"Order and Chaos" Mount Spawn Times

Updated on November 25, 2018
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Spawning Mounts in Haradon

Mount hunting is easy with a little understanding about how spawn times revolve around catching mounts. Zones have one mount up at a time. Lower level continents are each considered a zone.

Mount Zones:

  • Arcadian Forest
  • Tear Coast
  • Swamp of Worms
  • Whispering Islands
  • Sinskaald Rift
  • Under Realm
  • Eternal Frostlund
  • Obsidian Shore
  • Crimson Beach
  • Petrified Forest
  • Sacrificial Alter

Polynesia Island has three zones; other continents are a zone. Starting areas, Arcadian Forest, and Tear Coast are the only zones without mounts. Each area has between four and six spots where mounts spawn.

When you catch a mount, another spans in the same zone. For example, if there is a mount up in Arkan's Field then there will be no other mounts up in the Swamp of Wyrms. Once the mount in Arkan's field is caught, another mount will spawn somewhere in the Swamp of Wyrms.

Knowing spawn points allows players to control spawn times. After a mounts capture, look at each spawn point. Find and catch the next mount. If you don't pick the mount up it despawns in three minutes.

How Mounts Spawn in OAC

Rare Epic Avalanche Maker lion mount in Ice Field Gullet.
Rare Epic Avalanche Maker lion mount in Ice Field Gullet. | Source

Mount Rotation

Mounts don't have set spawn times. They spawn after another mount is caught, or vanishes. The result of spawning this way is a large degree of apparent spawn times. On busy servers, find mounts is more difficult because others may catch it before you find it.

Some mounts are stubborn; they refuse to be caught. Mounts only stay up for 45 minutes. After that, it runs away, which can be ver disappointing. Don't worry, keep hunting for your sweet ride.

A broadcast alerts players when the mount is about to vanish. Everyone close to the mount sees this warning. The first warning is at 5 minutes, and then a few minutes later. After that, the message "Mount has swiftly run away" appears in the chat screen.

How to Spawn a Mount

Catching mounts in different areas have no relationship between each other. For example, if a mount is caught in Frostlund, it has no effect on the mount in the Swamp of Wyrms, or any other area.

Polynesia Island is confusing for players. There are three distinct zones on one land mass and then the island of the sacrificial altar. To spawn the jade deer, you need to hunt mounts in Crimson beach. Catching mounts in obsidian shore won't spawn mounts in crimson beach or petrified forest. Each of these areas is its own mount hunting zones.

Epic mount spawn times are the most random thing in the game. You can force spawn mounts; however, you still do not know when the specific mount you want it is going to show its pretty little head.

There is one important piece of information we do know about epic mounts. They always spawn in the same place (unless there's a technical problem).

None epic mounts spawn all over the world of Haradon. Each location has a preset list of mounts which span in that location.

However, epics only hang out in the digs that they like the best. For example, the Buskin Howler Lion will always spawn in either Buskin Island or Vega.

Another example would be that the Watermelon Seed Chinchilla would always spawn at Mato, near Exiles Village in the Under Realm. (This also a good spot to catch a pet, such as Vicky or Stan.)

Epic mounts do not really have spawn times. They just randomly spawn when a lot of other mounts have been caught. Only Gameloft knows how many catches it takes to spawn an epic mount.

How to Spawn Epic Mounts

Rare Epic Gattabout of the dawn, ghost deer.
Rare Epic Gattabout of the dawn, ghost deer. | Source

Spawn Points and Multiple Spawns

Mounts can spawn in the same location twice in a row. Sometimes, even more times in a row! I have even seen the same mount spawn more than once twice in a row.

Even ghost mounts can spawn multiple times in the same location. This is why it's important to check to see if another mount has spawned before you move on. A common mount hunting mistake is when players leave the current location too quickly.

This one mistake can set you back in your quest to have a lot of creatures to show off. Once you catch a mount, check your current location again. If it is not back in 60 seconds, it's safe to move to the next location.

Questions & Answers

  • What do you think about rare mounts such as Frost Horse? I heard that each mount spawns in a specific week. Is that true? All I care about are the human mounts (Horses).

    The frost horse is a member of the Polynia Island mounts. This includes the Jade Deer, Savannah Guardian, Nighmarion, and Fuzzball. The good news is that these mounts are classless. That means that you, as a human, can ride any of them. They do have specific mount spawn points. All of these mounts have two possible spawn points in their zone. For example, the Jade deer has two spawn points in Crimson Beach where Fuzzball has two possible spawn points in The Petrified Forest. Keep your safer place close to one point and start at the further spot.

    About mounts spawning each week, that only happens with the pre-Polynia Island epic mounts, such as the Lava Rent Army horse or Snowball, as well as the ghost mounts, and some pets. Polynia mounts have specific spawn points, but all of them spawn at any given time. As a human, you would be most interested in ghost horse week, and other weeks where epic hours mounts spawn. Feel free to spawn any Polynia mount at any time.

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      What are the mounts obtainable via quests


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