'Oac' Swamp of Wyrms Rare Blood Locations

Updated on November 21, 2018
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Order and Chaos Online

Ready, Set Hunt!

Gameloft was quite generous over the month-long anniversary celebration. Suddenly there is a reason to level crafting. Some players are going through the experience for the fist time. Others finally got their alts T5. Either way, it is time to level crafting.

This guide will focus on the following Rare Blood Enemies in this order:

  • Swamp Giant
  • Swamp Fish King
  • Dark Fog
  • The Mountain Queen

Other helpful rare blood guides:

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Swamp Of Wyrms Rare Blood Overview

The SOW The Rare Blood achievement consists of 4 creatures. None of the locations are too difficult to find.

On the flip side, that means it is sometimes harder to find these enemies. One RB spawns where one of the mounts spawns. When mounts spawn concurrently with rare blood, the latter won't stay up long.

Outside of patience, you don't need to be high level to kill rare blood enemies in the Swamp of Wyrms. All of them can drop crafting symbols. I know foundry members who will pay a pretty penny for some of these symbols.

Of course, that means that multiple people want to down the same "mini-boss" you do. Therein lies a challenge, which is what makes the hunt so much fun!

The Swamp of Wyrms is also likely to be the first time you enter a PVP zone. You are in luck; none of the Rare Blood is in a dangerous PVP zone.

Swamp Giant (OAC)

The Swamp Giant in Swamp of Wyrms.
The Swamp Giant in Swamp of Wyrms. | Source
The Swamp Giant's location in Swamp of Wyrms.
The Swamp Giant's location in Swamp of Wyrms. | Source

Swamp Giant

The Swamp Giant is an impressive Rare Blood enemy. He is one of the biggest creatures, up to this point in the game, outside of the dungeon bosses.

He is an lvl 28 epic creature who roams entire swamp around Glimmermor. He spawns right where a mount spawns and then takes his large, bounding walk from there.

He spawns every 2-3 three hours, which is good because mount hunters will take him down every time.

His drops are important and always farmed. He drops a Master Sergeant Symbol, which foundry members and some other crafters demand.

He also drops the Tibia Maul of the swamp and some other decent gear. His level makes him difficult, but the fact that there is almost always Swamp Creepers near him provides a unique challenge.

The instinct to pull him quickly is hard to resist, especially when you know someone else near you wants him, too.

If you pull to quickly, you might end up with a few too many swamp creatures. Of course, you might be like most and come back at a high level, then there is no problem taking him down.

Swamp Fish King (OAC)

Swamp Fish King in Swamp of Wyrms.
Swamp Fish King in Swamp of Wyrms. | Source
Swamp Fish King location in Swamp of Wyrms.
Swamp Fish King location in Swamp of Wyrms. | Source

Swamp Fish King

The Swamp Fish King is easy to get to. All you have to do is teleport to Wyrgast's Library and head to the beach just to the east. There is a beached ship there, and the Fish King Walks just in front of it.

He is level 31, and he is surrounded by a number of smaller, not epic, fish folk called Sons of the Fish King.

He is the first Rare Blood Enemy to come with mobs (a group of other enemies). This makes him the most difficult Rare Blood up to this point.

He is in an out of the way spot; however, one quest line takes you near him. Most people miss him and have no idea he is even out there.

He drops symbols, as well as a very nice and usable dagger called the Graver of Psion. He has other nice drops too, so is worth the trip.

He spawns every 2-3 hours, He is usually up for awhile, although a couple IOS servers do seem to have a small degree of competition for him.

Extra! Extra! If you want a cute little fish pet (no buffs) they drop from the fish folk in the area.

Dark Fog (OAC)

Dark Fog in the Swamp of Wyrms
Dark Fog in the Swamp of Wyrms | Source
Dark Fog location in Swamp of Wyrms location.
Dark Fog location in Swamp of Wyrms location. | Source

Dark Fog

Dark Fog can be the most challenging Rare Blood Achievement enemy on the continent. He is not hard, but he spans at a popular mount hunting location.

One some Android servers, such as Whispering Islands, this is not too much of a problem. However, on Android Arcadian Forest and IOS Arcadian Forest, you might struggle to down it before a high level mount hunter does.

This monster is a giant blue dinosaur looking thing. He looks just like the golden Smilodon in the area.

He spawns every 2 - 3 hours, just below Bordhill. If you teleport to Bordhill, and head down the road, you won't be far off.

When the road levels out, get off the path where there is a giant skeleton. Just behind the skeleton is a well, which you hit doing a quest. Dark fog spawns behind the well and runs in a big circle around the skeleton.

The mount spawns between the two small hills behind the well. Don't be surprised to see people camping there for a mount, and killing Dark Fog in the mean time.

The Mountain Queen

The Mountain Queen in Swamp of Wyrms.
The Mountain Queen in Swamp of Wyrms. | Source
The Mountain Queen Location in Swamp of Wyrms.
The Mountain Queen Location in Swamp of Wyrms. | Source

The Mountain Queen

The Mountain Queen was once not rare blood. Now, she is. She is part of a quest line, one that's easy to miss. Her respawn rate is slower than other quest rare blood.

She is not difficult, and I myself have been known to farm her gear for my alts. She drops a caster chest, ranger katar, tank cloak and more (levels 17 -22).

She is level 25, and elite. To get to her:

  • Teleport to Necromancers' Academy.
  • Head east.
  • Cross the road and head north east, following the cliffline.
  • The mountain queen spawns where the mount spawns.

It is almost directly east of the loop in the road on the map.

She spawns near orange spiders between a pond and a tree.

Tear Coast Rare Blood Achievement Chart

Rare Blood Achivment Enemy
Level, Quest (Y/N)
Spawn Time
The Swamp Giant
28 , N
2 - 3 Hours
Swamp Fish King
31, N
2 - 3 Hours
Dark Fog
21, N
2 - 3 Hours
The Mountain Queen
25, Y
1-2 Hours
All information is comentary only. Facts are derived from direct gameplay by the author.

Rare Blood Guide

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Dead n gone dead n gone

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      0_O CANT SEE any way to kill Dark Fog whenever I come hes dead or gone .................

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Dark Fog has got to be the hardest mob in this entire Achievement, even harder than the 4 world bosses!! I have everything but Dark Fog, and I've been camping the spawn spot for 5 hours straight so far, and he hasn't spawned yet... There are a lot of Level 20ish players as well as mount hunters here, so it's very crowded. If you blink for a second, someone will take your Dark Fog kill... Very difficult! Other mobs are at least hidden or tucked out of the crowded places. This one is like in the middle of Times Square NYC!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Where can i get the quest for the mountain queen?


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