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"Neverwinter Online" Newbie Guide

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The logo from the official website of "Neverwinter Online."

The logo from the official website of "Neverwinter Online."

Creating Your Character (Toon): The Basics

The first step to playing Neverwinter Online is to make a character that you will play. Some now refer to this as a toon; I'm not sure where this came from, but I guess I am still old school and will refer to it as a character. It will be the person you are playing and controlling throughout the game.

Everything about your character affects their survivability. If you want to go for the most dominating character, it will probably take a lot of trial and error to get that perfect match. Of course, the game is set up to have each class have a weakness to one thing but a power over another.

Male or Female Character?

The first thing you have to decide on is if you will play as a male or female in the game. There is no in-game benefit to playing either one; it is just a personal preference that you have to make. If you are going to role-play (RP) in this game, keep in mind that you will have to play the part as either male or female depending on your choice here.

Which Race?

Next, you will have to choose which Race you would like to play. There are at this time twelve different Races to choose from. Each Race has its benefits and downsides. There are some races that work better with different Classes. Race really changes the look of your character more than anything in the game.

Pay-to-Play Races

Of the twelve races, three are now pay-to-have. The three you will have to pay for to play them are the Moon Elf, Dragonborn, and Menzoberranzan Renegade.

When you pay for the three races that cost money, you do get other in-game benefits and items. The pricing is $59.99 for the Moon Elf, $74.99 for the Dragonborn, and $199.99 for the Menzoberranzan Renegade. Personally, I have not paid for any of these, so I cannot give you too much detail on what all you get or if it is worth it.

Overview of the Races in the Game

  • Half-Orc: Are a half Orc half Human race. Having +2 Dexterity and either +2 Constitution or +2 Strength, most times you will see them as some sort of fighter.
  • Human: They work well in all Classes. You can choose a +2 in any Ability you like. Another bonus to the Human is they receive an extra Feat at levels 10, 15, and 20.
  • Wood Elf: Many elves are Wizards or Clerics. They receive a +2 in Dexterity and either +2 in Intelligence or +2 in Wisdom.
  • Sun Elf: Many Sun Elves are Wizards or Rogues or Warlocks. They receive a +2 to Intelligence and either +2 to Dexterity or +2 to Charisma.
  • Moon Elf: Much the same as Sun Elves they receive a +2 to Intelligence and either +2 to Dexterity or +2 to Charisma. (Pay-to-play race.)
  • Half-Elf: They are half Elf and half Human. Half-Elves receive +2 Constitution and either +2 in Charisma or +2 in Wisdom. Most are Clerics.
  • Drow: This Race is much like an Elf but from the Underdark and traditionally evil. They receive +2 in Dexterity and either +2 in Charisma or Wisdom. You will find mostly Rogues, Wizards or Clerics.
  • Menzoberranzan Renegade: Much like the Drow they get +2 in Dexterity and either +2 in Charisma or Wisdom. (Pay-to-play race.)
  • Dwarves: These hardy characters are mostly Fighters or Clerics. They receive +2 Constitution and either +2 in Strength or Wisdom.
  • Halfling: With a +2 to Dexterity and either +2 in Charisma or Constitution mostly you see them as Rogues or Clerics.
  • Tiefling: They're from demons and devils. Mostly you see them as Wizards. They have a +2 to Charisma and either +2 to Constitution or Intelligence.
  • Dragonborn: Unlike any other race the Dragonborn gets a +2 to any two stats you choose. (Pay-to-play race.)

Class Means Everything

Class is the next choice you will make, and this is one of the big ones. This will decide how you will fight in battle. Will you be in the thick of it swinging your sword in hand-to-hand combat or will you choose to stand back and wield your magic at your foes from a distance? This is where you will decide that.

Some would argue that playing a Fighter class would be easy because you just run in and swing your sword. Nothing to it right? Well in this game with different Feats (we'll cover that later) there is a little more to it than running forward and swinging your sword.

If you think that the Cleric is your thing, healing and keeping yourself and friends alive is very important but remember that when you fight alone, you won't be doing much damage and will have to survive much longer.

Perhaps you would like to slam down some magic. The Control Wizard can do some damage to many foes at once; however, if they get in close on you, they can do some serious damage to you.

If you're unsure about fighting close up or from a distance maybe the Hunter Ranger is the answer. You can easily fight from a distance or stay in close, but the real way to fight is a little of both.

Of course, those that just want to do a massive amount of damage with a fairly decent ability to survive might become a Scourge Warlock.

No matter what life you choose, it is sure to be fun and entertaining to learn the best survival techniques of the class.

