you three times as many points. In a level where you have one, there are two courses of action depending on whether you have a shuffle powerup (or will get one on the current level).

  • If you don't have a shuffle power-up: Do your best to connect as many of the same-coloured blocks to your drumstick one. You *will* need to use your brain while doing this.
  • If you have a shuffle powerup: Get rid of all the boulders you can, but not any that are in the same colour as your drumstick! (As shown in the picture below). Then, click shuffle and hope for something nice. If you want to increase your chances, of doing well, avoid having columns with only one boulder (circled in red in the picture below).


An important element of this game is luck. The bonus points boulder (the one with three drumsticks on it) has a lot to do with your game score- it gives you three times as many points, which is a huge deal! If you don't get many in your game, you probably won't be able to reach 2500 points.

To keep your sanity (and earn some nps in the process) I suggest you enter the world challenge for Destruct-O-Match for any games you get a score of over 2000 on. If you win, you'll earn a small amount of neopoints and a map piece!

Also, watch a movie or tv show while playing. It means you'll make some stupid moves, but it's fun. And that's what matters.

This is what you want to see.

This is what you want to see.

Persistence Is Key!

It may take a while for you to get used to Destruct-O-Match III . . . I know when I started I couldn't get 1500 points. Now my high score is 2800. Keep at it, and you'll get there!