"Oac" Farming: Super Armor Scraps

Updated on November 25, 2018
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Jade is a gaming enthusiast. Her decades of experience in gaming drive her passion to explore mobile gaming.

Super Armor Scraps

Super Armor Scraps in oac online.
Super Armor Scraps in oac online. | Source

Farming Silent Castle

If you are reading this it is very likely that you are working crafting like a Jeff (I'm told we aren't doing the Jeff thing anymore!! Can't be true!). There are other uses for super armor scraps, such as for selling and making low-level gear. Most of your exposure to them is that journey that is crafting.

This is the point at crafting where most players begin to think about buying 100 point slabstones in the Nick Shop. Then there those who are in it for the glory, and keep farming their hearts out. I am with you man!!

Super Armor Scraps have a lower drop rate than many of its predecessors. It can be a stage of crafting where boredom and frustration are setting in. There are ways to make it more interesting. If you choose the right farming location you can kill two birds with one stone.

Remember, you can buy super armor scraps, and other mats from a vendor using hero emblems. On one of my other guides I am running a poll, and most people think that the best use of hero emblems is on the Black Market. Think wisely before you spend them for mats. Don't forget the AH. Although, they are one of the more expensive mats.

The following farming spots just have to be my favorite places to farm super armor scraps. In truth, they drop from all over the place. Strangely enough, the Retrophile bug looking things, for the daily, even drop them.

I choose my spots by drop rate and what other interesting things are going on at each one.

Super Armor Scraps In Tear Coast

Silent Castle in Tear Coast. Farming location for super armor scraps.
Silent Castle in Tear Coast. Farming location for super armor scraps. | Source

Silent Castle

The Super Armor Scrap farming location I am sweet on at the moment is Silent Castle. This is a high level, PVP area in Tear Coast. So beware on this one. I ran a poll, and 45% of players feel that this is the best place to farm super armor scraps.

One very busy servers this place can be deadly. On the other hand, on less populated servers, this area can be quite the ghost town.

I love farming here. You see, while you are farming your super armor scraps, you are also farming for something else.

This is the special area where you gather and collect mats for level 60 epic trinkets. Before update 23, this was a largely ignored part of the game. This is one of those, days of old thing, that is now better than ever.

With the new lottery making it easy for lower levels to get Essence of God, it now makes sense to make the epic level 60 trinkets. If you farm super armor scraps at Silent Castle you also get a chance at the pattern and symbols used to make that epic pattern.

There is an epic boss in the area as well, and he drops the pattern for the trinket. You can farm your super armor scraps from these level 60 mobs while working on an epic level 60 trinket that you can use (it binds, so make the one for your class.

Saltyhead Beach

Super armor scraps at Silent Caslte in Tear Coast. Oac online.
Super armor scraps at Silent Caslte in Tear Coast. Oac online. | Source

Saltyhead Beach

Saltyhead beach in Sinskald Rift is a popular place to farm super armor scraps. There is a mount that spawns there. It is not epic, though. Saltyhead beach is all the way in the north. You have to let the title at the top of the screen go away to see it clearly.

The enemies there that drop the super armor scraps are:

  • Saltyhead harpoonist
  • Saltyhead chiefton
  • Saltyhead warriors
  • Saltyhead Shaman
  • Salty Head Wrestlers

This is not a PVP area, and there are lots of mobs grouped together. But it's far away from the teleporter, mailbox, and bank.

Thisiville Super Armor Scrap Farming

Farming super armor scraps in sinskald rift on OAC online.
Farming super armor scraps in sinskald rift on OAC online. | Source

Thistleville Outpost

Thistleville outpost is known best for the daily, which requires defeating the various elves. There are no mounts that spawn here, but there are many groups of mobs.

The only time that this is not a good time to farm scraps is when the events or weekly tournoment is dailies. In those cases there is too much compitition, and it is best to go someplace else.

The enemies that drop super armor scraps are:

  • Thistleville Sneaker
  • Thistleville Blademaster
  • Thistleville Sentry
  • Thistleville Cabalist

Dompeii Runes Farming

Farming Super Armor scraps in OAC online, at Dompeii Ruins.
Farming Super Armor scraps in OAC online, at Dompeii Ruins. | Source

Dompeii Ruins

Dompeii Ruins is one of the more popular place to farm super armor scraps. It is not a PVP area, there are mobs everywhere and there is a mount that spawns here (not epic).

You can keep a kill chain going farily easy. Still, none of these places have truly satisfying drop rates. If you farm here, every now and again, you may want to go down the rare mob enemy. It is one of the few places in the game to get general symbols to drop, plus a soul signent.

The ruins are filled with orcs and some humans. The following drop your scraps:

  • Merciless Heretic
  • Ignorant Heretic
  • Frenzied Heretic
  • Any other humanoid

Super Armor Scraps and Demons

There are many demons across Sinskald Rift that drop super armor scraps. In general, I think that the demons have the worst drop rate of all.

The Silver Ladder, Peanal coloty and umbra rift all have demons, which drop scraps. West of the Monastary Of Flame there are Redtropil soldiers, and they drop them, too.

While you are in Sinskald Rifft make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Blood Mineral Ore. It is red, sparkly, and sells for a ton on the AH.

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Bethie, ......... You are amazing, fact. Your posts about the ins and outs of this game are insanely helpful. You have been a pillar of knowledge that has helped me look over the expansiveness of this game. All I can say is thank you for the time you have spent helping out your fellow gamers.

      rock ON

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi, I am currently working on my crafting. Is there a slabstone out there that adds 100 levels to your crafting? are the slabstones found on the amusement park the same as the ones on the nick shop and the lottery? (If you look at the pictures, the ones from the amusement park are larger compared to the ones from the lottery.)


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