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The "Neopets" Returning Player Guide!

Brittany is a "Neopets" expert! She's been playing the game on and off since she opened her first account all the way back in 1999!

The "Neopets" Returning Players Guide includes tips, tricks, and everything else you need to know when coming back to Neopets!

The "Neopets" Returning Players Guide includes tips, tricks, and everything else you need to know when coming back to Neopets!

If you grew up in the late '90s/early 2000s, chances are you heard of—and probably even had an account on—Neopets. Neopets is a virtual pet website where you can create and care for a virtual pet, earn in-game currency (Neopoints), play games, socialise with other players, and more.

Whether you’ve had a nostalgia itch and wanted to play the game again on your own, you heard about Chrissy Teigen playing, saw Neopets randomly trending on Twitter, or heard about Neopets being ported to an app, the fact is now you’re thinking about playing again, and you need to get back to the site ASAP, because your pets are DYING.

Here’s a guide to make the experience of returning to Neopets less overwhelming, and everything you need to know to become a pro player again!

How to Retrieve an Old Account

If you’re coming back to Neopets after a long time, chances are you have an account you may have lost access to or an account that may have even been frozen. Not all hope is lost, though—there are ways to recover your old account!

Before we go about gaining access to your old account, it’s best to have an active one so you can make the process easier. If you don’t already have an active, working Neopets account, go ahead and make a new one and create a new pet.

Checking If Your Account Is Still Active

Once you’re logged into your new account, the first thing to do is to see if your old account is still active. You can do this by typing in your old username in the site search engine on the left-hand sidebar.

  • Active: If you can view your user lookup, congratulations—your account is still active!
  • Frozen: If it comes up with a message saying, “This account has been disabled,” your account was frozen.
  • Purged: Alternatively, if you see a message that says “Sorry, nobody by this name exists in Neopia,” that means your account was purged.

Purging is extremely rare, and it only would’ve happened if your account was frozen for more than 18 months, prior to 2012. If your account was purged, there’s no way to retrieve it, unfortunately.

The process of retrieving an account you’ve lost access to or one that is frozen is pretty much the same.

Haven't checked on your Neopet in years?  They're probably lonely without you!

Haven't checked on your Neopet in years? They're probably lonely without you!

Recovering Your Account

You’ll need to e-mail the Neopets Support Team and ask to recover the account. You can contact them directly at There used to be a ticket system, but it’s currently unavailable, so e-mail is the only method of contacting the Neopets Team.

In your e-mail, include the following details:

  • The username
  • The last known password (if you remember it)
  • The e-mail address you used to create the account
  • Your date of birth
  • Your zip code (whichever it was when you created the account)

If you don’t know all of the above (which wouldn’t be surprising, if you’re trying to recover an account from 15+ years ago!), try your best to answer as many of the questions as possible. If you remember any additional information, like friends you had on the site, or purchases of Neocash, include that, too.

Once the e-mail has been sent, you’ll receive an autoreply from Neopets, with a ticket number. Copy this ticket number, and head over to the Help Neoboard. On the board, find the “Ticket Waiting Board/Highway to Help” thread, and paste the ticket number you have and a short description of what you’re trying to achieve, i.e. “Hi team, I’m waiting on help for ticket 12345. I’m trying to recover access to an old account. Thank you!”

The Neopets Team monitors these “Highway to Help” threads and will assign your ticket/e-mail to a staff member usually within 24 hours. Once it’s been assigned, a staff member will reply to your support e-mail and hopefully help recover your account.

My Experience Recovering Accounts

I have personally recovered 5 old accounts (including two that were frozen, for some reason) using the above method, and have seen it work for countless others. Your mileage may vary if you don’t have all the relevant details (the team is quite strict about having the details right, i.e. e-mail addresses/birthdates, etc.), but even if you don’t remember every single thing, it’s still worth trying.

Before we move on, just a small disclaimer: Other than the above, I have no way to help you access an old account, so please do not ask. If the Neopets Team says you don’t have enough evidence to prove an account is yours, or refuses to give you the account back for whatever reason, I can’t offer any additional help.

Which Browsers to Use on the Site and How to Enable Flash

Now that you’ve gained access back to the site, it’s time to start playing again! If you’re on a computer, I’d recommend using either Google Chrome or Opera as your Internet browser for playing Neopets.

You might notice the first time you try to play a Flash game or spin a wheel, that the page never loads, or you’re greeted with an ugly grey box, like below:

"Neopets" games when Flash isn't enabled.

"Neopets" games when Flash isn't enabled.

This means that Flash isn’t enabled on the browser. You can update this pretty easily on both Chrome and Opera, by clicking on the text that says “Not Secure” on the address bar. That’ll bring a drop-down menu for the site options. Click on the options for Flash and choose “allow.” The browser will prompt you to reload the page, and once you do, you’ll be able to view the page properly with Flash enabled! You’ll have to do this any time you close the browser completely, as the settings don’t save.

If you are playing Neopets on your phone or tablet (yes, it’s possible to do, though a bit annoying due to the site not really being optimised for mobile), you can use the Puffin or Dolphin browsers on iOS and Android, which both allow for Flash. Just go to your app store, and search for Puffin Browser or Dolphin Browser, install it on your device, and then you’ll be able to play Neopets on the go!

How to enable Flash on "Neopets."

How to enable Flash on "Neopets."

Check Your Safety Deposit Box for Rare Items

When I returned to the site a few months ago, one of the first things I did was look in my Safety Deposit Box to see what old items I had in there. Surprisingly, I had a lot of rare and expensive items stored in there—like paintbrushes—that I had completely forgotten about!

