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How to Use Gems in "Order and Chaos"

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Gem Merchant Location in Greenmont, "Order and Chaos Online"

Gem Merchant Location in Greenmont, "Order and Chaos Online"

How Gems Work in OAC

Gems give players additional stats, making them more durable and dangerous. Order and Chaos is more interesting when you equip gems. Strategic allocation of additional stats helps players progress. With gems, you become stronger and more durable.

There are old gems and new gems. The old gems are low level and cost many removal pliers to remove. I recommend using new gems in epic and high-level blue gear. You can use lower level gems in greens and low-level blues if you are leveling or to enhance gear you plan to replace.

Gems are classified by colors. Most gear and weapons have three gem sockets. Each slot is color-coded to match the gem that can be equipped.

Embedding Gems: Costs

  1. To embed the first gem into a piece of gear, you must spend 150 gold to unlock the first slot.
  2. Next, you must spend one drilling cone to unlock the second slot.
  3. It costs three drilling cones to unlock the last slot.

Equipping gems is done in Greenmont at the gem merchant, near the stables. If you need to remove a gem, then you use removal pliers. You can only add and remove gems at the Gem House vendors in Greenmont and in the Grey Market, Polynia Island.

Gem Sellers in Greenmont, "Order and Chaos Online"

Gem Sellers in Greenmont, "Order and Chaos Online"

How to Get Gems

There are many different level gems in the game and many ways to get them. This commentary will only cover the first four levels of gems.

Level One Gems

A level one gem drops in MZL and AGL, can be bought at a gem vendor, and can be bought on the auction house. You cannot buy anything but a level one gem from the gem vendors.

Level Two Gems

To get a level two gem, you can wait for one to drop in the dungeons, buy one on the auction house, or combine three level one gems. To combine gems, you go to the gem house. You do not have to pay runes to combine gems.

However, a gem has a certain percentage that represents the chance you have at making the gem. You can pay runes to increase these percentages. Sometimes when you try to make a gem, it fails and you are left with lesser gems.

Level Three Gems

Level three gems can be won as drops or made by combining three level two gems. There are different types of level three gems.

Level Four Gems

Level four gems are made by combining three level three gems. Some higher level gems are won in festivals or obtained in other manners.

There are gems sold for ignots at Mist Traders Base Camp, which offer different statistics than level fours you make.

Level Six Gems

Level six gems can be won by completing certain quests.

Removal Pliers in "Order and Chaos" Are How You Get Gems Back

Removal Pliers in "Order and Chaos" Are How You Get Gems Back

Removing a Gem

If you want to remove a gem from a piece of gear, then you go back to the gem merchant in Greenmont and spend removal pliers to take the gems out.

Choosing Which Gems to Use

Before you buy or sell any gems, you need to decide which gems you want to use. Your class will determine which gems are best for you. There is some variation and choice within class. For example, some monks like to go heavy on spell haste, while others go heavy on spell crit.

It is important to realize that casters have different gems than melee. Haste is not for casters, but spell haste is. Crit is not for casters, but spell crit is. Make sure you embed the right gems or you might do yourself a disservice.

You can check out other players' gems in their character menu.

You can check out other players' gems in their character menu.

What's That Gem?

The table below is a description of the gems in Order and Chaos Online. It covers the added attributes, and it also describes the color and level of the gem.

Many pieces of gear can take a red, blue, and green gem. Don't just jump to conclusions, though; some gear may have two green slots, a red slot, and no blue slot.

To become truly powerful, you need to plan out which gems you want to embed. Use drilling cones with care. Gemming gear is a big decision, and it doesn't have to involve real money, but if you choose the wrong gems, it might.

Buying Gems for Real Money

Remember, if you really want to, you can buy level three gems on the Nick Shop. I will be honest that I have bought a few level three. When they go on sale, it is a good time to jump on them. I have a level three in almost every slot, and I have only bought three. It is very possible to do this without money if you are patient.

What Level of Gems to Use

I am currently saving my level four gems for something new and working to obtain higher level gems. I don't recommend putting level one or two gems in your gear. If you really want to get the edge up then you want to have AT LEAST level three gems, and if you can try for level four gems, then do it.

Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 Gems

In Order and Chaos Online Gems do not stop at level 4. There are many higher level gems. This article only concerns begening gems.


Level 1

Dim Gorgeous Crystal = + Spell Power By 6

Dim Piercing Malachite = + Crit by 5

Dim Keen Zircon = + Strength By 5


Dim Solid Crystal = + Healing Power by 12

Dim Deft Malachite = + Dodge by 5

Dim Lightning Zircon = + Agility By 5


Dim Deadly Crystal = + Attack Power by 11

Dim Fractured Malachite = + Spell Crit By 5

Dim Smooth Zircon = + Stamana by 6


Dim Tenacious Crystal = + Resilience By 5

Dim Swift Malachite = + Haste By 5

Dim Burning Zircon = + Wisdom by 5



Dim Eplapsing Malachite = + Spell Haste By 5


Level 2

Ordinary Georgeous Crystal = + Spell Power By 11

Ordinary Piercing Malachite = + Crit by 10

Ordinary Keen Zircon = + Strength By 10


Ordinary Solid Crystal = + Healing By 22

Ordinary Deft Malachite = + Dodge By 10

Ordinary Lightning Zircon = + Agility By 10


Ordinary Deadly Crystal = + Attack Power by 22

Ordinary Fractured Malachite = + Spell Crit By 10

Ordinary Smooth Zircon = + Stamina By 14


Ordinary Tenacious Crystal = + Resilience by 10

Ordinary Swift Malachite = + Haste By 10

Ordinary Brilliant Zircon = + Wisdom By 10



Ordinary Elapsing Malachite = + Spell Power By 10


Level 3

Excellent Gorgeous Crystal = + Spell Power By 18

Excellent Piercing Malachite = + Crit by 15

Excellent Keen Zircon = + Strength 15


Excellent Solid Crystal = + Healing Power By 33

Excellent Deft Malachite = + Dodge By 15

Excellent Lightning Zircon = + Agility By 15


Excellent Deadly Crystal = + Attack Power By 30

Excellent Fractured Malachite = + Spell Crit By 15

Excellent Smooth Zircon = + Stamina By 22


Excellent Tenacious Crystal = + Resilience By 15

Excellent Swift Malachite = + Haste By 15

Excellent Brilliant Zircon = + Wisdom By 15



Excellent Elapsing = + Spell Haste By 15


Level 4

Glorious Gorgeous Crystal = + Spell Power By 25

Glorious Piercing Malachite = + Crit By 22

Glorious Keen Zircon = + Strength By 22


Glorious Solid Crystal = + Healing Power By 49

Glorious Deft Malachite = + Dodge By 22

Glorious Lightning Zircon = + Aglity 22


Glorious Deadly Crystal = + Attack Power By 44

Glorious Fractured Malachite = + Spell Crit By 22

Glorious Smooth Zircon = + Stamina By 34


Glorious Tenacious Crystal = + Resilience By 22

Glorious Swift Malachite = + Haste By 22

Glorious Brilliant Zircon = + Wisdom By 22



Glorious Elapsing Malachite = + Spell Haste By 22


Go Get Gemmed Out

Those are the basics of gems. You are sure to learn more about it in game and with experience. Do not skip this part of the game.

Final Tips

  • Even if you are not gemming right away, save every gem that you will use for your class.
  • When you choose your gems, consider the purpose of the piece of gear. A dungeon set will most likely be gemmed differently than a PvP set.
  • Don't sell a gem that you think you need for your class. I don't care how desperate you are. There are lots of ways to make gold, but gems are much harder to come by.
  • Gems make you stronger and more powerful in both PvP and PvE, so use them wisely and often.

Questions & Answers

Question: If you do not want to buy runes for drilling cones, is there another method to get drilling cones?

Answer: Yes! Drilling cones drop in t3 dungeons, can be found in dungeon bag (running the three normal dungeons listed in the dailies, from gold chests from the timed events, and from the gold chest you get from capping in PVP.

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Kenneth Avery on April 15, 2017:

This hub can only be described by, "Wow!" Fantastic!

Thoroughly-written. Loved it.

Honored to meet, honor, and follow you.