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Overview of the Classes in the Game

  • Trickster Rogue: The master of stealth and misdirection carries a dagger in each hand and is capable of inflicting some serious damage to its enemies.
  • Devoted Cleric: Devoted to their deity, healing and preventing damage is their calling. While doing little damage and usually found in the back of the party there is no question, they are a big reason the party stays alive.
  • Control Wizard: These arcane artists can make quick work of their foes from a distance. Their ability to take down multiple foes at once is a blessing to a small party.
  • Great Weapon Fighter: These brutes can hand out massive amounts of damage in a one-on-one fight. The great sword in capable hands can pummel their foes into the ground.
  • Guardian Fighter: Known as a tank, she can stand in the middle of battle and defend herself well as she holds off the horde of attackers.
  • Hunter Ranger: A master with the bow and quick with the sword. She can attack many enemies at once with a hail of arrows or close quickly on one injured enemy and just as quickly disappear into the bushes.
  • Scourge Warlock: The darker side of magic not only allows you to do massive amounts of damage but also steal the life forces of your enemies. While cursing them and damaging them, you heal yourself and your friends.
Traveling to Neverwinter

Traveling to Neverwinter

Character Abilities

  • Strength (STR): Measures a character's physical power.
  • Constitution (CON): a character's health, stamina, and vital force.
  • Dexterity (DEX): measures hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes, and balance.
  • Intelligence (INT): describes how well a character learns and reasons.
  • Wisdom (WIS): measures common sense, perception, self-discipline, and empathy
  • Charisma (CHA): measures force of personality, persuasiveness, and leadership.

Abilities Are the Core

Abilities give you many benefits in Neverwinter Online. It's a fine line of where you should put points when it comes to Abilities. Everyone has their own opinion to how many points should go where for each character.

Once you have chosen your starting points you cannot go back and change them without starting all over. So, choose wisely. Here I will give you the basic idea of what abilities are and how they will help you. From there it is up to you to figure it out.

Remember your race will give you bonuses on certain Abilities and your class will benefit from higher abilities.


The next step to making your character is to change their appearance. Though you can leave it just the way the default comes up, you can make minor adjustments to make it your own.

The nice thing about changing the appearance is you're really making your own unique character. Though this is all just for looks and doesn't benefit your character in any way, you don't want to look just like every other character.

You can change things from the shape of your head, the color of your eyes and hair, to the tattoos and scars you might have. Maybe you prefer to be tall or short, skin or fat. It's all up to you when you change the appearance of your character.

Neverwinter Map

Neverwinter Map

Where Do You Hail From?

One of the last things you will have to decide on is where your character comes from. This will not affect the gameplay, but it would affect your Role Playing.

Are you from the big city of Waterdeep or are you from the forests of The Dalelands. Perhaps you're an escaped slave from the Northdark. It is for you to make up and have fun with.

Most of the major areas of the Forgotten Realms are here for you to choose from.

Choose Your Deity

Choosing your Deity really does not seem to have much effect on the game. You can choose any of the twelve choices, and it will not negatively affect the game. Some of the major deities from the Forgotten Realms are here to choose from.

If you are not familiar with them it's alright; you can just read the description and choose the one that sounds most interesting to you. Maybe you are familiar and have a favorite.

I personally like Tempus, the god of battle if I play some sort of fighter and for my thief, I prefer Tymora the goddess of good fortune, known as Lady Luck. Feel free to choose your favorite for whatever reason you like.

Write Your Bio, Then Start the Game

So the last thing you can do before starting the game is write your bio. This is where you can make up your past. You can tell your characters history, where he is going in life or what make her tick.

Some come up with great stories that are very detailed while others choose to skip over this part. This is a great way to help you figure out how you will Role Play your character.

This is optional, you can skip this and write nothing, or you can tell a whole story. You can wait and fill this in at a later time.

It's Free to Play

Neverwinter Online is a free to play game. There is no cost to download and play; there is no monthly charge which I find to be a great thing. You can try it and continue to play without paying a thing.

Being a free game have you tried it out yet? Did you enjoy it if you have tried it? The nice thing is you can try it with nothing to lose. Unlike other games that you have to pay monthly to play even if you don't have that much time to play it.

Granted there are things you can pay for, and they will give you benefits that you can only get by paying there is nothing that you have to pay for.

Good luck and have fun. Hope to see you in the game.

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Bill Larson on February 21, 2018:

I’m impressed with what you have done with your part for this game Scott and Cindy been playing for 2 years now

Thomas Bensen (author) from Wisconsin on October 02, 2014:

thank you, sandy hoping it helps someone.

Sandy Mertens from Frozen Tundra on October 02, 2014:

Good instructions on becoming a Neverwinter player.

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