"Perfect World International" Venomancer Pet Bag Slot Quest

Updated on July 31, 2020
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The logo for "Perfect World International," an MMORPG.
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PWI Pet Woes: I Want This Pet, But I Have No Room!

Hello there, reader! If you are reading this, most likely you ran into the problem of not having enough pet bag slots for all the pets you want—or you just want to increase them anyway without spending real-life money. This is written mostly for Venomancers since they are the ones who use pets most often, but other classes can do the quest, too, if you want more than two all-class pets. The Quest can be found from any pet manager under quests, increase pet bag, find food.

Gather Hay: Monster List

The first pet bag expansion is available at level 7 and increases your slots to 3. In order to complete this quest, you need to find 20 Hay, which sounds a lot easier than it can be.

Highlands Tortoise

Assuming you get the quest at around level 10, there is a monster that drops it right outside of Broken Bridge Village. It's the Highlands Tortoise in the river around the bridge that drops the little hay slivers for you. I spent at least 6 hours and gained 4 levels (18–22 I think) killing the turtles until I finally had my 20 hay.

There are more monsters that drop hay at higher levels, but if you want to get it as soon as possible, the Highlands Tortoise is a good option.

Higher-Level Monsters

Most of the other monsters are as follows:

  • Moorcrawler Hornshell
  • Amphibian Turtle
  • Antelope Pup
  • King Carapest
  • Molten Dodnix
  • Stubborn Dodonix
  • Abyssal Mystery
  • Longhorned Carapest
  • Rhinodrake Megalith
  • Terrorclaw
  • Pale Archilich

Gather Fruit: Monster List

Second time around requires the collection of 50 Fruit for your fourth pet bag slot, enough for most people unless you are a collector of unique pets. By the time you get to this quest, you should be at Archosaur. If you got your first slot early, just do your normal quests until you are a high enough level to kill these guys.

Some of the monsters are:

  • Giant Chisler
  • Abyssal Protector
  • Seaview Chisler
  • Echomaid
  • Death Dancer
  • Vipion Wander
  • Emerald Vipion
  • Vipion Sentinel
  • Solar Vipion
  • Shores Turtle
  • Tortoise of the Ages
  • Praco
  • Aged Turtle
  • Cloudweaver Ptero
  • Dodopod

There are more Vipion listed, so if you see one not on the list it might drop them.

Gather Fungus: Monster List

Finally you have to gather 100 Fungus and will have 5 pet slots, which should give you enough pets to keep you busy. That's good for a flying pet, underwater or swimming pet, an attack-based pet, a defense or tank pet, and an all-class pet or just a favorite you want to keep.

I haven't done this quest yet, so nothing I tell you is from experience—so don't ask about this quest in the comments if you would have to have done it before to answer. Either way, here are some of the listed monsters that drop Fungus:

  • Ultrafin Protector
  • Ripe Cactopod
  • Antelope Sage
  • Etherpod Tortoise King
  • Indulgent Flametoe
  • Merman Weaver
  • Watcher of the Skies
  • Clam Scout
  • Dragonmaid
  • Cloudrider Falcon
  • Undying Hornshell
  • Carrion Vulture
  • Tragic Gatekeeper
  • Falcom Howler

More Slots: Wild Ginseng

There is also a quest to find 150 Wild Ginseng, but apparently that is not worth your time or effort to find and complete the quest. If I ever get that far, I might add in a few monsters, but not until I see for myself how 'worth it' the quest is.

Did You Only Find Half of the Items You Need? Is It Just Taking Too Long to Find Them?

If you are made of money or just feel like wasting your precious coins instead of working for your pet bag, you can look for a catshop that sells the items. Usually right in the West District of Archosaur you can find shops that sell anything you want. Just try to look around for cheaper items before you spend that coin.

Need more slots after you do all of the pet manager's quests? Each pet bag is 2 gold and you can upgrade your bag to a total of 10 slots, so if you do the three quests I mentioned and include the two you start with, you would spend quite a bit of gold to fully upgrade your pet bag. There is the super cage, but that should be used when you don't want to even do these quests, or if you just feel like spending extra money.


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