Order and Chaos: Rare Blood Achievement in The Great Desert

Updated on April 8, 2017
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The Hunter Achievement in The Desert

The rare blood enemies in The Great Desert are laboriously farmed for their loot. Heck, some players take them down just to keep others from finishing their hunter achievement.

This is where you are likely to see soul signets and symbols drop. Soul signets don't drop off every boss in the region. However, if you take out a few of them, you are likely to see one.

These enemies are isolated, spaced from one end of the desert to the other. The good news is that only one of the five enemies is a part of a quest line.

When you hunt for Rare blood here, you might want to bring some Crimson Tower Antoria wings (the gold ones) with you. Some of the locations are out of the way, and you may not want to walk all the way back.

Once you are done in this zone, check out these other rare blood guides.

Desert Water lord Picture.
Desert Water lord Picture. | Source

The Desert Water Lord

The Desert Water Lord can be one of the more difficult Rare Blood enemies to find. Not because of the location, but because he never seems to be where he should.

He is heavily farmed and has the potential for an extra long spawn time. He also brings two water elementals into the fight with him. There are always elementals and humanoids by the pond. If you are level 40, bring your A game to this battle.

When you reach his oasis, you will see lots of humanoids and elementals. The Desert Water Lord is the one who walks around the pond.

To find him, teleport to the Camp of Sacrathar and head southeast along the cliff face. The Desert Water Lord only walks around the oasis.

He has a few of the great drops you can look forward to:

  • Benevolent Monks Staff
  • Colonels Symbol
  • Fragment of Soul Signent
  • And more

Desert Water Lord Location.
Desert Water Lord Location. | Source
The Desert Wolf King Picture.
The Desert Wolf King Picture. | Source

Desert Wolf King

The Desert Wolf King is a Level 45 canine located in the far southwest corner of the Great Desert. To find him, teleport to Sdukar and head toward Windscale Ruin's. The Wolf king is along the cliff face south of the ruins.

He will be standing in one of the giant bone skeletons. There are two wolves near him, but both can be pulled away and picked off. There are quite a few bone skeletons, so make sure you find the right one before you declare him MIA.

He respawns every two or three hours and some of his drops are:

  • Foundry Patterns: The Seaside Chestplate and the Restrained Desire Chest plate (level 35-40 blues)
  • Fragment of Soul Signent
  • Colonels Symbol
  • Assortment of gear

The Desert Wolf King Location.
The Desert Wolf King Location. | Source
Iron Tail Picture.
Iron Tail Picture. | Source

Iron Tail

Iron Tail is not too far from the Desert Water Lord. If you teleport to Winds End, head slightly south and then east along the cliff, you will find him next to a big tree and some smaller lizards.

Iron tail is a level 42 epic lizard, he can be fought alone and doesn't provide too much of a challenge.

He respawns every 3 to 5 hours, usually on the quicker end on most servers. There is nothing fancy about this one, but he has some good drops.

Some possible drops are an assortment of good gear, a foundry symbol and a Fragment of Soul Signet (now can be used to buy blue AND epic gear in GM!)

Iron Tail Location.
Iron Tail Location. | Source
Oasis Peace Breaker Picture.
Oasis Peace Breaker Picture. | Source

Oasis Peace Breaker

The Oasis Peace Breaker is the alligator Rare blood of this land.

He swims in a very small oasis (lake) just west of Guardians Rest (next to Sdukar). He is a bit too big for this lake, but that does not seem to bother him much.

He spawns every three to five hours and is the only living creature in the water. His drops are not as impressive as other Great Desert Rare Blood enemies.

He might drop gear, a foundry handbook (such as the Seaside Chestplate) and very rarely a soul signet.

I recommend learning this spot well because the ghost chinchillas and the pink elephant spawn near here.

Oasis Peace Breaker Location.
Oasis Peace Breaker Location. | Source
Salina Rover Picture.
Salina Rover Picture. | Source

Salina Rover

Salina Rover is likely the first Great Desert Rare Blood enemy you will see. She is part of a quest line early on, and should not be too much of a challenge as long as you don't pull too many water elementals.

She is located in the big shallow lake east of the Crimson Tower: Antoria (your wings take you here). She is a large purple elemental surrounded by other smaller elemental.

She almost never drops anything good, mostly because she is a part of that quest line. That also means she spawns back quickly.

If you completed all of your quests in the Desert, then you most likely have already killed this one, with no impressive drops.

I have never seen her drop a Fragment of Soul Signet, and doubt that she does.

Salina Rover Location.
Salina Rover Location. | Source
Rare Blood Enemy
Level, Quest (Y/N)
Spawn Time
Desert Water Lord
46, No
3 - 5 Hours
Desert Wolf King
45, No
2 - 3 Hours
42 , No
3- 5 Hour
Oasis Peace Breaker
45, No
3 -5 Hours
Salina Rover
43 , No
Near Instant
All information was collected from gameplay, and only meant for comentary.

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