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Tear Coast Rare Blood Achievement Locations, OAC

Updated on April 14, 2016

Rare Blood Hunt In Tear Coast

This guide covers the following Rare Blood in the following order:

  • Cassandra
  • Hakhai
  • Dagger Teeth
  • Poison Tongue

Take a journey of hero, only gather the best. Be the one true Hunter of times!

Tear Coast Rare Blood Guide

Rare blood in Tear Coast is made up of four epic enemies. They are just a bit more difficult than other monsters of the same level.

It is highly likely that you will not bump into most of these enemies while quiesting.

Only one is part of a quest reward, and two are way off the beaten path.

It is only natural to accept that Gameloft would make each continent just a little bit harder than the one before it.

Rare Blood follows the same idea.The reward for finishing the achievement in the Tear Coast is 10 Gold.

But evey zone must be finished to gain the Hunter achievement.

Cassandra Rare Blood Guide

Cassandra, a quest Rare Blood Achievement enemy.
Cassandra, a quest Rare Blood Achievement enemy. | Source
Cassandra, rare blood location.
Cassandra, rare blood location. | Source


Cassandra is the easiest Rare Blood enemy to beat. She is a part of a quest line that you get when you are about halfway done with the region.

Casandra is a big purple spider located in Darknet wood. She is level 17 and spawns within a few minutes. Not all quest line rare blood respawn as quickly.

There is no special trick to beating her. Remember that her ranged damage does more than her melee, (up close) damage.

The Rare Blood in Tear Coast share some of the same drops. Cassandra does have drops, even though she is part of a quest line.

The Belief Cloak of Flame and the Bronze Short Blade of Water drop here. It is not an easy task to find good one-handed swords. Hear is an example of one.

Hakhai Rare Blood Guide

Hakhia, epic turtle for Order and Chaos achievement.
Hakhia, epic turtle for Order and Chaos achievement. | Source
Hakhia, rare blood location.
Hakhia, rare blood location. | Source

Hakhai Video Guide


This is possibly one of my least favorite enemies in this achievement. He is not hard, but he can be hard to find.

When you ask the question, "Where does Hakhia spawn?", you are likely to get an answer that will get you in the vicinity, but not quite there.

This guy is a big turtle who roams South Pearl Beach. That is the confusing part.

South Perl Beach consists of three different, and not connected beaches. You can swim to them, or take the right road.

Hakhia is on the beach that has nothing but crabs. If there are buccaneers, the Nightmare Maker or other enemies, you are on the wrong beach.

Hakhia is a level 15 epic creature, and its beach is just south-east of salty wind, which you can teleport to.

He drops items such as the Bards Hat and the Royal Guard Plate of Mail, a level 13 plate helmet.

He is on a 2-4 hour timer and often on the longer end of that. This is one of the rare blood many people end up having to come back for later.

Dagger Teeth Rare Blood Guide

Dagger Teeth in the Tear Coast. OAC
Dagger Teeth in the Tear Coast. OAC | Source
Dagger teeth location.
Dagger teeth location. | Source

Dagger Teeth Video Guide - By CaylaOAC

Dagger Teeth

Dagger Teeth is a big, brown level 17 alligator living in the far north of Tear Coast.

The Old Oak Mine is the best place to teleport to if you wish to challenge this beast.

He is surrounded by other alligators. Pull these first if you are a lower level.

He drops some of the Bard's set, as well as the Ghoul Skin Plate Mail Pauldrons.

His spawn time is 2 to 3 hours. He is one of the lesser known rare blood, so he is often there when you go for him.

Poison Tongue Rare Blood Guide

Poison tongue picture on OAC, head for the hills!
Poison tongue picture on OAC, head for the hills! | Source
Poison Tongue location in Tear Coast
Poison Tongue location in Tear Coast | Source

Poison Tounge Video Guide - By CaylaOAC

Poison Tongue

Poison Tongue is one of my favorite enemies.

I just think it is cool that he sits in a gigantic nest.

His eggs are as big as your character.

Graphically, this is a really neat nest to stumble upon.

It is not difficult to find, which means it is difficult to find Poison Tongue.

If someone sees a giant lizard in a huge nest, they are gonna go in and down it.

Which means many people know where he is an what he drops.

This level 14 lizard drops a wide variety of items.

All of with are nice to wear at that level. Selling them on the auction house can make you free gold.

The Deep Night Trousers, and the Melodic Robe (a cloth robe you might want).

He also drops rings, weapons, and if you are super lucky you might see your first crafting symbol, the colonels symbol, off him.

He is located in the south-eastern part of Tear Coast, along the cliffline.

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Rare Blood Enemy
Level, Quest Line Y/N
Spawn Time
17, Yes
15, No
2-4 Hour
Dagger Teeth
17, No
2-3 Hour
Poison Tounge
14 ,No
2-3 Hour
This is meant for comentary only. All information are interpretations made by the author. All facts come from direct gameplay.

Rare Blood Achievement Video


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