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Ultimate "Perfect World" Cleric Guide

Dive into the Cleric class with this ultimate "Perfect World" guide!

Dive into the Cleric class with this ultimate "Perfect World" guide!

What Is a Cleric?

I never, never ever thought I would play as a Cleric when I first started playing Perfect World. It is so far from my style, I just could not see what fun I would have with it. They are a support class of magic users, with low HP and moderately high damage output. But to me, they were not that great. I was wrong, I love my Clerics now—especially my PvP Cleric.

I assumed that Clerics would be terrible PvP performers. And while I still do not feel that it is their strongest asset by any means, I now can see that they are able to hold their own on a PvP server.

A Quick Look at Clerics

So, what exactly is a Cleric in Perfect World International?

  • Clerics are a support class character; they are the primary healer in the game.
  • They are a magical class, getting their damage and heal outputs from the number of magic attribute points they have.
  • They have a wide array of heals and buffs that make them a highly desired squad member for most people in Perfect World.
  • They also have several attack spells that offer metal damage and physical damage, giving them the unique ability to stack up well against both magical and physical mobs and characters in the game.

Clerics can be tough. You need to be able to balance attack and heal due to their lack of HP. But as long as you can find that balance, the cleric class can shine in all forms of battle. There will be some mini-bosses and major bosses and even some general mobs along the way that will be very difficult for a Cleric to solo, but that is where friends come into play. A Cleric that supports their friends should have very little trouble finding friends to support them when needed.

A Competent Squad Healer

In a Squad, a Cleric is the Primary Healer. They will be expected to keep the tank alive as their primary task and keep the other members alive as their secondary. They will be expected to provide buffs and de-buffs as needed and they will be expected to stay alive also. It is a fairly large task to undertake and a cleric that cannot manage squad play will quickly find themselves being relegated to secondary healers or damage dealers—meaning they will often be overlooked when squads are being assembled

Generally, in a squad setting, a Cleric will begin the quest or whatever the situation is with a full round of buffs for the other members of the squad, except for Celestial Guardian Seal. This buff should not be given to members that use potions for regenerating Mana or HP, because it will overwrite that potion and can make people angry.

Buffing and Attacking

After buffing the squad, you can move into attacking mobs. In general, there is a period where using heals can be detrimental. If a member moves into the window that triggers a mob, but does not force aggro, a heal placed at this time can cause the mob to aggro on the Cleric. Generally, it is best to IronHeart your tank a couple of times before they move into aggro on a mob, then, once they have established a solid hold on aggro, you can begin IronHeart blessing again.

As for other members, it is important to keep an eye on them to make sure they are not taking damage. If they are, apply IronHeart blessing, or whatever Heal is appropriate for the situation. But do so sparingly; you do not want to use up all your mana in a secondary situation. If your tank fails, the chances are your squad will fail.

Cleric Weapons

If you really want to get that in-depth look at Magic weapons, check out the Perfect World Wizard Guide. It is very thorough, so, I am not going to go into all the details again here. What I will tell you is this: Any weapon that is a good weapon is better than any weapon that is just a plain old weapon. If you want them ranked then it would fall something like this:

  1. Magic Swords: Basically I would say Magic Swords would be my first choice, mostly because of the balanced damage output you get from them. They basically fall in the middle for both min and max damage. If you can get a good one, I would not pass it by.
  2. Patika: After that, I would choose a Patika, for the same reasons. They have a more balanced damage output.
  3. Wands and Glaives: These would fall after the Patika. You are going to get the best spike damage from those two weapons.

But, as I said, just find the best weapon you can, and go with that.

Cleric Gear

There are two basic Cleric builds in the world. There is the pure, robe-wearing Cleric, then there is the Hybrid Light armor-wearing Cleric. Both have their ups and downs and I am not really against either of them. I lean towards pure. Just like with all my characters I tend to lean to what they were made for. But a light armor Cleric is solid.

Light Armor Cleric

  • Armor: When you are picking light armor for a cleric I would look for the +MP and +Magic stats. The biggest problem with a light armor build is you are low on Mana and Magic, this can be quite a problem for a Cleric, so, look for more wherever you can. -Casting and +HP are always useful when you can find it.
  • Rings: You're always going to choose magical rings. There is not much else to say about this. Of you can find additional stats I would focus on -Casting again.
  • Ornaments: As a light build. You choose either Physical or Elemental. The most important factor here is the additional bonuses. Elemental ornaments, you will want to look for +MAG or +MP and Physical, you will be looking for +VIT
  • Shards: For a light armor Cleric, Vitality in armor, and Magic attack in a weapon.