I also had a lot items that are now valuable and rare—things like rewards from old site events, old Advent Calendar items, etc.

Chances are that you have a bunch of forgotten goodies too, so it’s always good to have a look once you first sign in. Of course, you can keep your valuables for yourself (finally use one of those paintbrushes), or sell them in your shop or the Trading Post for a profit.

I found about 3 million Neopoints worth of goods in my old account when I signed back in after 6 years, which was a really great boost to my bank account.

I recommend running your Safety Deposit Box through JellyNeo’s Safety Deposit Box Price Checker to see the value of what’s in your SDB before you sell anything on your own.

Play the "Ghoul Catchers" app and earn 50,000 Neopoints per day!

Play the "Ghoul Catchers" app and earn 50,000 Neopoints per day!

Download the “Ghoul Catchers” App and Play Trudy’s Surprise

There are two new-ish things you can do on the site to make Neopoints every day.

Ghoul Catchers

One of them is to download the free “Ghoul Catchers” game on your mobile device. “Ghoul Catchers” is a Neopets version of “Candy Crush”—it’s just a simple match-3 game. The great thing about “Ghoul Catchers” is that you can log-in on the app with your site info, and you earn 1,000 NP every time you complete a level. You can actually replay the first level (which is the easiest/quickest level, as it only requires 5 matches to win) repeatedly until you reach the daily cap, which is 50,000 NP. If you like grinding through it, you can play 50 rounds of “Ghoul Catchers” in about 20-30 minutes and easily earn 50K each day.

There is a known issue with “Ghoul Catchers” where it’ll say you’ve reached your daily limit of Neopoints, even if you haven’t. The best thing to do is just refresh your Neopets page and manually keep track of the money you’ve earned each day through “Ghoul Catchers” and then stop once you’ve earned 50,000 NP.

Trudy's Surprise

The other new daily is Trudy’s Surprise, a daily wheel you can spin which rewards Neopoints and items for spinning it each day. It’s basically a log-in bonus, and after logging in and spinning for 25 consecutive days, you’ll win 100K NP.

Play dailies and win lots of Neopoints!

Play dailies and win lots of Neopoints!

How to Make Lots of Neopoints!

Besides the above dailies, there are tons of other things you can do each day to earn money on the site. You can play flash games, sell items in your user shop, play the Battledome and win items to sell, spin wheels, play scratchcards, visit pages like Tombola or Coltzan’s Shrine, play the Stock Market, gamble in the Food Club, and so much more.

I highly recommend using The Daily Neopet’s Dailies page as part of your daily Neopets routine.

You can also check out my article,The Neopets Money-Making Guide! for some detailed tips and tricks!

Join a Neopets Community

This is completely optional, but something I found really helpful as returning player was joining a community of players off-site for other tips and tricks.

There’s a subreddit for Neopets players, as well as a Discord. There are also some active communities on Facebook. I recommend checking out Neopets Nation and Neopets at Night.

All of these communities are mainly for 18+ players, so you can chat without Neopets’ annoying word filters. There are also tons of other helpful players who can answer questions about the game for you, help with quests, remind you of upcoming events, or just chat with you about the site! Sometimes players also host free giveaways for NPs or rare items.

The Discord is also great, because you can set reminders to be sent to you via push notifications for things like Tarla’s Toolbar (a daily that occurs sporadically), when the Snowager is sleeping, when your stocks rise, and more. You can learn more about the Discord’s commands here.

Install Some Scripts

I don’t know if scripts didn’t exist back when I was playing Neopets heavily in 1999 to 2003, or if I was just too young to know about them, but there are some great user-created scripts which make playing Neopets even easier and better than before.

These scripts do NOT automate anything or allow you to cheat on the site, but simply create some quality of life improvements for playing Neopets.

There are a lot of great user-created scripts posted on the Neopets Subreddit. You can also check out my guide of The Best Neopets User Scripts if you’d like a recommendation of my absolute favourites!

Maybe customising your Neopet is your thing?  There's so much to do on the site!

Maybe customising your Neopet is your thing? There's so much to do on the site!

Find What You Enjoy About Playing Again!

Neopets is a huge site with lots to do! It’s not just about your pets, though they should be a big part of your gameplay (please, for all that is sacred and good in the world, don’t leave your pet starving while you play!).

Pet Care

Maybe you’re really all about taking care of your pet: buying them toys and playing with them, reading them lots of books, training them for the Battledome, feeding them their favourite food, buying them the best petpet, etc. You can also get addicted to customisation; finding the perfect paintbrush colour and background to decorate your pet with (for this, I recommend checking out Dress to Impress, a free site that allows you to play around with customisation options for your dream pet!).


Maybe you’re there for the mini-games: Destruct-O-Match, Meerca Chase, Hasee Bounce, Faerie Bubbles, Kiko Match, Spell-Or-Starve, and more! Get a high score and earn Neopoints and trophies!

Making Money

Some of us are all about making money and hoarding it—myself included! I personally love playing dailies, restocking, selling items in my user store, swiping things on the Trading Post; basically, everything I can do to be a Neopets millionaire!

Socialising, Neohomes and Galleries

  • If you’re into socialising, you can join a guild and make friends on the site!
  • Maybe you’ve always dreamed of getting a Neohome and decorating it.
  • You can also collect all the items you want for your dream Gallery.

Jump Back In!

There are so many things to do on Neopets and the site is still thriving and active all these years later. So why not jump back in and find what you love about playing again?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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