Order and Chaos, The Gameloft Franchise, and Vivendi

Updated on November 24, 2018
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Jade is a gaming enthusiast. She has played video games for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around an engaging in positive vision.

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Jaybee clowns around at Abby. | Source

By now most Order and Chaos players know that French entertainment giant Vivendi is the new owner of the Gameloft franchise. Gameloft is still a subsidiary, it is just no longer owned by its founding family, the Guillemot family.

Let me begin by thanking the Guillemont family for the advent of Order and Chaos alongside their other great games.

On to more serious news, the game industry is center of many hostile takeovers, and attempted hostile takeovers. Vivendi's control over Gameloft is one such event. This is not the first time Vivendi has engaged in such behavior.

After doing research, it has become quite clear that Vivendi has deep power in the gaming industry. From Ubisoft to Activision Blizzard, this company has seen its fair share of action. It has also staged hostile takeovers before, and has been accused of trying to stage a takeover on multiple occasions.

This company is also the owner of one of the three biggest music labels: Universal Music Group. However, new reports suggest they will sell half. Got a thing for Keke? Drake is one of many stars signed to Vivendi's music label. Some others are: Bjork, Florence and the Machine, Gotye, and more.

In light of the huge number of franchises and investments, it is hard to believe that the owners have any heart felt connection to Order and Chaos. They do recognize Gameloft's franchises to be makers of solid products, but sadly the first quarter of 2018 shows its value has dropped. Vivendi's response to this is to suggest new releases.

While they have not officially announced the end of Order and Chaos, there has been little in the way of information on its future.

I won't start any rumors, but I will give you my opinion: Vivendi has a long history of buying and selling within the game market, making it likely that they won't hold onto Gameloft forever. Again, this is my opinion, and I am just speculating, but I think Vivendi will be looking for the largest profit, and that comes from shares of stock, not from how many runes we purchase.

Other Companies Vivendi Has Been Involved With

Let's get back to the facts, so each of you can make up your own decisions about Vivendi and the Gameloft franchise.

Some present and former Vivendi assets:

  • Activision Blizzard (former)
  • Ubisoft (former)
  • NBCUniversial (former)
  • Gameloft (current)
  • Dailymotion (current)
  • Havas SA (current)
  • Universal Music Group (current)

This is a very short list. If you want to know more about Vivendi's assets, I recommend checking out the Wikipedia page which has a complete list. If you will notice, Gameloft isn't the first game subsidiary that Vivindi has had involvement with.

There was a time when they were a third leg in the Activision Blizzard agreement, and held enough stake to have a board seat with Ubisoft. Some news agencies reported they feared a hostile takeover of Ubisoft by Vivendi, but the company claimed they only wanted that seat, and then eventually sold their stake in the company.

A lot of hopping around on Golden Bunnies.
A lot of hopping around on Golden Bunnies. | Source

Is Order and Chaos Done?

A lot of players are worried about the investment and attachments they have to Order and Chaos. Will the game close? Will it be left with little or no updates? Will Vivendi sell it to another company? We do not have the answer to these questions, only lots of rumors and speculation.

It is ominous that under Vivendi, Order and Chaos seems to be getting no real updates other than lots of crazy holidays at once. There is little to no communication on the forums or in social media. Some of the last communications were simply fluff pieces about OAC greats who don't even play anymore, or have another game as their main.

This leaves the dedicated players who have been playing this game for years out to dry. Also, the few newcomers have trouble finding teams unless they join one of the good guilds on Arcadian Forest server. The tear coast server has a dedicated guild run by Shadnation, which is an option for some players.

At this point even I, little miss sunshine, the eternal Queen Lady Clown, have become sceptical about the future of Order and Chaos. I am a die hard of course, so I am in it until the end. I won't be discouraged by reports of Gameloft being considered a test box for hackers, or by its current ownership status. I also won't be requesting a refund, as some players have claimed to have done.

Pumpkin head from special Halloween quest while riding a fishie.
Pumpkin head from special Halloween quest while riding a fishie. | Source

What Could Be Done to Improve the Game and Its Profit

Quite honestly, I believe something Vivendi could do to resurrect Order and Chaos, and its other games, would be to invest in a better online advertising scheme. Considering they already own a major advertising conglomerate, they could create interest in our much loved MMORPG by simply adding a professional level of advertisement.

While we understand why the company would think new releases are the answer to profit issues, it is difficult to understand why they would not try to repopulate a game such as Order and Chaos. MMORPGs are known to be long lasting games that people dedicate themselves to for years.

I agree new content is always a necessity, but they could quickly increase Order and Chaos profits by repopulating the world. This could easily be done through advertising. Players have been asking themselves what the lack of decent advertising is about for a long time, especially since some of the game's competitors have been taking advertising strategies very seriously.

If you have a solid product, why not repopulate it and increase profit?

Of course, that still leaves us with more questions.

Is there more going on that meets the eye? What is Vivendi's plan with the Gameloft franchise and with Order and Chaos. Does the movement of technology itself predict the collapse of Order in Chaos in lieu of Redemption's release? Only time can tell, but in the meantime, lets try to enjoy ourselves and continue to offer our support in hopes that Vivendi will find a new audience to populate this already epic game.

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