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"New World": Helpful Tips for Better Play

Chris has enjoyed gaming most of his life. Online gaming has turned is fun and convenient and Chris hopes you can enjoy yourself gaming.


New World has many facets of gameplay, and a lot of the fun is finding the balance that suits you. There are many weapons to choose from, and more are being added in the future. Crafting will always be an important part of the game as well, be it that you buy things that are crafted or make them yourself. And with some legendary items, you have to craft them if you ever want them because they are "bind on pick-up."

Here are some helpful tips and hints that will help things go a little smoother for most gamers. These are things to think about so a player doesn't simply make a selection thinking it doesn't matter or it can change down the road.

Key Bindings

Change your key bindings to what is easier for you. I change my weapon switch to mouse 4 and mouse 5. This is easier when making quick changes, most often in PVP, but during tough solo PVE situations.

I would recommend changing key bindings and experimenting to see what makes you more efficient. This allows you to accomplish more daring tasks. There are plenty of times that changing weapons helps defeat a foe by quickly changing for interrupts to keep them from casting. Make the controls work for you.

To access the key bindings, hit esc and then select settings. Key bindings should be the top option and already selected. Look through them, there may be some that you want to change that you never thought about.


Understand Weapon Basics

A huge part of this game is fighting, so you need to understand fighting. This includes how each weapon works and how they work together. A person using a war hammer and life staff may be great at one or the other, but they won't be great at both. And if they are more geared towards the war hammer, then they will want to be closer for combat and vice versa. If they are better at the life staff, expect a lot of crowd control special attacks.

You need to practice combinations with your choice of weapons as well. Today I watched two level 60s get wiped by a level 52 elite caster that I had just solo'd. I could interrupt him consistently by using the great axe and spear. This took a lot of his strong attacks out of the picture very quickly. I am in the process of mastering every weapon there is. I am a little more than halfway done, but it has shown me small details that I didn't realize before.

Make Mistakes

Trying something new is not a bad thing. There will be times that it turns out to be a huge mistake, but then you know what happens and not to do it again. I would prefer to be the person who knows what is going to happen when someone does something than be the person who doesn't do something because others don't do it.

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Currently, in Outpost Rush, if a team builds a gate, then there is a little rock on the left side of the door that can be used to jump off and climb the wall. Other players rushed to the other side of the fort to attack instead of trying something new. I have captured forts by using this. As the other team pauses at the gate to hold the "e" button to enter, I am ready for them because I can see them before they enter.

By trying different combinations and timing with your weapons, you will get faster at knowing what you need to use and when. While learning this, you will get the crap kicked out of you. Sometimes it's because of a special you use during an attack with grit, or you may discover the effect takes off at a certain point in the animation when you thought it would be later. But then you know and adjust and get better.


Territory Standing Bonuses

Knowing the bonuses early on is a great thing and can save you from being trapped into choices that you later realize you don't want. This is one area that you can't respec currently. So here is a list of what options are and then we will talk about what you shouldn't take and why.

House Ownership

Property Tax Reduction

Standing Gain

Faction Token Gain

Gathering Speed

Housing Items

Station Fee Reduction

Storage Space

Trade Tax Reduction

XP Gain

From the options, the only two things I would highly recommend to anyone is that they never take "Standing Gain" and limit "XP Gain" to one higher level territory. There is a limit to 300 levels in a territory. If you do take "Standing Gain" then once you hit this max level, it will be wasted from that point forward. It is the faster now or better later option.

The reason I would limit "XP Gain" is that this is a good single aspect bonus. Many will advise that a player should put one level into XP Gain at most. I think that you should choose this the few times it is offered in a high-level zone. This is simply for the purpose of leveling new weapons faster in the future. I would most likely use this card in Restless Shores because of the multiple weapon experience grinding areas.

Play With Others

There is a lot in New World that you can do by yourself, but most of the options are faster if you have a group. I would rather run an expedition like Dynasty and gain a level with a weapon, increase my watermark, and be active doing something not all that repetitive such as grinding.

If a group of players is used to PVP'ing with each other, that group will be able to handle things much better than most others. Playing with others will make wars and Outpost Rush a little more enjoyable and successful. Knowing how the others run it will also make expeditions much easier as well.

So either way you look at it, playing with others can open harder content and be more fun as well as more efficient for you. It will also make the game better and have a longer life. If grouped, you will get experience if others kill a mob as well as possible drops.

Have Fun

If you are not having fun, take a break and get away. This is a game, and you should be enjoying it. If you are running around with the PVP flag, understand that some people will try to kill you. If they do, learn from it. I am flagged constantly and have luck gear on. I know I am at an automatic disadvantage, and I do get killed from time to time. But I have gotten better at dodging and understanding attack rotations because I need to be better. I have noticed an increase in Outpost Rush (OPR) standings as well from this.

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