Robed Cleric

  • Armor: This is a pure or true magic Cleric. You sacrifice actual physical defense for more offensive output and better heals. In this build, the best defense is going to be your offense. Armor bonuses to look for will be +Vitality, +Physical Defense, -Channeling time are all good bonuses.
  • Rings: You will always wear Magical Rings. Again you will want bonuses of +MP, +Magic, -Channeling. The extra Magic attack is always nice.
  • Ornaments: Physical Defense Ornaments are the best choice here. This will give you a little physical defense. And will improve your vanguard spirit's effectiveness. +Vitality and + physical Defense would be good bonuses to focus on
  • Shards: Vitality Shards in your armors. As far as weapons, always use +Magic attack.
A Cleric buffing herself.

A Cleric buffing herself.

Cleric Statistics

So, what is there to know about Cleric stats? There are three basic builds to consider with a Cleric. I think both light armor and pure are solid choices, I am more fond of the pure build though. But there is also a Vitality build.

Clerics are unique. They are technically a support class, and actually they rely on damage output and healing ability for gameplay. This means that the Higher you can get your Mag attributes the better. Building a Vitality Cleric or a light armor Cleric comes at the expense of your damage, which is completely against what a cleric requires to be successful. If you think about it, your defense is directly correlated to how well you are able to heal your self. This means more magic. You will never be equal to a Blademaster or Barbarian, those types of classes are built for Defense, and that is proven out in their statistics.

Stat Options

There are some basic statistical requirements that are placed on you as a Cleric. To use your most current weapon, you will need 0.5 strength per level and 3.0 magic per level. This leaves you with 1.5 points to use as you choose. I would never recommend you use a lesser magic weapon in order to wear heavy armor or something like that. You are here to be successful not to fail.

  1. Vitality Build: The Cleric Vitality build means you are going to add VIT, even at the cost of your MP. By going (1) Strength, (6) Magic and (3) Vit every other level, this will give you the most Health. It equals to be an extra 30 HP for every other level. This is not a lot, and it may have very limited help. But, it could keep you from being one-shot in some instances. So, I cannot completely dismiss the build.
  2. Light Armor Build: For a light armor Cleric. Your offense and heals will take a bit of a hit, but you gain Dexterity, which improves your Crits, better physical attack, and better physical defenses. This is a good solo build, as far as a cleric can solo. (1)Strength, (1) Dexterity, and (3) Magic for every level are the stats you will need to place to use latest magical weapons, and wear the latest armor as well.
  3. Pure Build: My preferred build. Great damage and great healing. This gives them a very unique survivability more magic classes lack. For a pure Cleric build you will go with (1) Strength and (9) Magic every other level. Giving you the ability to wear robes and the latest weapon.
Wield Thunder is one of the more impressive looking skills out there.

Wield Thunder is one of the more impressive looking skills out there.

Cleric Skills

Skills are very, very involved for a Cleric. There are a lot of them, and I am going to briefly cover the majority of them here. There are a few I skip.

Skills are broken down like this for me. There are Passive, Buffs, Defensive, Seals, and Attack skills. (I am adding an area for the seals as I don't know how to classify them.)

As a side note. Something I learned early on is that Clerics need a LOT of spirit points to keep their skills leveled. This means you need to keep your primary skills your focus and level the other skills when you start to see you have spare points and cash. I am going to rank skills from most to least important—with a score of 5 being the most and 1 being the least. Later in-game, you will be able to start to level your skills that I rank as less important because you will WANT to. The stronger skills are much more expensive, so, early in-game I recommend you not level them at the cost of other skills.

* For each entry, I have included the level you learn the skill and the skill's importance in parentheses.

Passive Skills

  • Metal Mastery (29, 5): Keep this skill leveled as well as you possibly can. It improves your metal-based attack skills (Great Cyclone, Wield Thunder, etc.)
  • Flight Mastery (9, 1): This is only useful if you plan to keep your original White Wings. Otherwise, there is no point to level this skill. I would recommend you do not level it!


A Cleric's bread and butter. Buffs are pretty important, in general, for your own survivability in the game. And others will love you if you have high-level buffs.

