Sinskaald Rift Rare Blood Achievement in "Order and Chaos"

Updated on August 6, 2020
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In "Order and Chaos," Sinskaald Rift is home to two world bosses.
In "Order and Chaos," Sinskaald Rift is home to two world bosses. | Source

Meet the Rare Blood Enemies in Sinskaald Rift

The Rare Blood Achievement in Sinskaald Rift consists of only two beasts: a dragon (Aventhal) and the Elemental King. One of them is involved in a quest and provides no challenge, whereas the other is one of the most farmed non–world boss Rare Blood enemies.

The rewards are more than worth the challenge of finding and downing the Rare Blood on this continent. The reward for this area is 30 Gold, which is a lot for people who need to learn the auction house.

Rare Blood Spawn Time Chart

Rare Blood Enemy
Level, Quest (Yes/No)
Spawn Time
The Elemental King
61, No
3–4 hours
60, No
Near Instant
The Elemental King in Sinskaald Rift.
The Elemental King in Sinskaald Rift. | Source
The Elemental King Location in Skinskaald Rift.
The Elemental King Location in Skinskaald Rift. | Source

The Elemental King

The Elemental King is the most desired non–world boss enemy in the game. He rewards nicely every time you down him. This makes him one of the most difficult to down as well. Mostly because he won't be there half of the time you go to get his general symbols and soul signets.

It is not uncommon to see people asking if the Elemental King spawns anymore. Of course, that question gives me the giggles when I'm the one who took him down last.

About This Rare Blood

The Elemental King is a Gigantic water elemental. So big, that you can't see all of him unless you adjust your screen. Or, at least, I can't see all of him on my Google Nexus 7 (my largest device).

  • He is level 61 and is challenging if you don't have good gear.
  • He is on a 3- to 4-hour spawn time, starting from the last time he was down (or from reset).
  • There are other water elementals around him, so you have a small area to fight in. Plus, people camp this guy. If other players are on the way, you might not have the time or want to clear the mobs.

How to Find Him

He is located in Vita Springs Twilight. To get to him:

  1. Teleport (or wing) to The Suspended City.
  2. Head to the main road and head west until you are the spring, which is just right of the road.

You can expect a Fragment of Soul Signet, a Generals Symbol every time he drops. I can't go a day without having people ask me where to farm general symbols. This is literally one of the only places in the game to get one.

Aventhal the dragon!
Aventhal the dragon! | Source
Aventhal location map.
Aventhal location map. | Source


Aventhal is a level 60 dragon who is a little disappointing. He is a challenge, but not as much as the elemental king. You would expect the dragon to have cool drops like the Elemental King, but he doesn't. This is due to the fact that he is a daily quest line enemy. The daily reward is worth it, but many dragon lovers grumble about this one.

How to Find Him

He is located on the island west of black beach.

Here is the good news, a mount spawns on Black Beach, walks right by the big skeleton. This is where I caught the Blue Hiathacyne undead dog, and have seen tons of other mounts.

Aventhal won't cause you much of a headache, and you might just get yourself a mount out of it (don't forget that some mounts drop war-free bonds).

Other Guides for Rare Blood Farming

World Boss Rare Blood

Once you finish this area you are finished with the non–world boss Rare Blood Achievement enemies. After this point, you will need to be a part of a well-equipped team to finish the Rare Blood and Hunter Achievements.

Once you enter the Under Realm Rare Blood, you will need to wait for one of the Rare blood to Broadcast its appearance globally. They appear randomly in a preset location, which means anyone interested has a chance. Your team needs to rush to the boss, which will be in a PvP zone with epic enemies and lots of competition from other players who want to down him, too.

That will be the hardest part, and you will need a well-equipped team of four to attempt to take down a World Boss Rare Blood. This is where it comes in handy to have a good guild. If you have a great team with good gear, you should be able to do this. If all else fails, then get your team on after midnight (US Eastern Time). It is slower from then until 5 AM and easier to get the boss alone, without any PvP problems.

Do You Need to Land the Last Hit?

Some sources say that you must land the last hit on the World Boss to get credit for the achievement. I have yet to test this, so I am unsure if this is true or not. If you know, please share with us below in the comments.

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