Order and Chaos High Quality Armor Scrap Farming Guide

Updated on November 21, 2018
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MMORPG Order and Chaos Online

Where to Farm High Quality Armor Scraps

In Order and Chaos, high quality armor scrap farming takes place mainly in Tear Coast. This type of farming take patience, but can save you from buying more Slab Stones than necessary.

A few enemies in Swamp of Wyrms drop them, but the best actual farming spots are not there. There are many places to farm these because they drop off of all humanoid enemies in Tear Coast and some in Swamp of Wyrms. Remember, lizards are humanoids too, and may drop them.

There are two locations that are the best for farming these scraps the one you use will depend on your crafting needs. High quality armor scraps are used during all players journey through intermediate crafting.

Like normal armor scraps, every player in the game needs these. This means you can sell high quality armor scraps easily on the Auction House. With the rate of inflation we see in-game today, they sell for a pretty penny.

You want to finish your own crafting before you start to sell them. Remember, you will need Legendary crafting to make epics. High quality armor scraps are in high demand in the game, and essential to crafting.

Plan to spend time farming these, and try to spec for AOE farming. The faster you kill the mobs, the faster the spawn rate. It takes a couple of spawns to notice the adjusted spawn rate, so don't give up to quickly. Once you are on a roll, the scraps will start flowing in. If you farm for 20 min or more, and still feel your not getting many, then it's time to try a different spot.

High Quality Armor Scrap Drop

High Quality Armor Scraps dropped by Buccaneers in Tear Coast.
High Quality Armor Scraps dropped by Buccaneers in Tear Coast. | Source

Best Farming Location for High Quality Armor Scraps

Buccaneers, high quality armor scrap farming location,
Buccaneers, high quality armor scrap farming location, | Source

Farming High Quality Armor Scraps on South Pearl Beach

South Pearl Beach is a series of beaches along the west coast of Tear coast. There are four different beaches that make up South Pearl Beach.

The beach to the far north is a great place to farm high quality armor scraps. When you farm here you can also farm bronze mineral and marcasite, poor and ordinary fur and collect a chest with level 1 scrolls, with the possibility of more high quality armor scraps.

I like this spot because there is a lot you can knock out, all in one place. Another place you can do that is with the screaming harpies and bandshies around the houses near silent hill.

Farming Humanoids

Buccanners who drop high quality armor scraps. Captin Snook Forest.
Buccanners who drop high quality armor scraps. Captin Snook Forest. | Source

Buccaners and High Quality Armor Scraps

Captain Snook Forest, and his sturdy band of Buccaneers are a group of shipwrecked deviants that drop high quality armor scraps and cotton. The captain is level 15, and his buccaneers are level 13. Almost anyone can farm these with the enemies being so low level.

There are three groups of buccaneers on the beach. There are about 5 humanoids in each group.Each group drops between 1 and 2 high quality armor scraps, for an average of 2 per group.

There may be a small very small wait for respawn. However, during that time you can take advantage of the resources of the area.The forest boars drop poor fur, which leather workers need. They also need the ordinary fur dropped from the saltwater crocodiles on the beach.

You might also get lucky, in the group working with Captain Snook Forest, there is a chest.In it, you will get some level 1 scrolls and a little bit of food.You might also kill some time farming the ample amount of bronze and marcasite that spawn on the beach.

Screaming Banshee

High quality armor scrap drop location.
High quality armor scrap drop location. | Source
High quality armor scrap drop location.
High quality armor scrap drop location. | Source

Farming High Quality Armor Scraps at Harvest Manor

Another great place to farm high quality armor scraps is around the Silent Castle. You may never have heard of it before, but it is home to the PvP zone in Tear Coast. A lot of people don't know there is a PvP zone there, but its home to the Shadow Prince.

Once upon a time, this used to be a zone filled with fierce battles, but now it's usually found empty. Don't worry though, the humanoid mobs you fight here are not in the PvP zone. They are the skeletons and zombies you encounter just before you get to the red zone.

Just before you get to the Silent Castle in tear coast there are tons of humanoid mobs that drop high quality armor scraps. The best drop rate for high quality armor scraps are Screaming Banshees and the Screaming Harpy. You get 2 or 3 high quality armor scraps for every 5 you kill. They are all the way in the back, near Silent Castle, where the abandon town is.

What are High Quality Armor Scraps For?

As mentioned above, every player in Order and Chaos who wishes to level up their crafting skills needs to use scraps.

The number you need depends on your craft. However, plan to need a lot of these.

I have not counted the exact number, but they do not make it easy on us.

Farming them can take days, and buying them can take a pot full of gold.

My suggestion is never discard, leave behind, or vendor these scraps. They are much to valuable for that.

The second stage of crafting skills is called intermediate, which is just after primary.

By this point, you have worked your way through normal armor scraps in Arcadian Forest.

High quality armor scraps are used to make hoods, chests, gloves and boots for level 20 to 30 characters.

Garment makers will make cloth gear; foundry will make plate. Leatherworkers make leather gear.

Once you finish intermediate finished, you will move into advances crafting skills.

Strangely enough, the scraps you will need for this step are not advanced. Instead, you will need exquisite armor scraps.

For that, you will visit the Whispering Island and The Swamp of Wyrmns.

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