  • Vanguard Spirit (9, 5): This is your Physical Defense buff. Very important for you is that your physical defense is crap. Keep this leveled. It is not an overly expensive skill so it should not be a problem. This is a 30-minute buff
  • Magic Shell (16, 3): This is your Magic Defense buff. Not nearly as important for your survivability at low levels as Vanguard is. But later on, this becomes much more important. Level it when you can but not over some other skills. This is a 30-minute buff
  • Celestial Guardian's Seal (23, 3): I rank this at the same level as Magic shell. It is your MP/HP regen buff. Meaning it speeds up your regeneration. But, not greatly, you will still have to rely on healing yourself and pots or charms. Level it but not as a priority.
  • Spirits Gift (29, 4): This is a magical damage amp. This is a great buff to keep leveled. For yourself and for other magic classes. It is basically useless for Physical classes, so you can consider that when buffing them. This is also a 30-minute buff.
  • Greater Protective Aura (39, 1): This is a squad buff version of Vanguard Spirit, it will save you some Mana if you get it and if you play in squads a lot it may be worth it. It is a 60-minute buff.
  • Aegis Spirit (46, 1): This is a squad buff version of Magic Shell. Same as above, level it if you feel it will be worthwhile.
  • Exhaulted Renewal (53, 1): This is a squad buff version of Celestial Guardian's Seal. And Again, same as above. Level it if you feel it's worth it.
  • Arcane Empowerment (59, 1): This is a squad buff version of Spirit's Gift. It also ranks with the other squad skills, level it if you really want to.


I am including the heels here in the defensive section. I am guessing I could have made a unique section for heals, but, I didn't feel like it.

  • Blessing of the Purehearted (1, 1): This is your initial Heal. It is slow. It uses way too much mana to be efficient, and the actual level of heal is not overly impressive. I would say not to level this, maybe when you are spilling over with extra spirit points, say, in your mid 80's you could level it just because, otherwise, don't bother.
  • Ironheart Blessing (6, 5): Of all your Heals, this one will be your most important. Always keep this leveled, it is a H.O.T (Heal Over Time) and it is stackable. It is a fairly quick Channel/Cast and cools down fast. This will be your primary heal for quite a long time.
  • Plume Shell (9, 3): I personally love this skill. I am on a PvP server though so that is really the only reason. I do not use it for regular PvE. Plume shell converts your mana and Chi into a protective barrier for physical damage. It absorbs a portion of the damage, which is great against blademasters, and the like.
  • Wellspring Surge (9, 2): I tend to level this one slowly. It is basically the same skill as Blessing of the Purehearted, but it works better, it has a much faster cast/channel, and is a little more efficient. This is something I use in a pinch if I take a big spike of damage it is a way to keep yourself alive.
  • Revive (19, 2): This doesn't really belong in the defensive category but I have no other place for it. This is totally and completely a personal preference. I level it, but not religiously, only if I have spare spirit. Which is not that often, attack skills, buffs, and heals usually place higher than revive. Mostly because you cannot revive yourself. Total Bummer, but if you keep it leveled, your friends will love you.
  • Purify (29, 2): This is your De-buff. This is a really handy skill, but for anything under 50, you will only need to learn the skill and not level it. The only thing leveling it does is increase the range, because it is a squad de-buff. Or negative effects remover, or whatever you may wanna call it. Either way, learn it, don't level it till later.
  • Chromatic Healing Beam (39, 2): This is a squad heal. It is good in a pinch, it may prevent party wipe, but other than that, it has very little use. It is not a great heal, on an individual level, but as a group, it is just ok. The problem will always be aggro with a squad heal. Just watch it.
  • Stream of Rejuvenation (49, 4): Will probably become the replacement of Ironheart for you, It may not, but I love this one as much, if not more than Ironheart. It gives an initial bulk heal, then it heals over time also. A must-have for personal use and squad use.
  • Regeneration Aura (59, 4): This is the real and true squad heal that you want. It is much better than Chromatic. Level this one if you plan on doing regular squad plays. TT's, AoE parties, frost and all of those types of activities.

Attack Skills

  • Plume Shot (1, 5): Your initial Attack skill. And it is one that you will use for a very long time. Level it as soon as you can. Always. It causes physical damage based on your magical attack, very useful against magical mobs or players. Less useful for physical mobs and players.
  • Great Cyclone (3, 5): Another attack skill you will always want to keep leveled. It is a quick cast/channel and it does decent metal damage, especially after you start learning metal mastery.
  • Thunderball (16, 2): This is a metal damage skill that does low initial damage. Personally I have no use for a DOT when playing a cleric. I want the mob dead before it gets to me, that means 1, 2, maybe 3 shots at the most, and with Thunderball, it is just not gonna happen.
  • Razor Feathers (19, 4): This is a physical damage skill also, and it is also a quazi-AOE, meaning, it will damage any mobs within a certain area around the targeted mob. It is useful but if you use it incorrectly, you will pull aggro and get yourself killed.
  • Siren's Kiss (29, 4): I am a big fan of this skill. It is not the best one ever but it is pretty close. It is an AoE, it does base damage + additional metal damage, and it has a chance to freeze. It is rock solid. It does cost a spark, but . . . worth it.
  • Wield Thunder (44, 3): It is a fairly powerful skill, but it is a slower cast and channel than others, it works pretty good as an opening move, level it when you can, don't go crazy though, it is expensive.
  • Tempest (59, 5): Ok, it is expensive to level, and yeah, it is two sparks, but this is the beast. This is what can make a Cleric scary. Level it as soon as you can, by the time you have this skill you should start seeing your spirit freeing up a bit anyway.