Rågnarøk on March 08, 2016:

Haste Inc atck speed

Maui on December 12, 2015:

Hi do u have a page to explain the stats? So far haste is the only one confusing me as i do not really understand what it does

Jade Griffin (author) from Ohio on June 16, 2015:

The last time i transformed a blue t3, the gems went back in to my bag.

bob on June 15, 2015:

if i gem a t4 or t3 blue, will the upgrade into the epic gear destroy the gem if it is not removed?

Jade Griffin (author) from Ohio on June 15, 2015:

Generally yes. I do know good warriors and rangers who use healing germs. Are you pvp? How much more healing does it do? In pvp a ressilience gem is generally better than a healing gem. However, i have seen those extra heals trick other players, simply because they don't expect it. For the most part your doing well. You want those high lvl gems. One word of caution, recently there was a string of bans. Players who dueped on oac were banned. Now, some claim they didn't bupe, but received a dupped item. Its now a rummor, which I hate. We have no idea if that is true. Winter gems were one item that was dupped, so were stockings and stars tho, and no one got banned for that. My policy is this, only take popularly dupped items if i know they were obtained legitly. Keep it up with high level gems, try for those lvl 5 gems where possible. It's worth agl just to get a chance at one.

OacPlayer on June 14, 2015:

I put a winter candy in my s3 chest was that the right idea? Then i used a lvl4 haste gem (important for sins) as well, including spell crit and crit, which apparently can be both used on sin gear. I also used one healing power gem, to add extra healing on my smoke bomb? Did i gem my s3 properly? Plz tell me

Jade Griffin (author) from Ohio on May 03, 2015:

The percentages change depending on what level of gem you are making. I hate to say it, but there are only two ways to make high level gems. One is to run dungeons that drop them. Agl is the easiest, but higher dungeons drop them more often. As far as spending runes, a majority of my level four and five gems where obtained by spending runes to increase the chance, and even then it is scetchy. If you can, save your high level gems for s3 or t4. The cost to remove high level gems is off the chart. It is something I hope gameloft will address in their next major update.

Queen on April 26, 2015:

Hi there, OAC is my first MMO so your posts have been super helpful for me. I was wondering about the chance rate when gemming, does it go up and down? I've been at 40% chance for almost a week, and really don't want to spend runes for that right now. Thanks!

Jade Griffin (author) from Ohio on January 23, 2015:

By best do you mean lvl or type? It also depends if you are pvp or pve. For my lvl 70 devine monk, the first gems I got were healing gems. If you are PVP then healing gems are your blue slots. If you are PVP then you want some resilience gems. Only put resilience gems in your PVP gear and only put healing gems in PVE. For green I go with spell haste first, when you feel you have enough then you may want some spell crit. Some PvP devine healers are doing dodge gems in PvP gear. For red, you want wisdom for PVE. Some PVP players are getting the block gems from mist trader, they are red slots.

Level 6 gems, and achievement gems are the best, but level 3s and 4s can make you pretty powerful, esspecially if you have skill. The best gem for you depends where you are at in the game. Think about where you are struggling. When your tank or team dies why is it? Healing gems give bigger heals, and wisdom gives more mana. Spell haste makes your casting time faster. Spell crit, does effect heal crits. Personally, I like healing gems first, bigger heals means spending less mana, but you have to figure out which astpect your healing style needs the most.

Rio on January 23, 2015:

What is the best gem for divine monk (healer)?

Jade Griffin (author) from Ohio on January 05, 2015:

It can be pay to win. I just looked to see what I have spent. My total spent in the past year is $63 US dollars. I spent like $12 bucks a month on WOW. Honestly, this game can be free, and/or a lot cheaper. If you want to be uber special overnight, sure pay to win. However, I get a certain satisfaction and respect for being play to win. Most of my server mates know I spend very little money and treat me with the same reverance and respect as players who are pay to win epic. If you understand what you are doing, you can get very far with very little money. I am glad you are giving it another chance. If you have questions or problems, let me know. I will try to keep the site updated and answer all questions. I am also looking for more topics to write about. Good luck.

Avalt on January 04, 2015:

Thanks for your write ups, I started a week ago & uninstalled after seeing comments that the game is only pay2win & runes must be bought. I don't mind waiting extra time if it means not having to pay :)

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