Seals are getting their own area mostly because I did not know where to put them. They are not really my favorite skills. But, learn them and test them and see what you think, but don't make them high priority early. I find them specialized PvP skills more than anything.

  • Elemental Seal (19, 1): Reduces your magic defense and your opponent's magic defense for a certain amount of time. Good in a PvP situation when you are fighting Barbs or Blademasters, or Sins, that is about the only use I have for it.
  • Dimensional Seal (29, 2): Same as above but in the physical form, use against magic class and attack them with your physical damage skills (plume and razor)
  • Silent Seal (39, 3): Ok this is different. This is a Paralyze, it paralyzes the opponent for a certain amount of time, at the cost of your firepower, for a lesser amount of time.
  • Chromatic Seal (49, 3): Another like Silent seal, but this is a sleep, it has a chance of slowing you down for a small amount of time also, but great for PvP. You sleep an opponent and you can kill them before they ever had a chance.

There are other skills, the Lvl 100 skills, and Heavens Wraith, those are going to be up to you, by the time you get to that point you should have a strong understanding of what you are trying to do.

Genie Skills

I really am not big on giving an opinion on Genie skills, I think they are nothing more than a compliment to your playing style, so this is really personal preference. No genie skill is going to make or break your build, but here are my top three choices:

  1. I would look at Second Wind or Tree of Protection. They are healing skills, and you may think I am crazy to suggest another heal, but being a Genie skill it is super fast-acting and it is an instant heal. It has saved me many times.
  2. Life Drain is solid and looks just like a cleric skill—it drains the life of enemy mobs in an AoE and it regenerates your life by a percentage. To me, it looks like a great helper skill.
  3. I also like Tai Chi. It improves the movement speed of you and your squad along with raising you and your squad's regeneration rate. This is right in line for a good Cleric that everyone likes.

I think that Genie skills are highly subject to personal choice. I view them as a way to refine your character, not define. So study them close and don't be afraid to change them until you find the ones that suit you most.

Try a New Class Today!

There is really a lot more for you to learn about Clerics. They are a very unique class with a huge learning curve. But I would recommend them to anyone looking to try a new class. I appreciate you reading my guide and I hope to get more published soon.


Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on April 21, 2014:

Thank you for your comments, I agree that clerics can be a strong character in both PvE and PvP if you understand your heals and can heal while fighting. Although there are some fights that you can not keep yourself alive on. You just don't have enough HP. But that is one of the reasons Clerics are better as a support class.

Cleriky on April 20, 2014:

In My Opinion, Cleric is an Important class in PWI.

Because, almost squad and almost people in PWI need for cleric.

Actually, i have a cleric.

my starting class was a cleric. At leats, i can safe people from dead. lol

and yeah, in high lvl and good geared cleric, you will be able to survive anything. u can survice in PvP and many more.

Cleric not too weak, but cleric are too strong xD

ChristmasEve on January 11, 2013:

Awww I know!! Nathan is wrong and he was kinda mean in his post :(

I'm a level 101 Cleric and some of his stuff didn't really make sense to me. I love your post computerjnkman!! :)

Flight mastery ? I got Seraphic Wings as soon as I could cuz they're sooo beautiful!

Level purify early? Leveling it only makes it take a lil less time to cast. I think I finally took it from level 3 to level 10 when I had millions of extra spirit and almost ready for sage purify.

So yeah, like the only problem I have now is finding out how to get exp fast, now that I'm level 101. I barely get any from FF runs, and Morai quests don't give much either.

At least I don't lose exp when I die (from ancestor's blessing) and I die a LOT hehe! I'm a pure magic cleric!



Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on October 30, 2012:

This guy is wrong. Read my reply, please

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on October 30, 2012:

:) I like when lvl 90+ people come looking for guides that they can hate on. You really think that squad buffs are important for a level 30 cleric who is overwhelmed and doesn't really know what to do? And you really think it is a good idea to tell a person who will be struggling for spirit to spend it on flight mastery?

Your an idiot. I have never ever taken a rude approach to people who think they have any idea what a guide is. But you really are garbage.

Pataka end game issues? Because of poor endgame options you should never use it? I do believe that I recommended swords, first and foremost, that a pataka is a good choice but mostly use the best you can find for your level.

P.atk??? I was covering all the stats of weapons. I am pretty sure I said that it was not an important stat but I wanted to cover everything. I am not sure though, I wrote that a long time ago.... Probably before you even ever heard of Perfect world.

Purify. Read what I wrote. Please. I wrote, learn it but don't level it because you will have no use for it until after level 50.... You believe you should worry about it before that? Because I think Plume shot and IR are way more important skills to keep leveled.

Did you just buy a crap load of Hypers? Did you completely skip the first 70 levels??

To all the THOUSANDS of readers that this guide gets, the commenter above is fail. He is not someone you should listen to.

Nathan on October 28, 2012:

Here is a few facts...

1) Squad buffs take priority over ANYTHING.

2) Get Chromatic to lvl 10 by lvl 85. Reuired for FCs.

3)P def seal and M def seal need to be leveled and used. Unless a barb, sage veno, etc are in squad or boss has an aoe that you cant survive.

4) NEVER use a Pataka. End game Patakas only give stat bumps such as P.Def/P.Atk. Your better off using a wand/sword/ glaive.

5) Clerics do mad damage. But honestly if you cant heal well, you will be kicked. period.

6) Tai Chi removes yours and everyone elses Hp/Mp buffs. not worth it. Plus squads will get pissy x.x

7) PURIFY. GET IT. LEVEL IT. If a cleric cant purify... it means a squad wipe. Especially at lvl 60+

8) Don't even mention P.Atk in a magic build unless your gonna make a Veno.

9) Flight Mastery if a love hate passive. At lvl 10, it increases the amount you fly to 2.00mps. And only costs around 1 mil to level plus spirit. 1mil + spirit is less than about 4 mil for a pair of Wings of Daedalus.

Overall.. I dont know how you play. But there is your feedback. My personal opinion... Learn to play the class before you make a guide. If it works for you go for it. but I have never seen a Cleric play the way you have described.

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on October 07, 2012:

I meant HP shards, Citrines. HP will allow you to absorb more physical and magical damage, that is why I recommend HP over physical shards or any other shards in armor. As a Cleric, you can heal yourself just find, unless you don't have enough hp to withstand the hits you take before you have a chance to heal.

NeoSporan on October 06, 2012:

Vitality shards? I know Citrine shards but those don't give vitality. Those only give HP, not protection from physical or magic hits. If you want vitality you have to place it in stats. I basically stated enough str for my armor and then the rest went in MP for using weapons and slowly raised Vitality through the game. I linked Garnets as the Arcane robes are lacking in physical defense.

OneOfTheClerics on September 11, 2012:

your guide doesn't say much about gear does it? My equipment basically sucks and i have no idea where to farm eq though i've been playing for a long time

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on July 14, 2012:

Bill, Dude, I am not completely sure what you are saying exactly. But all the classes are good, it depends on what you are comfortable with, Classes are nurfed and padded in order to make them all on a very similar level. Wizards, Psychics, Clerics.... They are all Ranged caster class, they will all be similar. They are all going to be soft, low hp, ranged damage. But they all are given attributes to help with those lacks, Psychic and Wizard are going to be damage dealers, Cleric a support.

bill on July 14, 2012:

Well better class is the psychic or the assassin i don' understand what is better

what is more diffucult ooh and if you want write me how exacly write my postememnt on pwi forum because i don't ' now so bue

bill on July 11, 2012:

tell me guies better class is psychic or wizard i really now that quiqly because what i choose ? write your opinion about that ! thank you!!!

bill on July 10, 2012:

but i have a question why the half people of the game choose assasins is not the best please guies tell me?

bill on July 10, 2012:

yaa the cleric is very dificult to play because the had no high damage but the healer other players and themselves i had a cleric lvl 9 i started 40 minutes before

Kandy on March 24, 2012:

Thx, I found this @ twelve and am now 68, I find myself back here every 9 levels or so...Great article...I'll be back

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on March 21, 2012:

Thx Deth ;) I had a hard time with this guide. It is really easy to explain build tactics to people, but you gotta have a real feel for the game to play a good healer. It is nice to see that you are not just a hater, but that you just hate what I say sometimes...... I can accept that \/

dethofall(RT) on March 21, 2012:

ok ok i think you redemed your self with this one. o.o Good job